How to Make Christmas Gnomes – Free Patterns and Tutorials

Make one or all of these DIY Christmas gnomes. Included in this article are free gnome patterns, Dollar Tree Christmas gnome tutorials, cone gnomes, gnome ornaments, and even gnome gift ideas to teach you how to make Christmas gnomes

There’s just something about their little noses… I’m drawn to the adorable Scandinavian Christmas gnomes and want to make and decorate with them during the holidays.

Horizontal holiday gnomes collage of six DIY Christmas gnomes made with faux fur, fabric, and basic craft supplies.

Learn how to make Swedish Christmas Gnomes in a myriad of ways. You can DIY a tomte, nisse, or Scandinavian gnome is no time at all!

DIY Gnome Tutorials – How to Make Gnomes

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I have shared oodles of DIY gnome tutorials. Seasonal, holiday, occasions, and just fun creations I think up. But if you’re new to these cuties, holiday gnomes go by many names:

  • Swedish Tomte or Swedish Gnome
  • Nisse (Nisser)
  • Felt Nordic Gnomes
  • Christmas Gnomes
  • Scandinavian Gnomes
  • Holiday Gnomes
  • Scandinavian Christmas Gnomes
  • and even Christmas Elves (in some parts of the world).

Using the most simple of craft supplies, we can create our own DIY Christmas gnomes (tomte or nisse) in any style. Below is a list of ideas and projects we’ve made featuring these adorable gnomes.

Gnome Tutorial Basics

If you’re new to making gnomes, there are a few different types and some tips to making them look high-end. Here are some articles readers have found helpful.

DIY Gnomes to Make by Seasons and Holidays

If you’re wanting to browse through more than Christmas, use these quick links to get directly where you want to go. I have hundreds of tutorials and the most popular search terms are:

How to Make Christmas Gnomes with Arms, Legs, and More

I can’t stop making these adorable holiday gnome crafts. If you happen to be looking for everything EXCEPT Christmas gnomes, check our other page of non-Christmas DIY gnome tutorials

Large Christmas Gnome with Posable Arms

If you want a sizeable fella anyone will be happy to display, this Christmas gnome with arms is for you. He’s robust.

vertical image of a close up of a Christmas gnome with arms holding a teddy bear and wearing a slouchy hat with text which reads Large Christmas gnome pattern

Adorable No-Sew Reindeer Gnomes

I had so many requests for another reindeer gnome and friends, here are TWO! Each is an elegant and easy reindeer gnome to come together, with one holding an ornament and one with hooves!

large vertical image of a Christmas gnome in front of a holiday background with text overlay which reads adorable reindeer gnome no sewing

Elegant Angel Gnome

Oh my word, this is one of my favorite holiday gnomes I made this year. This gorgeous DIY angel gnome can be either a no-sew gnome pattern or a sewn gnome pattern. And you get the angel wing templates, as well!

white angel gnome with halo and bell with text which reads elegant angel gnome pattern free wing templates

No-Sew Rice-Filled Gnome

This is the gnome that started it all – before Pinterest, before YouTube. I made this little rice-filled gnome sitting on the basement floor when I was supposed to be cleaning out craft supplies…

adorable rice gnome for Christmas or Swedish display on white background with rice

Easy Dollar Store Gnome

Decorating for the holidays can be expensive which is why I came up with this easy Dollar Store gnome. We use everything we buy, friends – let’s get started.

side view of a sock gnome with mop beard with text which reads dollar store gnome tutorial

How to Make a Gingerbread Gnome Tutorial

Learn how to make this no sew gingerbread gnome with posable arms that can hold anything. This can be sewn or made with a hot glue gun making is very versatile and good for all ages.

adorable holiday gnome with arms and legs with text which reads Christmas gingerbread gnome no sew posable boots

Santa Gnome DIY

This adorable Santa hat gnome DIY comes together in just minutes using a hot glue gun! This is a fun one that is good for all holiday decor.

vertical image of a Christmas gnome with a red hat and white beard with text which reads Santa gnome no sew gnome DIY only at ruffles and rain boots

