DIY Mickey Ears and Minnie Ears Headbands

These DIY Mickey ears are perfect character Mickey Mouse ears to make for Disney. From classic princesses to modern characters, you can make your own Mouse ear headbands and hats!

collage of DIY Mickey ears for Disney including star wars characters disney princesses and more

DIY Mickey Mouse Ears (aka Disney Ears)

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I’ve shared many ways to make your own Mouse Ears. I love to DIY Mickey ears using headbands and hats.

I love the more involved ears with character faces but I’ve also shared Mickey Mouse ears and Minnie Mouse ears the kids can make themselves! They are so focused on when making them and are so proud when they wear them to Disney or on a cruise.

Below you can find the Mickey ears I’ve shared here and if you leave a comment with your favorite character, I’ll try and make those next.

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collage of three different sets of handmade mickey ears for a disney vacation with text which reads make your own mouse ears

How to Make Your Own Mickey Ears Headbands or Hats

There are a number of ways I’ve made mouse ear headbands. I’ve used Mickey ears templates, bowls, and even made my own cut files and templates for everyone’s favorite characters. In each tutorial below, I go into detail on how I formed the ears so you don’t have to work with random templates (which might not work with YOUR headband or hat).

I’ve also included Mickey ears templates and cutting files for each of my ears that have a lot of detail. You don’t have to be a great artist to make your own mouse ears!

square collage of creative and unique DIY Mickey ears and Minnie ears for Disney vacation

Disney Princess Minnie Ears

We started with the iconic Snow White and are working our way through my daughter’s favorites.

Princess Snow White Minnie Mouse Ears

With the help of free templates, making these iconic Princess Snow White Minnie ears is a snap! They are bright, gorgeous, and are made with inexpensive materials so you can spend more in the parks. ;)

photo collage with text which reads make this adorable set of No sew Snow White ears

Moana Mickey Ears

The water is such a powerful part of the story, so we made it the feature for these Moana Minnie ears. They are going to wow everyone with their florals and I can’t wait to share it with you!

princesses of disney minnie ears on a white background with shells and driftwood with text which reads moana floral minnie ears for disney

Ariel Minnie Ears

Make easy Disney Princess Minnie ears like these no-sew Ariel Mickey ears for Disney. Unlike The Little Mermaid ears below, these are made by and for adults!

disney princess mickey ears for disney for the little mermaid on a white wood background with a piece of coral with text which reads no-sew ariel minnie ears

Star Wars Mickey Ears

Princess Leia Minnie Mouse Ears 

The very first Star Wars movie (Episode IV – A New Hope) is my favorite. These Princess Leia Minnie ears only take a few supplies and are amazing in person and I might be wearing them for the Galaxy’s Edge opening when we go this year.

princess leia minnie mouse ears and han solo & chewbacca mickey ears on a white background with text which reads princess leia ears

Star Wars Mickey Ears – Chewbacca and Han Solo 

One of the world’s most iconic duos, Chewbacca and Han Solo, are represented in these Star Wars Mickey ears. Felt, fur, and some amazing accents come together for this set of Disney ears anyone would love.

photo collage of diy no-sew star wars mickey ears with text which reads diy for star wars fans han & chewie ears

Ewok Mickey Ears 

Friends, I’m not going to beat around the bush – these are my favorite Minnie ears! If you’re like me and grew up on vintage Star Wars, these Ewok Mickey ears are going to blow you away!

how to make ewok minnie mouse ears for disney on a white wood background with a death star mug with text which reads ewoks star wars minnie mouse ears

Yoda Minnie Ears

Pretty amazing, they are. If you’re a fan of Star Wars, I know you just read that in the Master’s voice, right!? These floral Yoda Mickey ears are posable and adjustable depending on your mood.

how to make yoda ears for disney on a white wood background with text which reads yoda star wars mickey ears

Death star Mickey Ears  

If you find yourself humming the Imperial March throughout the day, show your support for the Dark Side with these DIY Death Star Mickey ears. Psst: they are really easy to make, too!

black mouse ear headband with star wars decorations on a white wood background with text which reads death star star wars minnie mouse ears

Character Mickey Mouse Ears to Make at Home 

If you’re not familiar with a sewing machine, don’t worry – you can still make amazing Mickey Mouse ears that are solid and high-quality. You don’t have to worry about floppy ears using these templates, Disney character cut files, and tutorials.

Lilo and Scrump Mickey Ears 

Because it’s no small feat finding these characters in the parks, I made these Lilo and Scrump Mickey ears for my daughter. You can put a bow in between these adorable character mouse ears or use the “Ohana” template I made – they look great both ways.

photo collage of handmade mouse ears for Disney with text which reads Free Cut Files for DIY Mickey Ears

Angel and Stitch Mickey Mouse Ears 

The adorable, large-hearted Stitch is my daughter’s favorite Disney character, so I had to come up with a design that wowed her. These Angel and Stitch Disney mouse ears feature a side view of the adorable aliens joined with hearts. You can also use a bow in between!

photo collage of felt Lilo and Stitch characters with text which reads no-sew Mickey ears Angel and Stitch

Big Hero 6’s Baymax Mickey Ears

I really believe this is one of the biggest silent wins for Disney. Most people don’t mention Big Hero 6 as a favorite Disney movie, but we love it around here. One of the easiest sets of ears to make were these Baymax Mickey Mouse ears. One thing – these were my first EVER DIY Mickey ears and I’ve learned the ribbon should cover the entire headband. :)

photo collage of child wearing Big Hero 6 mouse ears with text which reads DIY Baymax Mickey ears

Deadpool Mickey Ears

Okay, admittedly Deadpool is not a kid’s movie and 99% of the imagery isn’t appropriate for the parks. But friends –  he’s my favorite comic book “hero” ever, so I made them for me. That’s right – I made these DIY Deadpool Mickey ears so that I could rock them.

deadpool mickey mouse ears diy on a white background with poptarts with text which reads deadpool mickey ears would've been better with chimichangas

Special Occasion and Disney Cruise Mickey Ears

Heading out on a Disney cruise soon? No matter which boat you’re on, these Disney Cruise Mickey ears are going to be some of the most fun you’ll have preparing – it sure beats packing!

