Cricut Projects to Sell – More Than 100 Ideas and Business Tips!

I get emailed this question about 3 times a week, so I’m going to share my opinion on Cricut projects to sell. There are so many marketplaces, legal issues, and well, everything else that goes along with starting a Cricut craft business.

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There are so many awesome ideas for Cricut projects to sell and these are my favorite 100+!

Cricut Crafts to Sell 

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I love sharing my crafts with you. Gifting my crafts is part of my love language, but I don’t sell them anymore – I simply do not have the time (I only sell digital files now).

Did you know I have multiple degrees in business (MBA, BBA)? Did you know I run multiple websites and businesses? Did you know I help small businesses grow through my consulting company?


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Today’s article is to help you get started with a craft business using some of my experience to help make that a bit less daunting. This list of Cricut crafts to sell is more than just a handful of listed ideas (although there is that), it’s also advice, tips, and tricks, as well as some myth-busting of things I see being shared with new entrepreneurs.

If you’re ready to jump-start your Cricut-based crafting business, let’s get started.

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Which Cricut Machine Should I Buy?

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, this is a question I get a few times a week so it seems the best place to start. I’m not going to banter about – after having owned many, I find the best machine that will grow with you EVEN IF YOU ARE A BEGINNER – is the Cricut Maker.

The Cricut Maker is the most versatile machine, cutting the widest variety of materials that I have found. You can cut paper, fabric, felt, cardboard, softwoods, leather, and more. Honestly, there are so many things it can cut, you can really make just about anything. You can also etch, perforate, print-and-cut, and so much more. It’s a truly all-in-one cutting machine.

That said, I also have a Cricut Explore Air 2 and it does so much. If that is what your budget allows, it’s a very, very good machine that I highly recommend. The biggest things I miss are having to bond felt before I cut it (which is not required with the Maker) and not being able to use the machine to cut softwoods. It may seem like you don’t NEED to cut wood, but let me tell you, making projects with layered wood pieces cut precisely is really neat.

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I’m not going to dive into this too deeply, but I want to highlight a few things to keep you legal. You might have heard people saying, “I’ll take the risk” or “I’m too small, they’ll never know.” Ask any attorney – and you should for all legal questions – and they will tell you the same thing: copyright holders are protected and they have the right to enforce that protection. Trademark holders are protected and they have the right to enforce that protection.

Violating their right to their work can (and does) result in fines, expensive lawsuits, and tons of heartache, stress, and bad days.

NEVER rely on the Internet or Facebook groups and the advice given by other sellers who “get away with it.” Don’t think “just because you’re small” that big corporations won’t come after you seeking damages. They will and they do – from Disney to the NFL, they enforce their protections. 

But it’s not just the big guys… I enforce the protections afforded me under the law. Yes, I send cease and desist letters, I send invoices (big ones), and I have even had to take things further.

Do I Need a Business License to Get Started Selling Crafts Made with My Cricut?

I cannot tell you the answer, because I don’t know where you live. Each state or province (and sometimes local municipalities) have guidelines and regulations. The absolute best advice I or anyone else can give you is to start with your local Small Business Association.

Your nearest SBA will have links and resources for starting a business, getting capital loans, the required insurance, and even ways to save on your taxes! It is by far one of the most valuable places a new entrepreneur has at their disposal.

Can I Use Licensed Characters in Craft Projects to Sell

No, you may not use licensed characters in crafts you sell. Nope, nuh-uh, don’t do it, full stop. Do not use licensed characters.

There are HUGE sweeps a few times a year and many businesses are taken off Etsy and other platforms for selling licensed characters. Just don’t do it. There are a million ways for you to be creative for fans without infringing on Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter, et al.

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Can I Use NFL Logos or Teams in crafts I sell?

No, you can never use NFL or collegiate team logos in crafts to sell. Never use licensed logos or mascots: NBA, NFL, NHL, colleges, etc. You don’t have the license and likely won’t get it. And yes, they target crafters who sell products with their items. 

Additionally, when using specific players’ names, you could be violating copyright. What about emblems or uniform designs? Yeah, that’s another big NO-NO from the NFL. Read the terms from the NFL here.