Adorable Gnome with a Face

I have tried a few ways to get an adorable face onto my gnomes without having to require an art degree. I made this style for a DIY gnome with a face. What do you think? 

photo collage of Gnome with a Face Rustic Gnome with text which reads adorable christmas gnomes

DIY Grinch Gnome

Okay, so hear me out… Actually, I have no excuse other than to see if I could make a Grinch gnome. He turned out adorable and I found a new way to color faux fur! 

close-up of gnome that looks like the grinch with text which reads grinch gnome nisse tomte

Gnome Tree Topper (2 Ways, 2 Styles)

You will be amazed at how easy a Dollar Tree supply can turn into an elegant, high-end gnome tree topper. Learn how to make two gnome toppers for easy storage.

white hat on red gnome with gray beard and pine and berry accent in front of a holiday background with text which reads Christmas gnome tree topper only at ruffles and rain boots

How to Make Cone Gnomes for Christmas

Another popular

How to Make Christmas Gnome Ornaments

We have a lot of options here for you, friends – some are recycled gnome ornaments and some are just pure whimsy using scrap craft supplies. One thing is for certain: they are all fun to make and hang on any tree or package. 

Christmas Gnome Ornaments from Wood Slices

These easy Christmas gnome ornaments were extremely popular soon after I published them. They’re done in just 15-minutes and they are no-sew gnomes – that could be why. 

Photos of Easy Christmas Gnome Ornaments made with simple craft supplies

Recycled Glove Gnome Ornaments 

If you’re scratching your head at the name, I was too! I have no idea what to call these adorable glove Christmas gnome ornaments other than adorable – let me know if you have a great idea. :) 

mini gnomes made for Christmas tree ornaments with text which reads tiny glove finger gnome ornaments


Wooden Gnome Ornaments (Cute Gnomes with Eyebrows)

Because I couldn’t get over the eyebrows on the nesting gnome (aren’t they the cutest?!), I whipped up a set of wooden gnome ornaments, too. 

farmhouse gnome ornaments hanging on a tree on a white background with text which reads gnome ornaments make this ornament

Gnome Wine Cork Ornaments

Next up, I made some cute Swedish gnome wine cork ornaments. What can I say? We had a couple of empty bottles lying around…

trio of Scandinavian gnomes on holiday background

mitten Gnome ornament

It’s a gnome! In a mitten! This is such a fun and easy Christmas mitten gnome ornament idea everyone will love. It’s beyond adorable, friends. It’s a gnome in a mitten – what could be cuter? 

scandinavian gnome ornament hanging on a christmas tree with text which reads gnome ornament

Sledding Gnome Ornament

Ahem… You need this sledding gnome ornament in your life. This is a beautiful gift idea for someone who collects ornaments. 

closeup of diy gnome ornament with text which reads sledding gnome ornament

Mason Jar Lid Gnome Ornaments

If you have a few banged-up mason jar lids, recycle them into these adorable gnome ornaments. They use scrap fabric and other supplies to help you pare down your stash! 

easy ornament made from a mason jar lid with a gnome face on it on a white table with christmas lights with text which reads swedish gnome ornament 20-minute craft

Easy Gnome Ornament Garland 

Inspired by my love for ridiculously easy and quick crafts, this DIY gnome garland was a perfect addition to our tree this year. 

photo collage of Festive Gnome Garland at Ruffles and Rain Boots with text which reads fun & festive gnome garland diy

Easy Felt Gnome Ornament (Older children and Adults)

If you’d like a quick and fun felt Christmas craft, these adorable felt gnome ornaments are it! The pattern is easy and the stitches simple, making it a great project for older children and adults.

felt gnome ornament pattern on a white and blue background

Farmhouse Christmas Gnome Mason Jars

He’s a functional one, this little farmhouse Christmas gnome mason jar. He’s got a surprise inside! 

Adorable Mason Jar Gnome Craft for Christmas Gifts and Snacks

Nesting Gnomes – So Much Fun and Easy with This Cheat!

