DIY Gnome Tutorials – Farmhouse, Holiday, and So Much More!

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we love to share DIY gnome tutorials with you! From holiday gnomes to gnome crafts for kids, check out all the fun gnome crafts.

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DIY Gnome Tutorials 

If it isn’t evident by the sheer number of gnome crafts on this page (and others), I love to make DIY felt gnomes. From Swedish Christmas gnomes to their Valentine’s Day cousins, I think they are the cutest whimsical home decor.

On this page, you’ll find most of the Ruffles and Rain Boots gnome crafts I’ve shared. If you have any questions about materials, faux fur, or where to get the best supplies to make gnomes, please let me know. If you’re new to making gnomes, please watch this video on making a gnome beard with faux fur.

Stay tuned because we’ll be adding so many more of these cuties! It’s so easy (and fun) to DIY gnomes for the holidays and seasonal decor. In fact, just sign up for the Ruffles and Rain Boots weekly newsletter here and I’ll let you know when I make another one.

Christmas Gnome Tutorials to Make At Home

About half the year, I craft for Christmas – it’s a problem and there should be a support group. I just can’t help but making new decorations, ornaments, and gifts for the holidays.

If you want Christmas gnomes, visit our DIY Christmas gnomes page here.

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Fall Gnome Tutorials

I like to decorate by season, mostly so that I don’t have to switch up the entire house and porch too often. If ‘fall is your favorite,’ there are some adorable Fall tomte ideas here on Ruffles and Rain Boots.

Pumpkin Gnome, Perfect for a Small Display 

Friends, I cannot get over the cuteness of this fall pumpkin gnome. He has a pumpkin body and is very easy and quick to put together (he’s also no-sew, so yay!).

fall buffalo check gnome on a white background with text which reads make this fall pumpkin gnome

Pumpkin Spice Gnome with Amazing Details 

If you love the idea or smell of the pumpkin spice latte but aren’t a huge fan of the taste, this pumpkin spice gnome is a great addition to your home the season. He has the most adorable accents: can you find the hidden pumpkins?! photo collage of fall coffee gnome with text which reads make this pumpkin spice gnome he who controls the spice controls the universe

Fall Elfin Gnome (with sewing Pattern)

This is the cutest – the absolute cutest little gnome hat I’ve ever seen.I’ve made so many variations of this fun Elfin Gnome pattern. You have to see all of them – from fairies to Fall, I have a lot of ideas to inspire you.

fall gnome made from felt and faux fur styled in front of a pumpkin with fall leaves on a wooden table with shiplap wall

Nordic Gnome Tutorials 

Farmhouse Gnome Pattern with a Slouchy Hat

I love, love, love this easy no-sew farmhouse gnome. I’ve remade him a couple of times because so many people saw him and loved him. And you’ll love the easy tutorial and gnome pattern!

photo collage of adorable no sew gnome with text which reads diy farmhouse gnome

The Sweetest Chef Gnome, Perfect for the Kitchen

He’s small, he has a great hat, and he’s eager to help decorate the kitchen with fun. This chef gnome tutorial is quick and easy to put together with a sock gnome base and a no-sew chef’s toque pattern.

collage of chef gnome on kitchen background with text which reads learn how to make a no sew chef gnome

Adorable Spring Elfin Gnome (with sewing Pattern)

This is the cutest – the absolute cutest little gnome hat I’ve ever seen. That’s why I’ve made so many variations of this fun Elfin Gnome pattern. You have to see all of them – from fairies to Fall, I have a lot of ideas to inspire you.

photo collage of elfin gnome pattern with text which reads adorable spring gnome pattern

Farmhouse Gnome (Girl)

This adorable girl farmhouse gnome uses a fun kitchen staple and is perfect for a tiered tray or coffee bar display.

easy farmhouse girl gnome with text which reads scandinavian girl gnome

Mermaid Gnome (Girl + Mermaid Gnome Hat)