I have also been asked if we can use players’ numbers in the crafts we sell. Technically, you can put a number on your crafts, however, your listing cannot mention the sports team or the players’ name at all.

One last thing: note that I mentioned colleges up there, as well. You cannot sell collegiate football (or other sports) goods, either.

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May I Use Military Logos (Army, Navy, Marines, Airforce, etc) in My Crafts?

No you may not use military logos in your crafts. These are off-limits – you can read here why you cannot use military logos in your handmade crafts. The use of military insignia, logos, crests, and sayings are copyrighted material. This also applies to unit insignias…just stay away from anything military that you do not come up with on your own.

Can I Use Cricut Designs in things I Make and Sell?

Can you use Cricut designs to sell products? Yes, you can use Cricut designs in your crafts to sell if they fall under the Cricut Angel Policy. Read it if you’re going to use their designs.

Be sure to note that there are many, many brands and characters which DO NOT fall under this policy. Disney, Martha Stewart, and Hello Kitty are just a few that you can NOT use. Be sure to read it all the way through. 

If you ask whether you can use copyrighted material for your Cricut business in Facebook groups, you will hear things such as:

  • You can, just don’t sell it on Etsy.
  • You can, just don’t put it for sale during craft fairs or farmer’s markets.
  • You can, but keep it off of big selling groups on Facebook because other sellers will report you to make more sales for themselves.

I’m just going to cut to the chase: all of that is WRONG. Those people are misinformed. Whether or not you want to take the risk is up to you. I recommend you do not.

Last note: Is Craft Vinyl Safe?

Much of the vinyl we can buy at craft stores and at most distributors is not food safe at all, nor is it PVC-free.

This means we should not use vinyl on surfaces where food will be directly placed. Plates, for example, are not great for vinyl, however, it is fine to be on the outside of bottles or on the underside of plates.

This also applies to baby items. Do not use vinyl to decorate baby-safe items like pacifiers, teething toys, etc. that might end-up in a baby’s mouth.

Is There Any Safe Vinyl?

Yes, safe vinyl does exist! All Siser® EasyWeed® vinyls are lead and phthalate free. You’ve seen me use them here on Ruffles and Rain Boots many times and I can recommend them with confidence.

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Where Do I Get Designs I Can Add to Items to Sell?

This can sound like a really frustrating question, but there are a TON of ways you can get designs for your crafts and many even FREE!

You can always design your own, but there’s a lot to think about. Cricut cutting machines don’t take just any file type and the design process can be a little complex when you’re first starting. So, it’s a learning curve, but definitely something you can do!

But if you’re not quite ready to devote hours, days, and weeks to learning design theory and systems to make them, I recommend, you purchase designs.

Make sure that you look for a commercial license (either included or as an extra). Even though it takes time and you might love a design, you cannot just grab-and-go. Take the time to get familiar with the commercial licensing of each seller and what the nuances are. Knowing and following the commercial rights of the cut files you purchase can save you from so much heartache down the line.

Where Do I Get SVG Files to Sell in My Cricut Craft Business?

Some of the places that I recommend for FREE and premium cut files are:

There are other places, as this is by no means an exhaustive list and each of these resources has a different commercial licensing agreement you have to observe. But, there are a lot of creative cut files available to help you get your crafting business going.

NOTE: If you want to start your own shop for SVG files, I hope to have a resource on that soon. You can email me questions (or message the Ruffles and Rain Boots page on Facebook, which is faster).

Where to Sell Cricut Made Crafts

I am including this section here (it could honestly be its own article) because this question comes up a lot, as well. There are SO MANY places and below, I’ll highlight a few but first, a quick warning…

Most people don’t know that you are NOT supposed to use your personal Facebook feed for business (interpretations are “solely” and others read it as “any” in Facebook’s terms of service). The good news is that you can quickly and easily set up a business page.

Once you have a business page, you can post to that and THEN share it to your personal profile to cover yourself. Additionally, it’s great to put on business cards and thank you notes (when shipping or dropping off to customers).

A few places to set up shop, so to speak, are:

  • Facebook Page and Groups
  • Etsy and other online selling sites such as Mercari
  • eBay
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Boutiques in Your Area – You can often put items in the shops to sell on consignment.
  • Craft Fairs (check with your local business bureau)
  • Farmer’s Markets
  • By word of mouth to friends, family, parent-teacher associations, etc.
  • Your own website (I’m a big fan of this one but it is NOT necessary).

