DIY Halloween Gnomes to Make

If you’re here, you want to make your own Halloween gnome and you can. I’m sharing easy gnome tutorials to make a Halloween sock gnome, ghost, witch gnome, and so many more.

Every one I make comes with a gnome video tutorial walking you through each step. If you can’t wait to get started, keep scrolling.

Horizontal six image collage of mummy, witch, bat, and ghost gnomes with text which reads Halloween gnomes.
Craft these adorable DIY Halloween gnomes using socks, cones, and dollar store finds.

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Easy Halloween Gnomes You Can Make

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I’ve been making my own gnomes for years. After traveling the world and seeing them elsewhere but never at home, I started creating my own. When people started asking me about them, I taught others how to make a gnome customized to their decor or liking.

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collage of diy gnomes teaching how to make a gnome with or without legs and with or without sewing

I’ve shared a ton of DIY Halloween gnomes on my YouTube channel. So many of us are visual learners and like following along with my Halloween gnome video tutorials.

Today I’m grouping up some of my most-loved Halloween gnomes you can make at home. Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite!

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Vertical four image collage of mummy, ghost, sock, and bat gnomes with text which reads easy DIY Halloween gnomes.
These gnomes will liven up any Halloween decor.

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Tips for Making Halloween Gnomes

  • The faux fur gnome beard really ‘makes’ the gnome. Look at craft stores, in thrift shops, and online (here are my recommendations for gnome beards made of fur).
  • Years ago when I first started making gnomes, NO ONE showed how to cut it without destroying the edges. I have a popular video on how to cut faux fur here (it’s quick).
  • Wood beads or wood rounds make for an easy gnome nose, so check your stash for those. In a lot of these tutorials, you can easy hide the holes when using beads.
  • Ankle socks are best used for sock gnome bodies. For long hats, use knee socks or even leggings.
  • Most of these tutorials do not require a pattern. If you need one, I have so many gnome patterns here.
Square four image collage of Halloween gnomes made without sewing.
No need for a sewing machine! These Halloween gnomes come together so easily.

DIY Halloween Sock Gnome

One of my easiest and most-requested tutorials for this holiday is a quick easy DIY Halloween sock gnome. They come together so easily and the faux fur options make for endless opportunities. I love these little guys and still bring them out every Halloween.

The best part is that the dollar stores always have Halloween socks you can use. My best gnome-making tip: make this easy Halloween gnome hat using a knee sock. It’s not necessary, but it adds a lot of character.

Halloween sock gnome with gray and white faux fur beard and striped hat which reads Boo on a green background.
This adorable sock gnome is so easy to make with fun fur beard options.

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Halloween Cone Gnome – Easy Ghost Gnome

One of my all-time favorite crafts is this easy Halloween Ghost Gnome. It’s made using a cone, so you don’t have to worry about having to create a body at all!

The adorable tennis shoes are optional. If you want to save yourself the trouble, buy doll shoes. You can make this adorable gnome in half the time if you start with that tip for making gnomes.

Vertical image of a DIY Halloween gnome in a costume with tennis shoes and a trick or treat bag.
You can start with doll shoes instead of making your own tennis shoes for this cute Halloween gnome DIY.

Halloween Witch Gnome DIY

Many of the Ruffles and Rain Boots readers went wild for this adorable DIY witch gnome for Halloween. The shoes are adorable, the nose is hilarious, and that witch hat is SO easy to make.

If you want a more rounded-body, make a sock gnome style and build on it. Everything in this tutorial will work, no matter the body type. And don’t worry about having to find purple fur or yarn – just grab watercolor paints and make your own!

Vertical image of a no-sew Halloween gnome pattern for a halloween witch gnome on wood plank.
This witch gnome is easily put together without a sewing machine.

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DIY Mummy Gnome for Halloween Decor

Another of my all-time favorites is this DIY mummy gnome for Halloween. It’s SO much easier than people think and it’s just downright fun.

Pick up a foam cone, some fabric, and of course, a bit of gauze from the dollar store. Learn how to make this fun Halloween gnome in about 30 minutes.

DIY Halloween gnome mummy made with a cone on a bed of moss with black background.
This Halloween gnome just wants a hug – make this mummy gnome using a cone.

Hocus Pocus Gnomes – Sanderson Sisters Sock Gnomes

Make these Hocus Pocus Halloween sock gnomes into your favorite sisters. This is a really fun little display to put out for the holiday.

You can use a simple sock gnome body for these ladies or, for a taller gnome, use a cone. Either way, you don’t have to sew anything. Use some scissors and a hot glue gun to assemble these fun Halloween gnomes!

Three tall twisty hat girl gnomes on a white table representing the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus.
The sisters are together again and looking for trouble!

Easy Bat Gnome – Dollar Tree Sock Gnome

You can make this bat sock gnome for Halloween using materials from the dollar store! It’s a quick one to put together (10 minutes) and you will never believe what I made the gnome beard from.

The wings and hat are a Dollar Tree staple, so you really only have to create the sock gnome. This is a popular gnome in the Facebook crafting groups this time of year.

Purple dollar tree bat gnome DIY for Halloween on wood and black background.
This Halloween gnome only takes about 10 minutes to make – no sewing!

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Six image vertical collage of mummy, ghost, bat, witch and more with text which reads Halloween gnome ideas.
From spooky bats to adorable ghosts, you can make a Halloween gnome DIY.

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