Spring Wood Gnome DIY Using Dollar Tree Vinyl

These Spring wood gnomes are so elegant and beyond easy. Use a Dollar Tree craft supply to make these in a fun floral, a Buffalo check, glitter, rainbow, and other styles and colors!

There is not much hands on time for this easy DIY Spring decor idea, however, you will need to let the paint dry. Keep reading for the full printable and video tutorial and a lot of tips and tricks I learned along the way.

Horizontal image of three Spring wood gnomes made with permanent vinyl, white fur, and wood rounds posed in front of a white basket, tulips, and wood background.
Use the Dollar Tree floral vinyl to create these gorgeous, colorful Spring wood gnomes in no time at all.

Spring Wood Block Gnomes

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I know a good thing when I see it and am always thinking up new ways to make DIY gnomes. When I stumbled upon this gorgeous floral permanent vinyl at the Dollar Tree, I grabbed it without knowing what I was going to use it for at all.

And then I stumbled over one of these wood triangles in my craft room and the idea smacked me in the head (I almost smacked my head on the cabinet, too). Anyway, I had previously cut these but you can buy precut triangles, so do not let that stop you.

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collage of diy gnomes teaching how to make a gnome with or without legs and with or without sewing

If you want to make these with me, gather up permanent vinyl, paint, faux fur, and wood balls. Friends, this is a fun Spring craft and I hope to see your creations!

No Time to Make This Now?

If you need to run to your local dollar store to find some pretty vinyl, I get it. Save this to a Spring pin board or share it on Facebook so you can easily find it later.

Vertical image of a pair of Spring wood gnomes with colorful floral vinyl from the Dollar Tree and white beards in front of a light wood background and a white tobacco basket.
These gorgeous, colorful Spring gnomes are a show-stopping craft for the season.

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Three wood block gnomes from 2 by 4 wood against a holiday and white wood background.
Make these easy wood block gnomes made from scrap wood or pre-cut wood triangles, fur, and a wood ball.

Tips for Making This Spring Gnome DIY

  • Do not skip the painting step when creating these wood gnomes because it really makes a difference! I put the vinyl on a piece of scrap wood and it was a good bit duller than the painted blocks.
  • Whether you cut the pieces yourself, use pre-cut wood triangles from Etsy, or use those triangle shelves from the Dollar Tree, please sand them first. I use the sanding blocks from Harbor Freight but the Dollar Tree often has them, too.
  • Take care to cut the vinyl just outside of your trace line. This will allow the edges to be pressed down and sanded into place. The vinyl does not need to be sealed, so I think this step really helps to keep that stuff in place.
  • The gnome beards can be any craft supply you have on hand. A few ideas are yarn, cotton mop heads, raffia, and moss.
  • You can use any vinyl for this project! I just happened upon this navy and pink number and whew, I fell in love. That said, there are so many patterns available, you’re probably going to see another set of these in a Buffalo check for the holidays (Dollar Tree has it in white, green, and red).
Square close up image of a triangle Spring wood gnome with white fur and wood nose in front of a tulip and white tobacco basket.
That gnome nose really stands out against the colorful vinyl used to create the body.

DIY Spring Wood Gnome Tutorial

Below is the full written and printable tutorial for this DIY wood craft, complete with helpful images. If you are a visual learner, I recommend watching the full length Spring wood gnomes video tutorial on YouTube. Be sure to subscribe – we have a lot of fun over there.

Yield: 3 Spring Gnomes

Spring Wood Gnomes with Vinyl

Square close up image of a triangle Spring wood gnome with white fur and wood nose in front of a tulip and white tobacco basket.

These elegant Spring wood gnomes are made using precut wood triangles, Dollar Tree permanent pattern vinyl, and a bit of faux fur. These DIY no sew gnomes are a gorgeous addition to your decor.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 20 minutes
Drying Time 45 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $7



  • Sanding Block or Paper
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Pencil or Pen for Tracing
  • Optional, Water and Towel (Wipe off Wood Dust)
  • Optional, Card or Scraper to Press Vinyl


  1. Cut and sand the wood blocks. See how to cut in the notes section if you are cutting your own.Horizontal image of a crafter using a sanding block to smooth out the wood blocks for the triangle gnomes.
  2. Paint all blocks white or seal if leaving natural. I did two coats of white gesso.Horizontal image of crafter painting a second coat on three triangle wood blocks that are going to be made into gnomes.
  3. Trace the blocks onto the back of the Dollar Tree vinyl. Note: I did all of the fronts and then all of the backs to keep things straight in case my cuts were slightly off.Horizontal image of crafter tracing a wood block onto the back of a floral Dollar Tree vinyl to be used as the body for Spring wood block gnomes.
  4. Cut the vinyl out, leaving a very small allowance beyond the trace line (1/16th of an inch is plenty).Horizontal image of crafter cutting out the traced image on the Dollar Tree viny.
  5. Lift up the bottom edge vinyl paper backing, line up the vinyl with the bottom edge at the centers, and adhere the exposed sticky backing to the painted wood. Pull up the paper while pressing down the vinyl. Repeat for all fronts and backs, if doing.Horizontal image showing the paper peeled off the vinyl at the bottom only and attaching the vinyl to the painted wood gnome block.
  6. Roll the edges of the vinyl overhang down over the edges of the wood block (only press in a downward motion).Horizontal image of a crafter pressing the edges of Dollar Tree vinyl onto wood blocks.
  7. Use the sanding block in a downward motion to adhere the edge of the vinyl on the long sides and bottom of the wood block.Horizontal image of a crafter using a downward stroke to adhere the Dollar Tree vinyl onto the wood triangle.
  8. Measure and cut the beard from the Mongolian fur to your desired width and height. Optional, cut a mustache (rectangle the same width as the beard by 1/2 inch) and form it by gluing the fabric backing together. For reference, my beards started at 3” W x 2” high for the tallest.Horizontal image of Spring wood block gnome with vinyl getting the beard and mustache fur glued to the wood.
  9. Adhere the beard and mustache to the front of the gnome with hot glue.Horizontal image of Spring wood block gnome with vinyl getting the beard and mustache fur glued to the wood. 
  10. Split the fur at the mustache’s center all the way to the fabric, add glue, and press in the wood ball nose.Horizontal image showing how to use hot glue to attach nose to spring wood gnome.


If you do not have the ability to cut wood, you can buy pre-made triangles from Etsy.

You can use any permanent vinyl brand, not just the Dollar Tree vinyl.

Painting the wood first really helps the colors in the vinyl to pop and I recommend not skipping this step.

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Split vertical image of a trio of floral triangle gnomes on top and a crafter tracing onto vinyl with text which reads dollar tree vinyl easy Spring wood gnomes.
These Spring triangle wood gnomes look like they were painstakingly painted – but you know the secret!

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