If you love the idea of a little mermaid adding a bit of fun to your decor, this mermaid gnome is easily done. It’s a focus on making the mermaid featured in the hat.

mermaid girl gnome made from a sock with text which reads mermaid gnome make this

Mermaid Gnome (Boy + Mermaid Gnome Body)

This mermaid gnome body is a bit different than you might have seen. I used a bit of engineering to make the mermaid focus on the body.

simple gnome tutorial for a mermaid gnome with text which reads make this mermaid gnome

DIY Gnome Lavender Sachet

This lavender gnome sachet was inspired by our first 30-minute Christmas gnome, so you know it’s a ridiculously quick craft that uses up extra supplies.

close up of red hat gnome on wood background with text which reads gnome lavender sachet

Valentine’s Day Gnomes (Mr and Mrs)

Can these two be any cuter? Our Valentine’s Day gnomes might just be my favorite pastel cuties. I got to explore a fun coloring technique for the gnome beard and braids, too.

Valentine felt gnomes - couple on white background with heart gnome hat

Viking Gnome – Because, Why Not? 

Friends, sometimes I have ideas that bug me so much I just have to make them. This fun DIY Viking gnome is a quick, no-sew gnome pattern that makes me chuckle every time I see it.

Viking gnome on dark background with text which reads DIY gnome

St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Gnome

With or without legs added, this St. Patrick’s Day gnome is downright adorable and so easy. And if you’re wondering, yes. Yes, I happen to love gnomes. Shocker, right?

photo collage of St Patricks Day gnome with text which reads Make this leprechaun gnome in 20 minutes

Easter Gnome with Carrot Hat and Bunny Ears

This no-sew version of an Easter gnome is an absolutely adorable way to decorate for the holiday. The body is made from a sock and rice and there isn’t a better way to spend 20 minutes!

diy no-sew felt gnome on white background with text which reads DIY Easter Bunny Gnomes

Fun and Easy Nordic Gnome (Sock Gnome Hat Pattern)

This adorable Nordic gnome with a twisty hat is a fun (and quick) DIY gnome craft. Whether you want to make it a holiday cutie or just add something to your decor, he’s a fun gnome to make for the home.

photo collage of Nordic gnome with a twisty hat with text which reads adorable Nordic gnome pattern

Halloween Gnomes

Cute Halloween Sock Gnomes 

These Halloween sock gnomes are my new favorite gnomes, friends because they combine easy with adorable. And if you were waiting for someone to show you a step-by-step process of making a sock gnome with actual fur and not yarn, I have an easy-to-follow video tutorial for you.

Adorable Halloween Sock Gnome Tutorial

Hocus Pocus Gnome Display

I don’t do a lot of decorating for Halloween other than a mantle display, a few outside decorations, and this Hocus Pocus gnome set. It is the Sanderson Sisters around a cauldron – if you’re a Hocus Pocus fan, are you laughing yet?! :)

photo collage of DIY Hocus Pocus Halloween Gnomes with text which reads DIY halloween gnomes the sanderson sisters

Elfin Fairy Gnome (with wings) Sewing Pattern

This whimsical gnome uses a favorite sewing pattern and a little ingenuity to make a fairy gnome with wings.

Elfin fairy gnome pattern with wings

Bob Ross Gnome – Yes, Yes I Did.