I cannot tell you how proud I am of this set of cuties. Challenging to figure out, sure, but now that I have, you can make these adorable Nesting Gnomes in no time. 

triangle wood gnomes on a white wood background with a christmas tree and burlap with text which reads make these stacking gnomes

Gnome Wine Topper

What’s not to love? Wine + this adorable gnome wine topper? Count me in. 

Scandinavian Gnome Wine Bottle Topper - DIY Christmas

Ugly Sweater Gnome

To be fair, I don’t think he’s sporting a hideous pattern, but when a gal has an idea for an ugly sweater gnome, she has to see it through. Look. At. That. Pompom – it’s my favorite!

ugly christmas sweater sock gnome on a black background with text which reads ugly christmas sweater gnome

Merry and Bright Christmas Gnome

If you’re looking to brighten up the holiday season with non-traditional colors and styles, this fun merry and bright Christmas gnome is just the thing. 

pink and green tomte with text which reads easy gnome for christmas

Gnome Knitting Pattern in Two Sizes

If you like to knit, this set of free gnome knitting patterns is going to make your heart grow. A talented friend developed these gnome patterns and they are keepers, for sure!

Gnome Knitting Pattern for Beginners to Make a Holiday Gnome on a snowy landscape with text which reads gnomes free knitting pattern

Reindeer Gnome (Yes, it’s Rudolph)

I know what you’re thinking: “Wow, there sure are a lot of Christmas gnomes in this woman’s house.” Yes, but in my defense, they’re all pretty cute. And this Rudolph, the red-nosed Reindeer gnome is one of our newest additions. It was a lot of fun figuring out how to make the antlers. 

diy gnome tutorial with reindeer costume with text which reads make this reindeer gnome

Mr. and Mrs. Gnomes – A Gnome Couple for Christmas

I just love these little sweeties! Our Mr. and Mrs. Gnome are a perfect mantle decoration and they are so quick to come together. 

collage Christmas gnomes on white wood background with text which reads adorable DIY Christmas gnomes

Lumberjack Gnome with an Interchangeable Beard! 

This one was a fun design to make because who doesn’t need a lumberjack gnome for the holidays? Better yet, who doesn’t need a Christmas gnome with an interchangeable beard? Because really, sometimes a change is just what’s needed.

Lumberjack Gnome for the Holidays on a white wood background with text which reads holiday gnome with interchangeable beard for 2 looks

Peppermint Gnome Tutorial – Look at That Hat! 

I know, I know this one is just too cute for words. The hat makes this Peppermint Candy Gnome pop, doesn’t it? 

curled hat gnome with peppermints on a white background with text which reads make this easy candy cane gnome 20-minute craft

How to make Christmas Gnome Decor for the Holidays

From signs to wreaths, check out our fun gnome home decor ideas for the holidays. In true Ruffles and Rain Boots style, most are very, very easy to make in under 30-minutes.

Wood Block Gnomes Holiday Decoration

Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells: Wood block gnomes, wood block gnomes… Wood block gnomes are cute! These are fun and are a perfect way to use up wood scraps. 

christmas gnome tutorial with text which reads gnomes from wood blocks

Gnome Book Stack

Book stacks are HUGELY POPULAR for a quick decor spruce-up. Of course, I just had to make a DIY gnome book stack for the holidays…

closeup of farmhouse gnome and stack of books on a white table with text which reads gnome book stack free cut file

We won’t tell if you make this DIY gnome cookie jar for yourself AND one to give away. This is a fun way to repurpose a large jar and use up some scrap craft supplies. Win-win.

photo collage of DIY Gnome Cookie Jar Upcycle with text which reads christmas diy gnome cookie jar

Adorable Christmas Gnome Porch Sign

If you love working with scrap wood, this is a fun holiday project that will have your porch ready for visitors. I made this Gnome Sweet Gnome porch sign so it can be tucked away under the awning and greet visitors with a bit of whimsy.

