How to Make a Woodland Gnome – a Rustic Gnome Tutorial

This woodland gnome is SO adorable and because it’s such an easy rustic gnome to DIY, you are going to love making it!

Woodland Gnome Tutorial with Sock Gnome Body
You can make this easy rustic gnome with moss beard in minutes!

Woodland Gnome

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I make a lot of gnomes. Seriously, I love making gnomes and sharing them here and on my YouTube channel here. When I come up with a ridiculously simple way to make a gnome, I get excited to share. This no-sew gnome looks complex, but is ready in no time.


When any DIY is cleverly decorated to look more complex than they really are, it’s like winning the lottery. Well, maybe not that exciting, but close.

If you’re ready to make a rustic woodland gnome that looks way more complex than it really is, let’s get started.

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sweater sleeve gnome tutorial with text which reds woodland gnome

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Tips to Make a Rustic Gnome

  • First, don’t panic if you don’t have an old sweater to make this up-cycled sweater gnome. You can pick one up at the thrift store for SUPER cheap OR use a sock.
  • I would like to point out that the base of this rustic farmhouse gnome is one of the easiest you can make because it’s actually a sock gnome. All the details of this guy are what really make it pop.
  • Decorating this little cutie is a lot easier than he looks: hot glue, a button and some raffia – your little details are done.
  • No Spanish moss hanging in your trees? That’s fine! I didn’t have any either but found a this Spanish moss.
closeup of Woodland Gnome with Spanish Moss beard S

How Do I Make this Woodland Gnome?

I’m so glad you asked. Below is the written tutorial.

Yield: 1

Woodland Gnome

closeup of Woodland Gnome with Spanish Moss beard S

This rustic farmhouse gnome is absolutely stunning. Perfect winter decorations or even rustic Christmas decor. I just can't get enough of that upcycled sweater gnome hat!

Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5


  • 3-4 cups white rice
  • Small clear rubber bands
  • Spanish moss, one package
  • Wood buttons
  • Pink lipstick
  • White, black or light colored felt (will use half of this)
  • Floral foam cone
  • Multicolor adult super soft socks, gray, black, and white
  • White Kid's quarter sock
  • Sleeve of old sweater
  • Twine
  • Dark brown raffia


  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue


  1. Fill white kid's quarter sock full of rice by scooping it in and smooshing down to get the rice as full as possible. Fill up to the sock band. how to make a scandinavian forest gnome Step 1_ Woodland Gnome fill sock gnome body
  2. Use the heal side for the face. Using your fingers, form a sizable nose out of the heal.
  3. Take 2 tiny clear rubber bands and use 1 to secure the nose, wrap twice if you can. Use the other to secure the top of the sock, wrap twice. how to make a nisse Step 2_ Woodland Tomte make gnome nose
  4. Fit the multicolor soft sock over the white sock body. how to make a gnome decoration Step 3_ Woodland Gonk Add Sock Measure beard
  5. Using scissors or a knife, hollow out the bottom of the foam cone to fit over the white sock and rest on the gnome head in the shape you would like. Fit one of the red soft socks over the foam cone.
  6. Prepare the beard by cutting a piece of felt in the shape of the beard you want. Hold the felt up to the nose and trace a small circular cutout for the nose. how to make a gnome hat from a cone Step 4_ Woodland Gnomi Cut Felt for Spanish Moss Gnome Beard
  7. To create the beard “hair”, use a hot glue gun to glue clumps of the spanish moss to the felt. This can be trimmed along the edges to form when finished. To create a more fluffy beard, separate the strands of the moss to make as much fluff as you desire. how to make a gnome beard from moss Step 5_ DIY Sock Gnome Beard of Moss
  8. Cover the foam cone with a sweater long enough to make a generous cuff around the base of the hat. Secure the top with a small rubber band and trim to get a hat top appearance. how to make a gnome with a sweater hat Step 8_ How to Make a gnome hat from cone
  9. To secure the gnome even more and in case a rubber band breaks, wrap twine or yarn tightly around the nose and top of the head as knot tightly. how to make a gnome from a sock Step 6_ Woodland Gnome DIY Tutorial
  10. Trim the top of the white sock down.
  11. Carefully glue the spanish moss beard to the gnome face, just up and under the nose and pulling as high as you can because we want the hat to fit snuggly up agains the beard. how to make a gnome with natural materials Step 7_ Spanish Moss Gnome Beard DIY
  12. Pull the multicolor sock up to the top of the body and glue around the top of the head.
  13. Hot glue the sweater covered foam cone to the top of the gnome head by putting the glue on the gnome head. Be generous with the amount of glue. Hold the form down firmly until it sets.
  14. Decorate the hat the dark brown raffia by wrapping it around and criss-crossing. Hot glue raffia into place under the cuff of the hat. hot to make a farmhouse gnome with moss beard Step 9_ Add extra decorations for gnome
  15. Glue a wooden buttons to the hat or use another embellishment of choice, such as, raffia tied in a bow.
  16. Make the gnomes nose a pink color by wiping some bright pink lipstick onto the nose fabric. Putting the lipstick on your fingers first to then wipe on the nose is a helpful tip. how to make a rustic farmhouse gnome Step 10 Woodland Gnome color gnome nose


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photo collage of forest gnome easy gnome tutorial for a rustic gnome with text which reads woodland gnome tomte nisse

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