A Han and Chewbacca Mickey Ears Hat is Perfect for Galaxy’s Edge

I don’t know about you, but the sun hates me. So, I’m making this awesome Han and Chewbacca Mickey ears hat for my little trip to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. And I’ve never been more excited about a hat. LOL!

hand and chewbacca mickey ear hat on a white table

Han and Chewbacca Mickey Ears Hat

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we are a little bit of Star Wars fans.

Oh, that’s a ridiculous lie. We’re huge Star Wars fans–we’ve even gathered the Ultimate List of the coolest Star Wars Mickey ears ever. And it doesn’t stop there.

Nope, this little obsession of “ours” (meaning: mine) has turned to the fact that I like to wear a ball cap when I’m standing around on deck of the Disney cruise or headed out for a day of standing in line at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Because, let’s be clear: the sun hates me and I get sunburned ridiculously easily.

So, I turned my love of no-sew DIY Mickey ears to this awesome Han and Chewbacca Mickey ears hat! It’s literally the easiest DIY Star Wars ears for Disney you’ll find. Let’s get started.

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Tips to Make these Star Wars Ears for Disney

  • It doesn’t really matter what color hat you pick. White, brown, black, those are kind of the colors I would stick with. But this no-sew DIY Mickey ears hat would look good with a blue jean hat or even tan. Make the hat your own.
  • You don’t have to use the world’s most expensive hat. I got mine at the craft store on sale for something like $2. So, basically, it was the world’s cheapest hat.
  • Be generous with your hot glue, but don’t go overboard and DON’T SQUEEZE. Not only will it show through the felt (just lay the felt down, it’ll stick), but then you’ll have glue squeezing out the sides. It’s ok if a little bit of that happens–wipe it up right away if you can, or clean it off later with a razor blade. But just be careful with that hot glue as it gets everywhere.
  • When the hat is NOT on your head, the finished ears may seem wobbly and a little less than awesome. But once the hat is on your head and the fabric of the hat itself more taut, the ears stand up great!
han and chewbacca star wars mickey ears hat on a white table

How Do I Make this Han and Chewbacca Mickey Ears Hat?

I’m so glad you asked. Below is our written tutorial. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below.

Yield: 1

Han and Chewbacca Mickey Ears Hat

diy han solo and chewbacca mickey hat for disney on a white table with star wars memorabilia in the background

I don't know about you, but the sun hates me. So, I'm making this awesome Han and Chewbacca Mickey ears hat for my little trip to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. And I've never been more excited about a hat. LOL!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5


  • A ball cap
  • Craft fur
  • Black craft felt
  • White craft felt
  • Grey Craft felt
  • Brown craft felt
  • Cardboard or thick cardstock


  • Glue gun/sticks


  1. Grab something to trace your ears with, my favorite is a wide mouth mason jar ring, it just seems to be the perfect size for adult mickey ears.
  2. Trace and cut 2 circles from the craft fur (flip it over and only cut the fabric backing, not the fur itself or you'll be unhappy with it) and 2 more circles from the white felt.
  3. how to cut all pieces from fur and felt for diy star wars mouse ears for disney
  4. Repeat with cardboard/cardstock, cutting out 2 pieces and then trim them 1/8th of an inch smaller all the way around.
  5. Use hot glue to secure a cardboard circle between your two fur pieces and one cardboard circle between two white felt circles. This helps give your ears some strength to stand on their own. If you are using a cardstock, make sure that you use several layers to ensure it will be sturdy. Leave ⅓” unglued at the bottom so that you can secure it to the hat.
  6. To make Chewbacca's ear, cut a 1/4” wide strip of black felt large enough to wrap from one side of the fur ear to the other with a ¼” overlap.
  7. Glue the strip of black felt into place at an angle over the fur.
  8. Cut ⅛” wide strips of grey felt and glue to the the black strip randomly to create his cartridges/bags/whatever-those-are.
  9. how to assemble chewbacca mickey ear
  10. To make Han Solo's ear, add a 1/4-inch wide strip of brown felt a little below the center to create a belt.
  11. Cut a rectangle of black felt that is 1 ½” smaller than the width of your circle and secure it to back with glue.
  12. Trim along the curve of the top and bottom.
  13. Cut two ¾” rectangles and glue to the front, cut along curves at top and bottom to complete the vest.
  14. how to assemble han solo mickey mouse ear
  15. Peel open the unglued pieces on the bottom of your ears and place on the hat a little more than halfway up from the bottom rim then secure in place with hot glue.
  16. how to split a mickey ear and glue it to the hat for star wars diy disney ears
  17. Enjoy!


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