tall porch sign with gnomes with text which reads make this gnome porch sign

Gnome Swag Christmas Decoration (Indoor or Outdoor)

This easy Christmas swag with a gnome ornament is a great scrap buster project. Grab the extra tree trimmings and let’s get started.

close up of door hanger for christmas with text which reads gnome swag diy

Christmas gnome wreath (Yarn-Wrapped)

This is gorgeous in person – I just cannot tell you how this really pops. This Christmas gnome wreath is actually very easy to make and you’ll be done in no time – the secret is in the materials. 

gnome christmas wreath on a white background with text which reads Easy Gnome Ornament Wreath

Dollar Store Gnome Wreath

When you have leftover craft supplies, you know what needs to be done. I made this gorgeous DIY dollar store gnome wreath using a mop and oodles of fun accents for just a few dollars. 

closeup of a wreath with a gnome face with text which reads make this gnome wreath from the dollar store

No-Sew Gnome Pillow Cover 

Any size, any style – this no-sew gnome pillow cover tutorial will bring festive fun to anyone’s home decor.

This DIY gnome pillow tutorial will have you adding holiday cheer to any décor in just minutes. Grab your hot glue gun and let's get started with this Christmas craft! #gnome #swedishgnome #scandianaviangnome #tomte #nisse #Christmaspillow

Elegant Gnome Ornament Wreath

If you have a little yarn and faux fur, you can make an elegant gnome ornament wreath for the holidays. Everyone LOVES this wreath and it’s easy to see why. 

photo collage of gnome wreath for christmas with text which reads Elegant Christmas Gnome Wreath

Minimalist Scandinavian Wreath

The star of the show is the center ornament for this minimalist Scandinavian holiday wreath. It’s easy and I got so many compliments on it!

simple embroidery hoop Scandinavian Christmas wreath in a minimalist style on white background

Cozy Christmas Gnome Wreath

If you need a little hygge in your life, whip up a quick and cozy Christmas gnome wreath. It’s so soft and fuzzy, you’ll have people oohing and ahhing at the warmth it adds to your holiday decor.

gnome christmas wreath on a white background with text which reads easy gnome wreath

Scandinavian Gnomes Tutorials – Cone Gnomes

These are what started it all for me, friends. I love making this style of Scandinavian gnome. They involve no sewing (yay!) and are a perfect craft to add a bit of holiday cheer.

Scandinavian Gnome with Braids 

I learned a new technique to make the hair for our Scandinavian gnome with braids. She’s adorable, sure, but she’s got some fire in her. 

This easy holiday craft for a DIY Scandinavian gnome will add a festive, feminine touch to your decor.

Easy Christmas Gnome Tutorial 

This is likely the easiest gnome pattern I’ve put together. Check out how easy it is to make this Swedish gnome

Easy DIY Christmas Gnome Holiday Decor

Gnomes with Legs (Free Patterns)

I love making gnomes (in case that wasn’t glaringly obvious if you’ve made it to here…) Part of the fun is to try as many styles, patterns, and techniques as I can think up. Below you’ll find a few Christmas nisser with the skinniest little legs.

Jack Frost Gnome with Legs

This is a new style for me and the legs on this Jack Frost Gnome make it a great shelf-hanger for the holidays. Sitting atop a mantle, this Christmas gnome (and his sack) is a fun addition to the holiday decor.

winter gnome pattern on a white table with a tiny christmas tree with text which reads jack frost nisse pattern

Christmas Cowboy Gnome 

“I love the boots!” is what I hear repeatedly about this Christmas cowboy gnome with legs. The pattern is a simple one and you can make it as large as you want (just be sure to size up everything, even those boots).

easy cowboy gnome for christmas with text which reads christmas cowboy tomte gnome

Christmas and Holiday Gnome Collection

If you haven’t seen anything here which strikes your fancy, check out this collection of the best Christmas gnome tutorials from around the web. And yes, there are 75 of them (so far)…

easy tutorials for holiday gnomes for gifts

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Christmas gnomes collage with text which reads Holiday Gnome tutorials.

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