Additionally, there are “Cricut for Business” groups on Facebook. I’m not affiliated with any so I can’t make recommendations but do a search, join a few, and see if they offer the type of help you need.

overhead view of supplies to make items to sell at craft fairs with text which reads 100+ cricut crafts you can sell

Cricut Projects to Make and Sell Alphabetically Sorted 

As promised, below are ideas of items to make, decorate, or customize with your cutting machine. This list is not exhaustive – PLEASE, comment below with more ideas and we’ll build this list together.

  • accommodation signs (perfect for rentals, Airbnb property owners, etc.)
  • academy and school booster items (must obtain permission to use a logo, crest, and other protected materials)
  • Advent calendars (this low-priced commercial SVG is a GREAT place to start)
  • alphabet blocks or story stone sets 
  • angel keepsakes or memory keepsakes for lost loved-ones
  • anniversary keepsakes and gifts
  • apartment decor (removable vinyl items)
  • aprons 
  • aquarium decorations (mass or custom work)

  • baby items (onesies, blankets, stuffed animals)
  • bags (totes, backpacks, drawstring, leather purses)
  • banners and buntings 
  • bee art
  • blankets 
  • bibs
  • birth announcements and birth stats (boards, canvas, stuffed animals, cards, keepsakes, ornaments)
  • birthday cards
  • bookends
  • bookmarks (custom, keepsakes, fandom – DO NOT USE CHARACTERS)
  • book stacks
  • bottles (etched, water, flasks, labels)
  • bouquets (wedding, commemorative) 
  • bows 
  • bulletin board displays for teachers (with art like this
  • bumper stickers 
  • busy bags (felt or foam items)

  • cake toppers / cupcake toppers for parties or weddings (card stock paper, basswood, or thin metal)
  • calendars 
  • cake stands
  • camp buckets  
  • can covers or coolers (Koozies®)
  • canvas wall art
  • car decals (window decals)
  • cards 
  • change plates and change bowls 
  • Christmas garlands
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Christmas Santa sacks or other gift bags 
  • Christmas signs 
  • Christmas stockings
  • clipboards 
  • clocks, analog (this is a commercially-usable file)
  • coasters 
  • coffee mugs 
  • confetti 
  • contact lens containers (customized, monogrammed)
  • cork boards, cork hot pads 
  • cosmetic bags and pouches 
  • CrockPot® or InstantPot® designs 
  • cupcake wrappers
  • cutting boards (etched or decorative-use only with vinyl)

  • decals (car or boat, removable wall, customized toys)
  • Disney trip shirts, water bottles, backpacks – DO NOT USE CHARACTERS 
  • dog bandanas
  • dog treat jars (people LOVE their dogs and will love these designs)
  • doll clothes and accessories 
  • door decals (front door, lockers)
  • doormats
  • drawstring bags, pouches, and backpacks 



  • family reunion items (banners, keepsakes, water bottles, shirts, ornaments, etc.)
  • family themed projects (matching shirts for Disney, pajamas, stockings, etc.)
  • farmhouse decor and signs 
  • farmhouse bead tags
  • favor boxes (customized or themed)
  • flasks (etched or with vinyl) 
  • flour sack towels 
  • flowers (leather paper wedding bouquets, accents, shadow boxes, large paper flowers for wall or party decor)
  • finger puppets 
  • foam stamps
  • food canisters or containers (vinyl on the outside only with files like these – so cute!)


