Dollar Tree Gnomes – DIY Gnomes and More

Learn how you can make a gnome for all seasons using supplies and tools from the Dollar Tree. These DIY gnomes use commonly-found items you can get at the Dollar Tree and other dollar stores. Buckle in, friends, because I love gnomes and the Dollar Tree!

three images of Dollar Tree gnome projects to be made with a glue gun
Dollar Tree gnome DIY projects from Ruffles and Rain Boots.

DIY Dollar Tree Gnomes

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I make quite a few gnomes – it’s something I’ve become known for and I love it! The Dollar Tree is a crafter’s delight, especially now that they have such great craft sections and expanded others.

From fabrics to fill, you can get everything you need to make Dollar Tree gnomes and decor. Scroll down to find out how to make your own stands!


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collage of dollar tree gnomes for Christmas spring and all seasons

Christmas Dollar Tree Gnomes

As I mentioned, I love gnomes, the Dollar Tree, and of course, Christmas! Check out some of my most popular Dollar Tree gnome DIY projects from cute shelf sitters, wreaths, and more.

four holiday gnomes in a collage with text that reads diy dollar tree Christmas gnomes no sewing

Grinch Dollar Tree Gnome

This went crazy and you can see why, right? A Dollar Tree pillow and a little glue and this Dollar Tree Grinch gnome was stealing hearts.

dollar store grinch gnome craft with text which reads make this dollar tree grinch gnome a diy christmas gnome!
Make a Dollar Tree Grinch gnome in minutes using a hot glue gun and a pillow!

Dollar Tree Mop Gnome DIY

Whew, this one took off! Using a basic cotton mop head from our favorite store, you can create a holiday gnome without even buying any stuffing or fill! Check out this mop gnome using Dollar Tree supplies.

easy gnome tutorial with text which reads gnome with a mop beard
Use a Dollar Tree mop to make the most adorable Christmas gnome.

One Sock Gnome – A Single Sock Chunky Gnome

One of my favorite projects was made on a whim while I was on vacation. I hat a couple of craft supplies but was bored after making EVERYTHING I planned (shocker) so I went to the Dollar Tree. This adorable single sock gnome was born in just a few minutes. He’s a YouTube exclusive, so check out that short video for the instructions.

YouTube thumbnail image with a red hat and boy gnome with a white beard and text which reads DIY chunky no sew Dollar Tree sock gnome using only one sock.
This adorable guy is put together quickly and you’ll love the options!

Dollar Tree Triangle Shelf Gnome

For Christmas or any time of year, use one of the wood products to make this adorable triangle shelf gnome. It only takes 10 minutes and you can change hats for every season.

Bonus: if you have kids, give them a Dollar Tree cup and let them create a little gnome of their own!

dollar store gnome from a sock and triangle shelf with text which reads make this easy & fun dollar tree gnome
Use Dollar Tree wood supplies to make this triangle shelf gnome.


The Dollar Tree is the perfect place to buy seasonal greens, extras, and items to makeover. Here are a couple of wreaths and tree toppers transformed.

Dollar Tree Gnome Wreath

In 20 minutes, this full and festive gnome wreath was done! Always check the Dollar Tree for their dish towels – a lot of material on those, friends.

easy wreath with a scandinavian gnome with text which reads gnome wreath
This Dollar Tree gnome wreath only takes 20 minutes and adds a fun and festive look to any space.

DIY Gnome Wreath with Dollar Tree Wreath Form

When Halloween rolls around, be sure to grab a witch form… I know, but hear me out because you can make this festive gnome wreath in just 10 minutes using that and a dish towel.

dollar tree gnome craft for a gnome door hanger
Use a witch form to create an easy gnome wreath from the Dollar Tree.

Adorable Gnome Tree Topper

A pillow, that’s the secret to this Dollar Tree gnome tree topper. Well, that and a snowman. Be sure to click through to see how I made this gnome tree topper in just minutes.

dollar tree christmas tree topper gnome craft with text which reads make this easy dollar tree christmas tree topper gnome
In just 10 minutes, you can transform a snowman into this adorable, on-trend gnome tree topper.