Foam Pumpkin Head Mickey Mouse Ears 

If you’ve ever been to the Magic Kingdom in the Fall, you know these foam pumpkin head Mickey Mouse ears would be a huge hit with other Disney fans and cast members, alike.

collage of Pumpkin head Mickey ears with text which reads DIY no sew Halloween ears

Preppy Cruise Mickey Ears 

When I sketched these, I had a primary red, white, and blue color scheme. Something kept me from making them, and wow – am I glad I did! These preppy Cruise Minnie ears came out just the way they were supposed to.

photo collage of nautical Minnie Mouse ear headband on white background with text which reads DIY Disney Mickey cruise ears adorable and easy

Open Rope Cruise Ears

When an idea comes together perfectly, you celebrate. And friends, I did a full-on touchdown dance of epic proportions when I finished these open rope Disney cruise ears.

red white and blue rope Disney cruise ears on white background with cruise SVG cut outs

Disney Villain Mickey Ears

Iconic. Scary. Necessary. Where would we be without some of the best-known Disney villains? Below are a few of our favorite Villain Minnie and Mickey ears we’ve made.

Ursula Minnie Ears – The Little Mermaid’s Sea Witch

Oh, what a powerful, conniving, and bad little witch she was. These Ursula Mickey ears feature the tentacles of the famous sea witch.

side view of disney villain mickey ears ursula with text which reads diy ursula mickey ears

Foam Poison Apple Mickey ears for the Evil Queen

If you root for the Evil Queen, these poison apple Mickey Mouse ears are going to rock your socks off. They are so easy to make with our free template and friends, they are show-stoppers.

diy villain mickey ears on a white background with text which reads evil queen poison apple minnie ears

Maleficent Minnie Ears – Sleeping Beauty, Beware

These. Are. Impressive. There is no other way to describe these amazing DIY Maleficent Minnie ears. And better yet, they are lightweight, so they won’t get in the way of your Disney fun!

villain light-up mickey ears on a white wood background to represent make floral maleficent disney ears with text which reads maleficent floral minnie ears for disney

Easy maleficent Foam Mickey ears

Sometimes, easy is just better and these foam Maleficent Mouse Ears are just the thing. These are perfect if you are dressing up as Maleficent for Halloween!

collage of foam Disney ears with text which reads no sew sturdy Maleficent ears

Loki Mickey Ears – Frenemy of The Avengers

Much like Deadpool, I’m all for rooting for the guy most people love to hate. Comic relief and well, a darn-impressive helmet, inspired these Loki Mickey ears that will wow everyone.

holographic fabric loki inspired mickey ears for disney leaning on a blue glass bottle on a white wood table with text which reads loki mickey ears

Mickey Ears Kids Can Make Themselves

We’ve only just started these mouse ears for kids by kids, but so far they are working well. The secret to these is definitely finding the right materials.

As you can imagine, they won’t be heirloom-quality Mickey ears, but the kids are so proud of them. These styles are great for movie nights, Disney birthday parties, and the parks.

Aladdin’s Jasmine Minnie Ears Headband

This is one of the easiest set of Princess Jasmine Minnie ears to put together because of the supplies used. There’s no sewing because it’s built with hot glue, so depending on the age of the child, you might need to help with this.

photo collage of Jasmine Minnie Mouse ears with text which reads diy Jasmine minnie ears

Dumbo Mickey Mouse Ears Headband 

Stiff felt and the cutest little hat make these DIY Dumbo Mouse ears a snap to make. And the feather – oh, the feather. Isn’t that the cutest?

photo collage of Dumbo ears with text which reads DIY Dumbo Mickey ears a quick felt craft

DIY Frozen Minnie Mouse Ears

Oh, these are the sweetest Minnie ears the kids can make! A little puffy paint and a lot of love go into making these Frozen Minnie ears. They feature an ear for each sister in their quintessential colors and symbols.

photo collage with text which reads Kid Made FROZEN mouse ears

Ariel Minnie Ears for Little Mermaid Fans

Don’t you just think the kids would LOVE to make their own Minnie ears? These Ariel Minnie ears are a perfect craft for the kids to get ready for their Disney vacation.

Ariel Mouse Ears Craft for Kids on a white wood background

Mickey Mouse Ear Hats and Ball Caps 

The sun can be harsh at both parks, so consider turning any of these DIY Disney ear headbands into Mouse ear hats.

Star Wars Mickey Mouse Hat

If you need a ball cap and you have a Star Wars fan, these are your answer. Just like the headband above, this Star Wars Mickey Hat is perfect for the parks.

diy mickey ears for star wars galaxy edge with text which reads make your own ears for disney star wars hat

Rapunzel Minnie Ears Hat

Does your little one love Rapunzel? We have a true fan in our house, so this Rapunzel Minnie ear hat is coming with us again this year.

photo collate simple DIY minnie ears ball cap for kids with text which reads rapunzel minnie ears for disney no sewing

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