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Garden Gnome Plant Markers Kid Craft

The garden gnome plant markers are perfect for outdoor fun. Your child will love the fun of contributing to the family garden! 

garden gnome plant markers close up on white table with seed packets

Gnome Garden Markers 

Here and Ruffles and Rain Boots, we love to create gnome crafts. Can you blame us? They’re just too cute!

Spring is nearly in the air and with it comes planting. From herbs to vegetables and everything in between, the kids will love adding their own touches. Track what is in your garden or in containers with these whimsical gnome garden markers. They are a wonderful project for the kids to work on.

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close up of garden gnome craft with text Adorable Garden Gnome Planter Stakes Craft

Tips for Making This Gnome Craft for Kids

These simple tips can make this craft a breeze!

  • Pick out your garden seeds BEFORE you start your craft! Go to the dollar store if you’re setting up a special planting for kids. Choose vegetables or flowers which are easy to grow. 
  • Have fun painting and decorating your adorable gnomes! Use a combination of pens, markers, and paints. 
  • Make certain that you push them down far enough in the soil so that they won’t topple over. 

gnome craft for kids final product on table top

How Do I Make This Garden Gnome Craft?

I’m so glad you asked! These written directions will walk you through the entire process! If you are creating a Spring crafts for kids playlist on  YouTube, here is our garden gnome plant markers video tutorial

Yield: 3-5 plant markers

Gnome Plant Markers

gnome craft for kids final product on table top

These gnome plant markers are perfect for outdoor fun.

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $3


  • Unfinished wooden slats/paint stir sticks
  • craft foam
  • Craft paint
  • Paint markers
  • Matte clear spray


  1. Gather up all your needed materials. materials needed to make gnome plant markers
  2. Cut craft foam into as many triangles as you want to have garden markers. Make them long and tall so they really stand out in your garden. For ours we cut them to 3” tall, also be sure that the base of the triangle is wide enough cover your wooden sticks.  cutting the foam squares for these gnome plant markers
  3. I found my pack of sticks at Hobby Lobby in the unfinished wood section and with the 40% off they were just a few dollars for 6.  measuring out the gnome plant markers to cut in half
  4. Mark a line 6” down from the top of the stick, this will be the bottom of your gnome. adding marks with marker for sizing on the gnome plant markers
  5. Paint the top 4” whatever color you want your gnomes clothes to be and allow to dry. painting the gnome craft for kids and letting it dry
  6. Use a paint brush to dab a thick lumpy coat of white paint in the shape of a beard, layer it thickly so that it add some texture, allow to dry when you are satisfied. 
  7. Write your plant and herb names vertically along the stick with a paint marker, dry thoroughly. adding on the seed names on these adorable gnome craft for kids
  8. Once all your paint is dry give the entire stick 3-4 coats with the clear spray to seal them so they will last longer outdoors. 
  9. Press your adorable Gnome Garden Markers into the ground or in planters to help identify what's in your garden! completed gnome plant markers ready to plant


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photo collage of gnome craft for kids with completed gnome markers on tip and steps on the bottom with text Garden Gnome Plant Markers

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