Gnome with a Face 3 Ways

This gnome with a face can be made 3 ways–and it’s SO CUTE! A perfect little Christmas gnome, you CAN have a gnome with a face and a fluffy beard, too!

photo collage of Adorable Christmas Gnome 3 ways
Make this adorable Christmas gnome with a face with a fuzzy beard and 3 different hats in minutes!

Gnome with a Face

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we have built-up quite the DIY gnome collection. To be honest, I think that my gnome-making days are just starting, though. They’re so fun to make, gnomes make perfect little gifts and they’re cheap. Seriously, Scandinavian Christmas gnomes are just an all-around great craft.


Let’s take this Swedish gnome, for example. He took about 20 minutes for me to make, he’s a gnome with a face (which is SO AWESOME–and also my first one with a face, by the way) and he’s going to find a new home with my friend as a Christmas decoration in a few days as a housewarming gift. How fun!

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collage of diy gnomes teaching how to make a gnome with or without legs and with or without sewing

And did I mention that it only took me 20 minutes?! If you’re ready to make a farmhouse gnome you’ll love, let’s get started.

DIY Christmas Gnome Tutorials

If you’re looking for the best DIY Christmas gnome tutorials, you have come to the right place. Check out all of my favorite tomte tutorials for the holidays!

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Tips to Make a Farmhouse Christmas Gnome

  • If you’re cutting faux fur for the first time–or the hundredth, but you’ve always hated how it cuts and you’re not happy with it…well, I have a trick for you. Flip the fur over and, with a razor blade or exacto knife, cut through only the fabric. When you pull it away, the fur will be intact, long and luxurious!
  • I have a little secret: I got most of the supplies for this gnome from the dollar store. Don’t feel like you have to spend a ton on your gnome projects. There’s no reason for it to be expensive.
  • Gnome noses are often the best part of a gnome. I mean, they’re just cute and all, well, cute. So, I take a lot of care in–eh, really, I rely on making gnome noses by just grabbing what I have on hand. Today, for this gnome, it was a wooden bead. In the past, I’ve also used polymer clay, a ball of fabric, some beads. Whatever I have on hand usually works.
  • I used polyfill beads for weighing my gnome’s bottom down for this particular gnome. But you can use rice, beans, sand, rocks, whatever. Just something weighty so your gnome doesn’t keep falling over–that’s annoying.
close up of a Christmas Gnome with Face S

How Do I Make this Gnome with a Face?

I’m so glad you asked. Below is our written tutorial. If you’re making a DIY Christmas crafts playlist on YouTube, here is our gnome with a face video tutorial.

Yield: 1

Gnome with a Face

close up of a Christmas Gnome with Face S

This adorable gnome with a face is a perfect addition to any Christmas decor. We use a no-sew method to create this gnome and three ways to decorate this cutie! 

Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5


  • 1 ankle sock (or tall sock)
  • 1 fuzzy sock (can use multiple)
  • faux fur for the gnome beard
  • felt for the face (I used a light cream to offset the white fur)
  • bead for the nose
  • poly fill
  • poly beads (or something to help weigh down the gnome)
  • string or twine
  • Optional, if making arms: fabric and small beads for hands
  • decorations (garland, tags, twine, fur accents, etc.)


  • blush and small applicator or brush
  • paint pen in black and white (for eyes); can also use a small black bead
  • scissors and a razor blade (or other straight blade)
  • hot glue gun and sticks
  • optional (brush to style fur)


