Adorable Gnome Felt Ornament Tutorial for All Ages

I received a little standing ovation for this adorable gnome felt ornament when I presented it to my kids. Now, they’re asking me to make a whole gnome felt ornament family!

Good thing I have this simple gnome ornament pattern that I can make in any color set.

free pattern for felt gnome ornament on a white and blue background

Gnome Felt Ornament

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we take making DIY gnomes very seriously. Just kidding–we love having fun and gnomes are just so easy and silly, we can’t help but make them in all sorts of fun variations. I mean, take these wood slice gnome ornaments, for example–they’re so cute, you need at least half dozen on your Christmas tree. Especially if you’ve got a gnome Christmas tree going.

And, that’s exactly what I have planned for this year. I’m going to decorate my Christmas tree in gnome-style. It’ll be so cute! My first project? Making this adorable gnome ornament pattern that I can reuse over and over for more gnomes than you can count! Let’s get started.

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photo collage of felt gnome ornament tutorial and pattern with text which reads felt gnome ornament

Tips to Make Gnome Ornament Pattern

  • Start by getting your free printable gnome ornament pattern here. Won’t do you much good to follow this pattern without the printable! 
  • Don’t be afraid to use different colors than what I have shown. You can make so many different gnomes just with this one gnome ornament pattern–just pick different color combinations!
  • Be sure to use sharp scissors to cut your felt. It will make it more easy and less likely to look “frazzled”. To sharpen scissors, I find cutting some folded aluminum foil usually does the trick just fine.
felt gnome ornament on a white background

How Do I Make this Gnome Felt Ornament?

I’m so glad you asked. Below is our written tutorial. If you’re making a gnome ornament playlist on YouTube, here is our gnome felt ornament video tutorial.

Gnome Felt Ornament

felt gnome ornament on a white background
Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • Felt fabric
  • Needle and thread
  • Marker pen
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon


supplies for felt gnome ornament on a white background

  1. Select felt fabrics for the gnome plush. Trace the template patterns on the selected felt fabrics and cut them out using scissors. The template includes-
  2. 2 big round shapes – the body (clothes)
  3. 1 small round shape – cherry (for hat decoration)
  4. 1 medium oval shape – the beard
  5. 1 small oval shape – the nose
  6. 2 leaf patterns
  7. 2 hat patterns felt gnome ornament based on a gnome pattern in process step
  8. Take the hat cut out with curvy bottom end and place the leaves and the cherry cut out on it. Place the leaves adjacent to each other and then place the cherry on the top of the leaves. Take any one of the big round cut outs (the body/ clothe) and place the beard and the nose cut out on it as shown in the picture of this step. in process step of tutorial for making a felt gnome ornament
  9. Prepare needle and thread. Stitch the items placed on the hat and the clothe cut outs in the previous step. 
  10. Cut a piece of ribbon (any length you prefer for the ornament) and fold it into half; glue the open ends of the folded ribbon to create a loop. Grab the other cut outs.  in process step of felt gnome ornament tutorial
  11. Place the back side of the hat cut out on a flat surface and then place the back side of the clothe cut out with it; by slightly overlapping the bottom end of the hat and the top end of the clothe cut out. 
  12. Now place the detailed clothe cut out (stitched beard and nose) on the top of the plain clothe cut out and then place the detailed hat cut out on the top of the plain hat cut out. Make sure that the open sides of all 4 items are matched nicely.  in process step of how to make a felt gnome ornament on a white background
  13. Prepare needle and thread and start to stitch around the sides of the items arranged in previous step.
  14. Keep a small opening before closing the stitch. Cut left over felt into small pieces to stuff the Gnome plush. 
  15. Insert the scrap felts through the small opening to stuff the Gnome plush.   in process step of sewing the felt gnome ornament closed on a white background
  16. Once the plush is stuffed, stitch the open end to secure the stuffing. Tie a knot or two and cut off extra thread.
  17. Done! felt gnome ornament pattern on a yellow and white background


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photo collage of free pattern gnome plush ornament felt tutorial with text which reads easy gnome plush

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