Year-Round Dollar Tree Gnome DIY Projects

If you and I are anything alike, you find yourself at the Dollar Tree at least three times a month. I have a craft room stash that might even trick you to thinking you’re at the store! Here are a couple of year-round projects I love.

collage of 4 pastel colored gnomes for Spring made with dollar tree items

Flower Pot Gnomes – Clay Pot Gnomes

Pulling from my craft room stash during quarantine, I whipped up these Dollar Tree flower pot gnomes with just a bit of hot glue, socks, and of course, some small clay pots.

diy gardening gnome with text which reads make these fun spring sock gnomes with flower pot hats
Flower pot gnomes are just built on a sock gnome and can be made in no time at all.

Dollar Tree Mushroom Gnome

Oh, friends! This Dollar Tree mushroom gnome makeover with clay one of my favorite projects this year because it’s SO easy and uses scraps of faux fur. Honestly, anything that uses up my massive crafting scrap stash is a win.

dollar store mushroom into a gnome mushroom with text which reads mushroom gnome make this easy clay craft
With a bit of polymer clay, you can turn a Dollar Tree mushroom into a fun and cheeky gnome.

Dollar Tree Easter Gnome DIYs

The pastels and sweetness take over our favorite craft supply store each year and I can’t resist… These Dollar Tree Easter gnome projects are quick, cute, and go beyond just decor.

Rainbow Bunny Gnome

A couple of socks, a duster, a headband, and some rocks – gather up those items and make this Dollar Tree rainbow bunny gnome. Look at that beard!

This rainbow bunny gnome is so adorable and fun. Get the tutorial to make your own Dollar Tree Easter bunny gnome with just a few supplies.
Those ears are the show-stopping attraction on this fun Dollar Tree bunny gnome.

Easter Gnome Basket

Did you know you can make an Easter gnome basket using Dollar Tree items and NOT have to sew anything? I know, it’s shocking (and oh, so cute).

easter gnome basket dollar tree craft with text which reads make this easy dollar tree craft gnome easter basket
Hit up the Dollar Tree for a few supplies and whip up a fun Easter gnome basket.

Halloween Bat Gnome from the Dollar Tree

Quick holidays should equate to quick crafts and this Dollar Tree bat gnome is exactly that. Take 10 minutes to make this adorable, I mean spooky, little cutie.

dollar store bat gnome with text which reads 10 minute dollar tree bat gnome
Don’t pass up the headbands and you can make a 10 minute bat gnome for Halloween.

Twisty Hat Dollar Tree Valentine Gnome

Let’s say you want to use up a men’s tube sock and turn into something cute… Let’s just say that, okay? Well, you can do just that with this fun Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day gnome – look at that twisty hat!

valentines dollar store gnome with a twisty hat with text which reads valentines sock gnome dollar tree twisty hat gnome from sock in red and white
Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day gnomes can be quick, easy, and too cute for words.

DIY Gnome Stands from Dollar Tree Items

To add interest and heigh to our displays, I have made a few different risers, stands, and trays using Dollar Tree items. Here are a few of my favorites.

Farmhouse Tiered Tray (Single or Stacked)

Using clay pots and burner covers, you can make this enamel-tray inspired farmhouse tray for your gnomes or other items. Watch out – it only takes a few minutes (spray paint is your best friend).

photo collage of easy craft from the dollar store with text which reads make this dollar store farmhouse display tray
Make an enamel tray inspired farmhouse tiered tray using Dollar Tree items.

Wood Single Tier Stand

When decorating areas that need a bit more visual interest, giving smaller items a bit of height can really help to make it stand out. That’s what this farmhouse style wood single tier stand does. And it takes no time at all!

dollar store craft farmhouse gnome stand with text which reads farmhouse gnome stand make this dollar tree craft
This farmhouse single tier stand is easy, fast, and made with Dollar Tree items.

Offset Tiered Tray from the Dollar Tree

Tucked in between some vases with greens, this offset tiered tray DIY can help bring your smaller items out of the dark. Can you spot all of the Dollar Tree goodies in there?

farmhouse tiered tray for gnomes with text which reads make this easy dollar tree farmhouse tiered tray
Stop into the Dollar Tree and grab the supplies for this offset tiered tray, perfect for small spaces.
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collage of dollar tree gnomes for Christmas spring and all seasons


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