Elfin Gnome Pattern and Gnome Ideas

Let’s make this elfin gnome pattern together to add a little whimsy in a few minutes. This is an easy pattern to make any style or seasonal gnome.

elfin gnome pattern for Spring Gnome DIY

Elfin Gnome with Pattern

If you’ve been to Ruffles and Rain Boots before, it’s apparent I have a problem making gnomes. I’ve yet to find a support group for those who love them, so maybe I should just start my own. We could sit around and… make gnomes. ;)

If you’re new here, a few of our favorite gnomes:

  • Christmas Gnomes: From wine toppers to decor, this is Gnome Central.
  • Farmhouse Gnome: This no-sew gnome is a 30-minute craft and packs A LOT of design style.

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collage of diy gnomes teaching how to make a gnome with or without legs and with or without sewing
elfin spring gnome on moss background with text which reads DIY gnome

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Elfin Gnome Pattern

I normally create my own patterns, however, for this gnome, I relied on the Elfin gnome pattern from The Gnome Makers. I picked it up on Etsy and couldn’t believe it – I  began the gnome in 3 minutes after gathering supplies and was DONE in about 20 minutes!

The hat is what caught my eye and why I bought the pattern – just look at the detail in the curves. You can tell this was crafted with care (and lots of love for gnomes). It was simple to cut and sew. I used a machine, but you can also sew it by hand and it will come out perfectly.

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Elfin Spring Gnome Pattern

Supplies to Make This Gnome 

The Gnome Makers’ pattern details what you’ll need, however, I’m going to share what I’ve learned after making it.

  • You can use regular faux fur, Mongolian fur (my favorite), or the beautiful colored Merino fiber we used in this Spring gnome. I curled some of it – let me know if you’d like a tutorial on this.
  • The pattern calls for rice, however, I find poly beads are better to get a nice, even bottom.
  • If you replace the felt body with fabric, you won’t have any issues. If you replace the hat, however, the fabric should have a bit of weight to it or be lined with interfacing.
  • Usually, I’ll use a clay gnome nose I make, however, the hat overhang buried it. I opted for a 1-inch wooden bead to make sure the nose wasn’t lost under the hat’s shadow.

How Do I Make This Adorable Gnome?

I’m so glad you asked! The Gnome Makers’ pattern details the steps, however, I want to share a couple of notes.

  • Don’t fret if your felt doesn’t stay lined up perfectly. A quick trim will finish it off and makes the hat look amazing.
  • The inside curve of the hat should be sewn with care (slow down). She gives great tips in her pattern’s instructions for this.
  • Turning the body is a bit tight when using a high-quality, thick felt, so take care not to pull any stitches. Craft felt is fine.

full shot of elfin gnome pattern in use on spring gnome

Spring Gnome Pattern

  • Beard: I used the most colorful Merino blend I could find (I got it on Amazon here).
  • Body: Pink craft felt with white polka dots from the craft store made me think of Spring.
  • Hat: The pale teal craft felt was perfect with the beard colors.
  • Nose: My normal noses are too small for this whimsical gnome pattern, so I used a 1-inch wooden bead.
Elfin fairy gnome pattern with wings

Fairy Gnome Pattern

  • Braids: I used the same colorful Merino blend I could find (I got it on Amazon here).
  • Body: Gray craft felt.
  • Hat: White craft felt with silver polka dots.
  • Nose: A 1-inch wooden bead works perfectly with this size gnome hat.
  • Wings: I made a wire frame using thin floral wire, placed it inside two pieces of sheer fabric, and sewed it. To make it look a bit more finished, I trimmed the edge of the wings close to the wire.
patriotic elfin gnome close up

4th of July Gnome Pattern

  • Beard: This is long-pile faux fur in white. Note: this is not craft fur and can be purchased at a fabric store on bolts.
  • Body: Red craft felt was on hand so I used it, but a red and white striped fabric would be adorable!
  • Hat: For the hat, I cut the two pattern pieces and, before sewing them together, hand-stitched on small x-shapes.
  • Nose: 1-inch wooden bead.
fall gnome made from felt and faux fur styled in front of a pumpkin with fall leaves on a wooden table with shiplap wall

Fall Gnome Pattern and Instructions

  • Beard: This is a very inexpensive craft fur (sold in the doll section of craft stores for about $5). I added a mustache about 3/4 of an inch thick and split it in the middle, pulling up the endpoints into a very pronounced mustache.
  • Body: I used an inexpensive craft felt in a dark brown but before I sewed it, I hand-stitched on a maroon and neutral patch or two near the bottom.
  • Hat: High-quality (thick) craft felt in a natural tone with hand-stitched patches in maroon and brown.
  • Nose: This gnome, because of the mustache, only got a 1/2 inch wooden bead as a nose. There was a lot going on so I thought the smaller nose was perfect.
close up of Halloween gnome with buffalo check hat and orange felt body on a pedestal on black background

HALLOWEEN Gnome Pattern and Instructions

  • Beard: This is my favorite faux fur (get it here from Amazon) and features only a beard (no mustache).
  • Body: I used an inexpensive craft felt in a fun orange – plain, but my daughter wanted to add those little plastic spiders, so less was more in this case.
  • Hat: This gnome hat pattern is my favorite and so is Buffalo check! I used an inexpensive flannel purchased at a craft store. To display, my daughter hung a tiny plastic spider off the end of the hat using a small amount of fishing line.

No-Sew Gnome Patterns

I have a sewing machine and have gotten okay-ish at sewing a straight line. :) If you’re unsure of your skill, trust me when I say this is a beginner pattern.

Not sure you want to sew? No problem! Check out these no-sew gnome styles here on Ruffles and Rain Boots:

  • farmhouse gnome – This little guy might be my favorite and he’s done in about 20-minutes!
  • bunny sock gnome – He’s the perfect addition to any Spring decor – look at that hat.

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photo collage of elfin gnome pattern with text which reads adorable spring gnome pattern

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    1. There are a couple of methods I’ve used. The first (and easiest) is wrapping it around a skewer or chopstick. I get it wet with hot water (soaked), wring it out, and then let it dry overnight.

      The second is that I wrap it around metal knitting hooks, get it wet, and warm it until dry on a very, very low temp in the oven. I’ve found that it can change the feel of the fiber, however, so I stick with number 1 more now.

    1. The back has a feature with the hat designed as it is. The seam of the body runs up the back into the split hat – you can see where they split and go down to the sides. When I am back from vacation I will add a pic of one of them for you, Shelby.

    1. Angel, you can definitely use a different fabric, however, with something as thin as quilting cotton, you would need to add a stabilizer of some sort so the hat stays up. It would be easy to use iron-on interfacing with cotton.

    2. Sprint gnome pattern, you talk about the pattern for her but you send us to where they sell patterns. I have no way of ordering them. I thought that you gave all of patterns for the gnomes you talk about. I’ve written to you but never get a response. Could you let me know please

      1. Jeanette, this is NOT my pattern but I feel other gnome makers would love this as I do.

        I cannot offer her pattern on my site, as she has worked hard to develop both the pattern and the business.