  • games (puzzles, match, memory)
  • garden signs and flags
  • garlands
  • gift tags 
  • gift boxes
  • glass cutting boards or hot plates (vinyl underneath, not on surface)
  • glass etched items (bottles, blocks, wine glasses) 
  • gnomes (of course)
  • growth charts (or just the vinyl for them)
  • guitar straps


  • hair bows
  • hand-lettered items (use your lettering talent and insert into the design program)
  • hangers (wedding, commemorative, decorative and themed)
  • hats (party) and ball caps 
  • heartbeat art or jewelry
  • home decor
  • house numbers




  • keychains (leather, wood, metal)
  • kitchen pantry labels
  • kitchen towels 
  • KitchenAid® Mixer decals
  • kits to make crafts from pre-cut items (think craft subscription boxes)
  • Koozies® (can coolers)


  • labels (seriously, I have a school-aged child and we label EVERYTHING)
  • lanterns, paper
  • lanyards and badge holders 
  • laptop decals 
  • laundry room signs and labels 
  • leather jewelry (earrings, necklaces)
  • leather keychains – these files are the PERFECT starting place and are commercial use
  • leather purses 
  • luggage tags (if you travel AT ALL, you know how useful a bright custom tag can be)
  • luminaries and lanterns 


overhead view of cricut cutting machine with text which reads cricut crafts you can sell over 100 ideas


  • nail art
  • notebooks 
  • novel and bookplates (customized stickers)
  • nursery decorations, keepsakes, birth announcement boards, etc.


  • ornaments 
  • origami kits
  • outdoor kits (personalized ice chests, umbrellas, game blankets, etc.)


  • paper bouquets and decorative flowers 
  • paper crowns and hats for events 
  • paper taxidermy
  • party favors and party themed sets (cups, hats, cake and cupcake toppers, banners, gift bags, table tents) 
  • phone cases 
  • photo mats (words, designs, themed, customized)
  • piggy banks
  • pillows or pillow covers 
  • planner stickers, envelopes, cards, and inserts 
  • planters and pots 
  • plates (decoupaged)
  • plaques (commemorative, family trees, decor)
  • porch signs
  • potholders and hot pads
  • princess themed items (crowns, hats, party supplies, vinyl decals, stickers)
  • puzzles (wood or paper)


  • quilts or quilt blocks 
  • quill stands (great gifts for writers)
  • quotes or sayings from family members added to anything for custom work (note: stay away from lyrics, books, etc. unless they are in the public domain)
  • quirks by theme (ie. only terms nurses would know, funny sayings or colloquialisms by profession)


  • removable decals, decorations, and door signs (‘no soliciting’, for example)
  • ring dish
  • recipes commemorated on chopping blocks, kitchen wall signs, etc.
  • relationship memories (special dates added to signs, keepsakes, etc.)
  • religious anecdotes and scripture quotes for bible journaling, keepsakes, signs, etc.




  • ultrasound keepsakes (signs, etchings)
  • ukelele or guitar decals 
  • umbrellas 
  • unicorn ANYTHING :) 
  • utensils 
  • utility room or garage labels 


  • vacuum decals (funny, personalized)
  • vases (etched, vinyl) 
  • veil customization 
  • vacation memories (pictures turned into cut files placed onto keepsakes)
  • vehicle clings (back windows, gas tanks, etc.)


  • wall art (removable or on wood or framed)
  • watchbands (leather or handcrafted Apple Watch bands are popular)
  • wedding favors, signs, invitations, table tents, menus, keepsakes, ornaments, window clings
  • wedding bouquets (from paper)
  • welcome mat 
  • window clings (just married, baby on board, family representation, holiday or even decorations)
  • wine tags 
  • wine gift boxes
  • witch and wizard ANYTHING (just steer clear of Harry Potter trademark)
  • wood signs or plaques (family trees, family rules, commemorative dates and events)
  • wooden flower bouquets
  • world map art
  • wreaths (paper flowers, felt flowers and items, wood names and signs)


  • xylophone (toy) – decorate to match a child’s nursery or room


  • yacht and boat names, sayings, and keepsakes (there is marine-grade vinyl specifically for this)
  • yard signs 
  • yardsticks for teachers (customized)


  • zipper pulls 
  • zoo-themed ANYTHING (nurseries, birth announcements, etc.) for babies and kids
overhead view of cricut tools used to make items to sell at craft fairs

More Cricut Craft Ideas You Might Like

  • Aloha Summer SVG Set – One of my very favorite summer designs, I love my shirt with this on it, but a sign would be great or a wreath–anything really!
  • Knitting SVG Files – Knitting is so hot right now and everyone loves a good knitting bag SVG. It’s cute.
  • Cheer Mom SVG Set – Cheer’s coming back strong this year, I suspect these shirts will sell like hot cakes! LOL!
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