The Best Spring Gnomes to Make Your Decor Bloom!

I cannot wait for the gray days to be done so I’m rounding up the best spring gnomes to make and display. From fun crafts for kids to amazing gnome patterns, look through this list to see if anything inspires you.

If you want to know where to buy gnomes for Spring, I’ll share a few of the most adorable and fun finds I have purchased myself or have had sent to me. There are even some cutes ones to grab for less than $20 online!

photo collage of spring gnome farmhouse spring decor
These are the best spring gnomes for your spring farmhouse decor ever!

Spring Gnomes

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I absolutely adore making gnomes. Not too long ago, I was one of the very few who were sharing gnome tutorials so people could make their own. They weren’t in US stores like they are now and when I stopped traveling so much, I missed picking them up here and there.

So, I got to making them and have made more than a few hundred gnomes at this point. Below, I’ll share some fun finds and my best Spring gnome tutorials with you.

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collage of diy gnomes teaching how to make a gnome with or without legs and with or without sewing


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Tips to Make Your Own Spring Gnomes

Many of these are tutorials with video instruction, so if you’re a visual learner, click on through. Some of them have fun patterns to guide you, some are gnomes with arms and legs made from recyclables, and some are fun crafts you can do in a few minutes.

  • Several of these DIY gnome tutorials for spring call for craft fur or Mongolian fur, which, if you’ve never had success cutting it, can be quite intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. Check out this quick video I made of how to make a gnome beard with faux fur.
  • There are SO many gnome nose ideas in these gnome tutorials. My favorite tomte nose is definitely polymer clay because I have more control over how big and what color it is. But I also love these wood beads and nylon stuffed with Poly-Fil.
  • If this is your first time to make a gnome, take your time. No one is an expert right away and many of these tutorials took 2 or 3 times to get them right. 
  • You can make a gnome from any fabric, but if you’re on the fence, reach for fleece or felt. Both are very forgiving fabrics and if you make a mistake, you can trim it and no one will know the difference.
  • Each gnome you make is unique. Do not feel constrained by these spring gnome ideas. Come up with your own variation or a new gnome (and then please come back and share them with me)!
photo collage of spring gnomes for a farmhouse tiered tray display

Spring Gnomes, Tomte, Nisse and Gonks

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photo collage of spring farmhouse gnomes with text which reads all the best spring gnomes

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