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DIY Dumbo Mickey Mouse Ears

This set of DIY Dumbo Mickey Mouse ears is very quick to make and won’t cost much at all! Grab some felt, a glue gun, and let’s get started! 

gray felt DIY Dumbo Mickey Mouse ears with hat on wood background with popcorn scatter

DIY Dumbo Mickey Mouse Ears from Felt 

Disney is releasing a live-action version of Dumbo and the Ruffles and Rain Boots house is stoked! I loved Dumbo when I was little and now I’m sharing the story with my daughter. 

This quick set of Dumbo Mickey Mouse ears are made from felt and are so easy to make. I love the simple, hand-made look to these and friends, the kids can join in. See my tips below for getting them involved. 

I’ve shared a few notes on how to make this fun Disney craft idea, so let’s get started.

close up of Dumbo Mickey ears on little girl

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easy Disney felt mouse ears with text which reads DIY Dumbo Mickey ears

Tips for Making Your Own DIY Mickey Ears

We’ve made many Mickey Mouse ears and have learned a bit along the way. Here are our biggest tips: 

  • This is the easiest type of DIY Mickey Mouse ears you can make. 
  • Be sure to get stiff felt – regular craft felt will fall. 
  • Use two layers for all elements, including that hat. Two layers of stiff felt glued together will keep everything standing up. 
  • Grab a craft stick and spread out the hot glue as you place it on the felt. Clumps can sometimes show through. 
  • Get the kids involved! They can trace and cut their very own Dumbo Mickey Mouse ears, though you will likely help with the glue.

DIY Dumbo Mickey Mouse Ears Tutorial

How Do I Make Dumbo Mouse Ears? 

I’m so glad you asked! :) This tutorial is an easy one and these Dumbo Mickey Mouse ears can be made in about 15 minutes. Just scroll down to get the step-by-step tutorial. If you’re creating a playlist on YouTube, however, click here to get add our Dumbo Mickey Mouse ears video tutorial.  

Supplies for Dumbo Mickey ears

Yield: 1 set of ears

DIY Dumbo Mickey Mouse Ears

DIY Dumbo Mickey Mouse Ears Tutorial

This set of DIY Dumbo Mickey Mouse ears is very quick to make and won't cost much at all! Grab some felt, a glue gun, and let's get started!

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • stiff gray felt
  • stiff yellow felt
  • red craft felt
  • black feather
  • 1/4 to 1/2-inch headband (any thin headband)


  • glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • scissors and pinking shears (optional)
  • 4-5 inch circular item (we used a wide-mouth mason jar)
  • pencil


  1. Fold the gray felt in half and trace the circle onto it, leaving a 1/2-inch at the join. 1 - trace circle onto folded felt and leave a join section
  2. Using the stiff yellow felt positioned against your headband, use a pencil to draw a rounded triangle for the hat. You'll need two pieces and remember, you will need room for a 1-inch brim and a curved triangle as shown below. 2 - cut the Dumbo hat for your Mickey ears
  3. Cut a piece of red trim (we used pinking shears) for Dumbo's hat brim. 3 - cut a piece of red trim for Dumbo's hat
  4. Glue the two pieces of that hat together, leaving the bottom 1-inch unsecured. Fold up the brim and secure with hot glue. 4- fold up the brim of Dumbo's hat
  5. Attach the red felt decoration to the hat and trim to fit. Add the black feather into the brim and secure with glue. 5 - decorate Dumbo's hat
  6. Lay down the ear and separate the pieces. Lay the headband into the join and fold up. Secure the ears with hot glue. Tip: spread the glue out with a craft stick to make sure no clumps of glue show through. Repeat with the other side. 6 - attach the ears to the Dumbo Mickey Mouse ears headband
  7. Attach the hat to the front (securing onto the ears, if needed) with hot glue. Your Dumbo Mickey Mouse ears are done! 7 - secure hat to the Dumbo mouse ears


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