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Policies, Site, and Contact Information

All information is valid from June 2, 2020. Sponsors and potential partners, please see the Partners page.

New to Ruffles and Rain Boots?

Are you new here? If so, thank you for stopping by our little corner of the Internet. We love to create, learn and play. You can learn about me, my family, and Ruffles and Rain Boots here. If you’d like to get in touch, start here or email me at Sarah @ Ruffles and Rain Boots .com

Copyright Policy

This website is a personal blog, written and edited by Sarah at Ruffles and Rain Boots .com. All images and content are protected by copyright. If you are going to link to us, an email notification is greatly appreciated (so we can help promote your page), but not necessary.

Live-streaming (Facebook LIVE, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) content posted by Ruffles and Rain Boots posts to those platforms are included in this policy. All content (although made public) is NOT free to use unless permission is expressly granted.

How you can use our material: We love it when others share our fun and creations, and encourage you to share on your blog, website, and social media accounts. We must, however, advise that you follow the usage parameters listed below. We will protect our brand and issue DMCA takedown and copyright infringement notices directly to Google, AdSense, advertising networks, and hosts. We will not be compliant concerning the theft of our work.

  • Please use one (1) image only and source the image as Ruffles and Rain You must not alter the image or remove the watermark.
  • You must link back directly to the post from which you selected the image. This link must be within the body of the post/article and must be visible. Please note: you may NOT use any of the text that appears on Ruffles and Rain Boots. If you are unclear, contact this website directly BEFORE publication.
  • If you are linking to a printable, you must link to the post and not directly to the printable link.
  • Any live-streaming material should not be used unless you have been given express permission and have been provided a link by Ruffles and Rain Boots.
  • No video should be uploaded directly into your publication platform as it is in violation of copyright law AND social network terms of service. 

Shop Policies

All sales are final when made via the Ruffles and Rain Boots Shop (located at for digital patterns, cut files, hand lettering workbooks, and custom digital creations.

REFUNDS: Due to the nature of digital downloads, the industry-wide policy is that no refunds are given on digital products. This is non-negotiable UNLESS there is a file which does not work due to improper creation or a technical issue on behalf of Ruffles and Rain Boots. No refunds are given when user does not have or cannot work the software required to use the content.

USAGE: All sales are for personal use unless the express permissions and licenses are obtained at the time of purchase OR before the commercial use of such content is conducted. Legal action will be pursued for illegally selling physical goods without proper license, the illegal sharing or distribution of digital files, the copying or derived content created from materials with implied or registered copyright, or the improper use of the Ruffles and Rain Boots name.


All tutorials and post, though instructive and thought to be sound, are not warranted or guaranteed by the author,, any parent LLC, or any party acting on their behalf. The reader assumes all risk, inherent and not inherent with the construction of any tutorial or post found within this domain (, email alias ending in, or any social media account used by authors, officers, or employees acting on their behalf. 

The authors or any entity working on their behalf assume no liability, risk, or responsibility for the work of any reader that is inspired or prompted from ideas or knowledge gained from the web domain known as, any email alias ending in, or any social media accounts associated directly or indirectly with Ruffles and Rain

In general, Ruffles and Rain Boots is an information-based site and urges all readers to seek local professional help before attempting a project that is new to them, either in idea or skill, to comply with local and national laws. Furthermore, Ruffles and Rain Boots advises that everyone take a proper course in how to use each and every specific tool before beginning any project. 

Ruffles and Rain Boots does not warranty any product reviewed or featured on, any email alias ending in, or any social media accounts directly or indirectly with Ruffles and Rain 

If you have any questions about the warranty, safety, soundness or any other question that could cause harm and/or injury, Ruffles and Rain Boots urges you not to attempt the project and seek professional help. 

Disclosure Policy

In 2009, the Federal Trade Commission {FTC} revised their guidelines regarding endorsements and testimonials in order to protect the public from any intentionally errant or misleading advertising (that has been paid for by a group or company). Rarely, Ruffles and Rain Boots incorporates endorsements or testimonials, and we felt we should say:

  • I am very selective in which companies I work with and only select those that I believe will resonate with you, my readers.
  • No matter the compensation, any review will be honest and I will give my true opinion.
  • I will never compromise this platform (or your faith in it) to make a buck.
  • This blog is a source of income for my family and sometimes I mention affiliate links – these are at no additional cost to you and often come with a discount. It is safe to click on them.

Affiliate and Advertising Policy

Some of the links on this site will be affiliate links. They will always be disclosed, per FTC guidelines. It’s my personal policy (so I can like myself in the morning) to only provide links to services and products I use and would recommend to a client or friend.

Sarah Nenni-Daher is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

This site might choose to display advertisements for which we receive compensation. This practice, along with affiliate links, helps to keep this site free of charge to you.

Mediavine Programmatic Advertising

For information regarding data collection by Mediavine ad partners including how to opt out of data collection, please click here.

The views, advice, and opinions on this site are purely my own. Any product, claim, statistic or representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, service provider, or party in question.

European Union Cookie Law

Although this site does not have a significant audience located in the European Union, you agree to consent by accessing and using this site’s resources. You also have the right to be forgotten. For all information to be removed from this site, please contact me at Sarah {@}

Comment Policy

Ultimately, I have one rule: be nice or leave. I won’t publish hate speech in any form, so please treat others how you would like to be treated.

All comments are left at the sole discretion of the operators of this website. No liability is taken or rights given in this regard.

Accessibility Compliance

This website strives to be accessible to all. As of 9/19/2018, all images are descriptive alt-text compliant to allow for machine readers. This site has been built using code compliant with W3C standards for HTML and CSS and displays correctly in current browsers.

While we strive to adhere to the accepted guidelines and standards, it is not always possible to do so in all areas of websites. We are continually seeking solutions and if you experience any difficulty accessing this site, please contact me at Sarah {@}

That was a lot of information – let’s get back to the fun!


Tuesday 16th of November 2021

How do I get the code to access everything? Thank you Francesca Makinen

Sarah Nenni-Daher

Tuesday 16th of November 2021

If you are a newsletter subscriber, the codes are at the bottom of every newsletter I send. If you are not a subscriber, go to any article or the home page (at and sign up there.

Michelle M Eads

Tuesday 9th of November 2021

I love all of your gnome tutorials!! Thank you!!