Do you ever have an idea that just won’t leave your head once it’s in there? That’s how this adorable Bob Ross gnome came together, friends. It was… a happy little accident.

cute gnome for artists with text which reads happy accidents bob ross gnome

Mickey Mouse Gnome – Countdown to Disney

At 5 am, I have random thoughts like, “Why don’t you ever see Mickey Mouse gnomes?” So at 6 am, I start making them! This adorable Mickey Mouse Disney countdown gnome was a quick and fun little project for the early morning.

no-sew pattern for mickey mouse gnome with text which reads make this Disney countdown gnome

Farmhouse Girl Gnome

Braids get me every time and this DIY farmhouse girl gnome is a quick project. It’s a simple addition to a tiered tray and the design possibilities are endless.

farmhouse girl gnome with text which reads how to make a girl gnome

4th of July Gnome Sewing Pattern

Using my favorite (and so easy) sewing pattern, I made this Elfin Patriotic gnome in just about 20 minutes. He’s fun, playful, and you can decorate the hat anyway you’d like.

patriotic elfin gnome close up

4th of July Gnome Skinny Gnome

This little 4th of July gnome is a firecracker! It’s a fun and quick gnome craft and it looks great when added to a wreath or tucked into a tiered tray display.

red white and blue gnome craft on a white wood table with a pile of twine with text which reads patriotic gnome for independence day

Dumbledore Gnome for Harry Potter fans

If you love Harry Potter, you’ll know this DIY Dumbledore Gnome is going over like gangbusters in our house right now. It’s so much fun to make and the kids adore it.

photo collage of wizard gnome with text which reads easy diy gnome dumbledore

Woodland Gnome – Perfect for Rustic Decor

Testing a new way to make a no-sew DIY gnome, I whipped up a DIY woodland gnome with rustic accents. Check him out and let me know what you think.

sweater sleeve gnome tutorial with text which reds woodland gnome

Needle Felted Gnome Tutorial 

The very, very talented Sheila from Brain Power Boy delivers an easy-to-follow set of instructions for this sweet, needle-felted gnome.

closeup of girl made with needle felting with text which reads needle felted gnome

DIY Gnome Decor Ideas

Seasonal Gnome Sign

This interchangeable gnome season sign is perfect for a covered porch or entryway. It’s a quick and easy DIY and one that uses up scrap craft supplies!

photo collage of nisse sign for the seasons with text which reads gnome interchageable home sign

Entryway Welcome Sign

If you want something a bit more permanent to display your creations, DIY welcome sign features scrap wood turned into an entryway delight.

photo collage of floating shelf with a sign to show off gnomes with text which reads nisse display shelf and welcome sign

Spring Garden Gnome from Clay Pots

Isn’t this garden clay pot gnome just the cutest? And the best part is that it’s 99% paint, so it’s easy-peasy! Click through to see how we put it together and made it last.

spring clay pot gnome craft in front of green plant with text which reads gnome statue a quick craft for spring!

Gnome Crafts for Kids 

Not to be outdone by the adults, we’ve shared many gnome crafts for kids here at Ruffles and Rain Boots. Scroll down for paper crafts, crafts for kid’s rooms, and so much more gnome fun.

Gnome Teacup Garden

So I might have borrowed this idea from the fairies… But in my defense, our gnome teacup garden is just too much fun not to make.

Gnome Teacup Garden with decorations and a ladder to get into the teacup on a pink background with text which reads gnome home in a tea cup

Gnome Barrette Holder

Do you need a fun craft the kids can do (mostly) on their own? This gnome barrette holder is just the project for a rainy afternoon or gift idea. fun gnome girls craft close up of barrette holder with text gnome accessory holder a fun kid's craft

Gnome Plant Markers 

Need a quick and adorable craft for your garden or potted plants? These gnome plant markers are cute and let the kids’ imaginations roam!

photo collage of gnome craft for kids with completed gnome markers on tip and steps on the bottom with text Garden Gnome Plant Markers

Paper Plate Peek-A-Boo Gnome Craft

I’m so glad the kids love gnomes as much as I do. This paper plate peek-a-boo gnome craft will have the kids laughing and acting like puppeteers!

Fun gnome paper plate craft for kids peek a boo craft

Paper Roll Gnomes 

Whether you’re crafting for Spring or Christmas, these paper roll gnomes are a fun, quick craft to get the kids painting and practicing scissor skills.

gnome craft for kids garden tomte nisse

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