Whip Up a Rapunzel Minnie Ears Hat to Protect Little Faces

As with me, my kiddos are so easily baked under the sun, so for our Disney trip, they’re making their own Rapunzel Minnie ears hat! It’s simple, fun and ridiculously adorable on their little heads. It’s the best day ever.

completed rapunzel minnie ears hat on a white background

Rapunzel Minnie Ears Hat

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we are really enjoying making all the coolest DIY Minnie ears for Disney. And the kids, well, they’re watching and want their own. Aaaaaand so, it makes sense that, since the kids are obsessed with Tangled, they’d want to make an awesome Rapunzel Minnie ears hat. 

Which is great, because, honestly, I love it when my kids want to make their own crafts and have a good time with me. Mothers know best, after all. Just kidding. I’ll stop now. Let’s get started.

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photo collate simple DIY minnie ears ball cap for kids with text which reads rapunzel minnie ears for disney no sewing

Tips to Make these Rapunzel Ears for Disney

  • Need a template for the sun on the hat? Do a quick search, you’ll find a ton. Or, if your little one is like mine, turn on the movie and wait until you get to the spot where the sun is featured. 
  • When you’re using the hot glue to make these Rapunzel ears for Disney, be generous, but don’t squeeze too much out. If you do squeeze out, it’s ok, just wipe it up right away or use a razor blade later.
  • Let your kiddo get involved in the painting and the gluing and the braiding. The more involved they are, the more they’ll love their Rapunzel Minnie ears hat.
cute rapunzel minnie ears hat on a white background

How Do I Make this Rapunzel Minnie Ears Hat?

I’m so glad you asked. Below is our written tutorial. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below.

Yield: 1

Rapunzel Minnie Ears Hat

cute rapunzel minnie ears hat on a white background

As with me, my kiddos are so easily baked under the sun, so for our Disney trip, they're making their own Rapunzel Minnie ears hat! It's simple, fun and ridiculously adorable on their little heads. It's the best day ever.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5


  • Yellow yarn
  • Yellow fabric paint
  • Plain white ball cap
  • Purple satin ribbon or tulle ribbon
  • Small silk flowers
  • Purple glitter fabric
  • Cardboard or thick cardstock


  • Hot glue gun/sticks


  1. Gather all your materials. gather supplies for rapunzel ears on a white table
  2. Use a pencil to lightly trace the sun symbol on the front of your white hat.
  3. draw sunburst on hat to make easy tangled disney ears
  4. Paint over your pencil drawing with yellow puffy paint, set aside and allow to dry completely.
  5. use fabric paint to paint sun on diy tangled mickey ear hat
  6. Trace and cut out 4 circles of about 3 ½” on the back side of your glitter fabric.
  7. cut out shapes from stiff glitter paper to make tangled minnie ear hat
  8. Run a criss-cross of ribbon across one circle to give the effect of Rapunzel's bodice, and repeat with another circle, hiding the ends on the back.
  9. Cut a piece of cardboard or several layers of cardstock slightly smaller than your original circle and hot glue to the back of one of your ears.
  10. Press ears back to back and glue together leaving a 1” x ½” section across the bottom unglued, to help anchor the ears to the hat in the next step.
  11. Peel open the unglued pieces on the bottom of your ears and place on the hat a little more than halfway up from the bottom rim. Secure in place with hot glue.
  12. glue ear pieces together and split the bottom to affix ears to hat for diy tangled mickey ears
  13. Cut 15 -36” lengths of yellow yarn.
  14. Divide your yarn lengths into 3 equal sections and tie off each one at the top with a small knot.
  15. spread out yarn to make rapunzel braid hat for disney
  16. Use hot glue to secure each section inside the hat, just above the opening at the back, pressing them as flat as you can.
  17. attach yarn to baseball hat to make tangled minnie ears for disney
  18. Add 2- 36” long pieces of ribbon or tulle in between the sections of yarn and glue in place.
  19. add ribbon and separate into sections to make braid for rapunzel mickey ears hat
  20. Pull the sections through the hat and braid them together, placing each of the ribbons in the hair sections on the outside. Tie off the end with a knot.
  21. Glue small flowers throughout the braid.
  22. how to braid yarn for rapunzel hat weaving ribbon
  23. Place hat on kid's head!
  24. kid made rapunzel minnie ears on a child in a pink shirt


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rapunzel minnie ears hat tutorial on a white background with text which reads princess rapunzel mouse ears

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