No Sew Gingerbread Gnome for Christmas

This gingerbread gnome is the perfect glue gun craft for Christmas. It comes together easily and would make for a fun family Christmas craft night.

horizontal image of gingerbread gnome made with hot glue and fleece on a Christmas background with mini tree and candy
This cute gingerbread gnome with arms and boots can be made with basic craft supplies and a hot glue gun!

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Gingerbread Christmas Gnome with Posable Arms

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I like to challenge myself to bring you affordable, easy crafts for the holidays. This gingerbread gnome is just that – you will use a glue gun, some fleece, Dollar Tree booties, and a few extras to make an adorable Christmas gnome.

The Dollar Tree party favor boots are found in the party supplies section for a baby shower. I’m using blue in this tutorial, however, they also come in pink – just keep your eye out because these are the easiest gnome boots you can make. Let’s get started.

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adorable holiday gnome with arms and legs with text which reads Christmas gingerbread gnome no sew posable boots

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Tips to Make This Posable Christmas Gnome

  • Get the Scandinavian Sweeties gnome pattern here.
  • I recommend using fleece for this pattern because you will have enough room to stuff the base of the body with the wood round. It’s a very forgiving fabric, so if you’re new to crafting gnomes, it’s perfect to hide imperfections.
  • Use a wire that is pliable yet thick enough to hold something. You can extend the arms all the way or make them shorter so just the mittens are showing.
  • If you cannot find the Dollar Tree booties, look for pre-made boot ornaments from any of the craft stores. Even the Dollar Tree has them in the ornaments section at Christmas!
  • The fur matters, friends. Use the fur you can get from Amazon or a craft store. I’m using Mongolian fur in white (purchased on Amazon by the yard from the brand, Barcelonetta).

How Do I Make a Christmas Gnome?

I’m so glad you asked. Below is the written tutorial, however, I urge you to also view the full length No Sew Gingerbread Gnome video tutorial here on the YouTube channel. Psst: while you’re there, please subscribe.

Yield: 1 Christmas Gnome

No Sew Gingerbread Gnome for Christmas

square image of a Christmas gingerbread gnome with arms and legs that pose on a light wood holiday background with peppermint candy

Grab a hot glue gun and make this no sew gingerbread gnome, perfect for Christmas decorations and gifts. The posable arms make it so that you can even add a little candy cane or other item!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 45 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes


  • Scandinavian Sweeties Pattern
  • 1/3 yard fleece in Color A (I used tan)
  • Rick Rack in White
  • Dollar Tree booties (or other shoes / boots)
  • Poly Pellets (weight)
  • Poly Fill
  • Wood Round for Base (must fit inside the base piece size)
  • Wire for Body and Arms
  • Mongolian Fur in White
  • 1 inch Wood Round (or other nose)
  • Small Rocks
  • Dark Felt for the Soles of the Shoes
  • Buttons (optional)


  • Scissors, Exacto Knife, and Cutting Mat
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Optional Embroidery Thread and Needle
  • Pins (sewing pins)
  • Pen or Pencil


  1. From fleece, but the following pattern pieces from the Scandinavian Sweeties pattern: one body, one base, one hat, two mittens (4 pieces), and two arms.
  2. Hot glue hem the pattern pieces as described in the full length video tutorial or follow the instructions in the pattern. Turn everything right-sides out.
  3. Add the wood round to the base, add weight, and the fill. Use the wire to add support in the body, bending over both ends. Secure in the seam channel and glue the opening.
  4. Add the arms into the mittens and secure the top edge of the mitten with glue. Slip on the hat, pinning the back into place, making sure the two tips align. Scrunch up the front of the hat to indicate where the nose will be and pin in place.
  5. Bend over the wire and cut a small opening in the side of the body under the hat. Push the unbent end through and slip on the arm, securing it directly to the body with glue. Repeat with the other arm.step by step collage of how to make a Christmas gnome with arms that pose and cute Dollar Tree gnome boots
  6. Measure the beard to go from arm to arm and cut with the Exacto knife on the fabric backing only. Secure to the front of the gnome with glue.
  7. Split the fur to the fabric backing and add the nose and front buttons. Fold over the edge of the hat in front, securing it to the top of the nose. Secure the back of the hat to the body with glue. Add trim to arms and the top of the hat.
  8. For the shoes, cut a 6 inch long by 1.5 inch wide piece of fleece for each bootie. Starting in the front, attach the fleece at the bottom. Press in the front, securing the inside of the fleece to the front of the bootie and then trim off the excess material at the back (secure the top edge with glue).
  9. If using, add the buttons to the front of the shoes. Add weight to the shoes by putting glue inside, adding some rocks, and topping with glue. Make sure nothing pokes out over the top edge.
  10. Trace the outside edge of the finished shoe onto the stiff felt, cut, and adhere to the bottom of the bootie. Attach the gnome to the booties with hot glue and display your adorable gingerbread Christmas gnome!


The Scandinavian Sweeties pattern can be sewn or glued. For more no sew or sewing pattern gnomes, visit

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split vertical image of a gingerbread gnome close up with white gnome beard and red gumdrop buttons with text which reads DIY gnome with a glue gun posable arms and boots

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