Leprechaun Gnome – A Sock Gnome for St Patrick’s Day

This adorable, no-sew leprechaun gnome is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! It’s done in about 20-minutes and uses craft supplies you have on hand!

Leprechaun Gnome for St Patricks Day on white background with Rae Dunn coffee mug

Leprechaun Gnome for St. Patrick’s Day

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, it’s no secret I love to share gnome tutorials. I have an entire section dedicated to DIY Christmas gnome tutorials and another section here on the website for gnome tutorials for any and all occasions (other than Christmas). Like I said – I love gnomes. 

Today, I’m sharing the cutest St. Patrick’s Day gnome – our easy Leprechaun gnome sock tutorial. This is a no-sew gnome, friends, and it couldn’t be easier! Psst: click here to learn the basics on how to make sock gnomes.

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Tips for Making a Sock Gnome

If you’re making this adorable leprechaun gnome, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

  • Adding legs is very easy (even though I like it without them). Just grab some black felt, make 4 boot shapes. You’ll need to twist a few green pipe cleaners together to get a bulky leg. Once you’ve glued the legs to the bottom of the gnome body, just glue on the boots, one on either side of each leg (2 per leg). Add a tiny piece of gold pipe cleaner for the buckle and you’ve just made a leprechaun gnome with legs! close up of leprechaun gnome with legs
  • Leave a bit of room on the sock to tie it off. See our trick below for easy filling and keeping it light (and economical). 
  • If you can only find white fur, use a water-based orange marker and an old cloth to color it. You’ll add a little orange marker at a time and then blend it in with the cloth. 
Leprechaun Gnome for St Patricks Day Decor

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How to Make a St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Gnome 

If you’re making a playlist of DIY gnome tutorials, here is our leprechaun gnome video tutorial on YouTube. Scroll down for our printable tutorial (read the tips above first).

Yield: 1 gnome

DIY Leprechaun Gnome

Leprechaun Gnome for St Patricks Day Decor

This adorable leprechaun gnome is just the quick craft to decorate your shelves this St. Patrick's Day. Grab a few supplies and you'll have your own in just 20-minutes!

Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy



  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • razor or straight blade to cut the fur


  1. Open the sock and add in the beans or poly beads. step 1 fill sock with beads for gnome
  2. Top that with a little stuffing and tie of the sock. step 2 add stuffing and tie sock to form gnome body
  3. Using a razor blade or straight-edged knife, flip the craft fur over to the back and make sure the pile is pointing down. Measure about 9-inches wide and cut a triangle to make the gnome beard. step 3 how to cut faux fur for a gnome beard
  4. Glue the gnome beard to the filled sock body just under the knot but only glue along the top edge (let the bottom hang loosely). It should touch or nearly touch in the back. step 4 wrap gnome beard around the sock gnome
  5. Turn the gnome to the front and add a pompom gnome nose (or bead) with hot glue about 1 inch down from the gathered sock. step 5 add a gnome nose
  6. Hot glue your hat into place and you're done with your St. Patrick's Day leprechaun gnome! step 6 hot glue gnome hat


For a ridiculous amount of gnome crafts, visit Ruffles and Rain Boots .com.

If you'd like to make this gnome with legs, find the extra tips and instructions here: https://rufflesandrainboots.com/leprechaun-gnome-sock-st-patricks/

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