  1. Fill the bottom of the sock with poly beads (between 1/4 and 1/2 cup). Be sure to check the notes below and the full video for tips. easy gnome tutorial step 1 Fill Sock with Poly Beads
  2. Determine your desired height and generously stuff the sock with poly fill. Squeeze the body to make sure the fill is distributed and solid.
  3. Tie off the top with twine or string and set the body aside. The body of my gnome with the tied section is 9 inches high. how to make a sock gnome step 3 tie off sock
  4. Determine the length of arms (if you are adding arms) and cut the coordinating fabric to that length. Note: there will be a portion of the arms tucked under the hat because they are placed higher on the body, so add 2 inches to accommodate. My fabric arms are 5 inches (though only 3 inches show on the complete gnome. I used a previously cut piece of fabric and “hot glue hemmed” one side (this is the side for the bead hand). how to make a gnome with arms step 4 make arms
  5. Turn the fabric and fold over twice (gluing in between for stability) the desired width of arm, leaving a small amount of the hemmed section UNGLUED to accommodate the wood bead hand. Glue in the wood bead hand. Repeat for the second arm. Please see the full video if this is unclear. gnome face tutorial step 5 glue arms to body
  6. Position the hands how you want them (I chose to make them long enough they could join together, if needed) and glue them the top inch onto the sock gnome body. 
  7. Cut the faux fur after measuring where you would like it to start and fall on your gnome. I cut a triangle at 3 inches high (in the center point) and about 6 inches (at the widest point). See the video if you’re new to cutting faux fur, as how you measure and cut does matter for the final product. how to make a gnome face step 6 cut gnome beard from faux fr
  8. If you want a puffy mustache and a face which looks “set back” as I’ve done here, fold back the top of the fur (the widest section) and glue down about 1/4 of an inch. This will allow you to create this look and still part a mustache. Do not glue the fur to the gnome yet. 
  9. Position your fur (below the arms) and measure the face portion - you will need to cover from arm to arm in felt. I cut a rounded off shape, however, this was unnecessary and you can just use a rectangle. See the video tutorial for clarification. Glue the face onto the body. Glue the fur onto the body with the top of the fur just covering the bottom of the felt. how to make a scandinavian gnome step 7 cut felt for gnome face
  10. Slide on the decorative sock for the gnome hat over the tied portion of the body. Tug and pull until you have it covering the arms and the beard, leaving a portion of felt open for the face. Glue it down on either side above the arms (but near the beard as we want it to cover the top edge). Glue the sock down just over the top of the felt so it does not move around and cover the face.  easy gnome tutorial step 8 glue face and fur to the gnome body
  11. Create the gnome face by parting parting the fur in the center of the gnome and gluing on a bead for the nose. Using a small brush and blush, add cheeks to either side of the nose. Use the paint pen to create black dots for eyes. Once dry, add a small white dot in the upper right section of the black dot to create a reflection.  how to make a farmhouse gnome step 10 add blush to gnome face
  12. Flip the gnome over and glue down the back of the hat, making sure the full face is still showing. Finish the hat however you would like - I cut off the excess, made a “hem” from hot glue, and tied the end with a piece of twine. 
  13. Use the bottom of the sock you cut off (or a different color one) and position it over the bottom of the gnome, covering the less-decorative ankle sock. Glue it in place.
  14. Drop the gnome on the table and let it settle. Use a small pair of scissors to remove any sock drop-over from the face area. This will make your gnome look polished and finished.
  15. Decorate the hat. I’ve shown three ways in the video (with twine and clay message tag, with a wintry look, and with the garland and berries).  how to make a gnome with a face step 12 tie off the hat and decorate


For more gnome tutorials visit Ruffles and Rain Boots. 

  1. The easiest way I’ve found to fill a sock with no mess is to place a small jar or cup with the weighted items (we use poly beads) on the table. Place the sock around. the jar and flip the entire thing over to fill. 
  2. Make a trio of gnomes different sizes (varying the poly fill amount) and the hat details for a fun mantle decoration.
  3. Use beads for eyes to vary the look - tiny black balls look adorable. 

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  1. I’m looking for a gnome pattern is that short and round and the fur goes all around the gnome. I’ve seen some on Etsy and they are cute. Tired to add a picture but could not. Thank you for responding with instructions.

    1. Many of my styles are offered by Etsy sellers, however, I’m unsure of what you’re looking for. Most of my patterns can have gnomes with wrap-around beards. You can email me the image ([email protected]), however, if I don’t have a tutorial for it, I’d urge you to support the artist.
      – No Sew Sachet Gnome
      – Sock Gnome with Large, Slouchy Hat:
      – Wrap Around Shelf Sitter: