Easy Recycled Mini Bee Gnome

This adorable mini bee gnome is made using recycling bin items, a bit of fabric, and some hearts. Your little gnome is going to have a beehive gnome hat, cute little wings, and a very stable base. For a gnome standing upright, his stability makes him perfect for tiered trays or displays in high-traffic areas.

The length of the eco friendly craft is mostly taken up by wrapping the hat in twine (took me 15 minutes), so I recommend popping on some music or television while you’re working on the newest of the Ruffles and Rain Boots bee gnome DIY collection. Let’s get started.

Horizontal close up image of a mini bee gnome with a beehive hat and flying felted bees, a wood ball nose, and a white faux fur beard.
This cute no sew mini bee gnome is a great way to use up a scrap of faux fur and some recycled materials.

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Mini Bee Gnome with Recycled Materials

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I have a very well-stocked craft room (some would say over-stocked). That said, a few of the best crafting supplies are things I rescue from a date with the recycling bin.

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collage of diy gnomes teaching how to make a gnome with or without legs and with or without sewing

Today’s DIY gnome is one of those “it started with a recycled paper roll” crafts, except we aren’t stopping there. Grab a K-cup if you have it or a mini pail from the Dollar Tree if you don’t. Also, gather up a small ball of clean aluminum foil (I used a piece from some clay items I baked). Before we get to the tips section…

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Vertical image of a beehive gnome with wings, feet, and adorable mini wings with text which reads bee gnome a dollar tree and recycling craft.
This cute gnome with a beehive hat is too cute with flying bees, sparkly wings, and a solid footing.

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Tips for Making This Adorable Bee Recycled Gnome

  • DIY Gnome Beehive Hat: For the base of the hat, I used a K-cup, however, if you don’t use them, go to the Dollar Tree and get the mini party favor pails in the baby shower party section. They work perfectly when the handle is removed.
  • Gnome Base and Bee Wings: Each of these items use a craft store staple – thin wood hearts. If you don’t have any on hand or can’t find them, cut a 3-inch wide (at the widest part) heart from cardboard and use that. You can paint each piece as I did or leave them natural.
  • Bee Wing Tutorial: If you want a wire and fabric wing, I share how to make bee wings in this tutorial.
  • Miniature Bumble Bee Accessories: I picked up these adorable mini felt bees (and they are beyond cute, friends). You can also use a yellow pompom or make a felted bee like Holly shows in this tutorial here.
Square close up image of a recycled miniature bee gnome made with a beehive hat and felted bees standing in front of a wood background with succulent.
Who knew you could raid your recycle bin and make such a cute Spring gnome craft?

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Instructions on How to Make Mini Gnomes with Beehive Hats

Below are the written and printable instructions for this adorable no sew gnome. If you are a visual learner, check out the full-length mini gnome tutorial with beehive hat here on YouTube. Psst: be sure to subscribe while you’re there – we have a lot of fun.

Yield: 1 Bee Gnome

DIY Mini Bee Gnome - Recycled Gnome

Square close up image of a recycled miniature bee gnome made with a beehive hat and felted bees standing in front of a wood background with succulent.

This adorable DIY mini bee gnome is made with recycled products you can find around the house. Opt for pre-made wings or learn how to make your own with two heart shape wood cutouts from the craft store. This is such a fun gnome DIY, let's get started.

Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • K-Cup or Mini Pail
  • Black Paint
  • Jute Twine
  • Small Bee Accents
  • Floral Wire
  • Black Fabric
  • Paper Roll
  • Scrap Faux Fur
  • Small Wood Bead
  • 3 Wooden Hearts (or Thick Paper)
  • Scrap of Aluminum Foil
  • Small Rocks or Other Weight
  • Optional, White Paint and Glitter
  • Optional, ModPodge


  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Sanding Block, optional


  1. Paint the recycled and cleaned k-cup or mini pail black and set aside to dry.Step 1 of mini bee gnome showing to paint the cup black with acrylic paint.
  2. Trace the back edge of the paper roll onto the wood heart, score, and cut out. Sand smooth.Step 2 of bee gnome showing to create the base by tracing the paper roll.
  3. Cover the paper roll in black fabric and secure with hot glue.Step 3 of mini bee gnome showing to cut fabric and use it and the hot glue gun to affix the glue to the wrapping paper roll.
  4. Wrap the entire k-cup or pail in jute twine, starting with the inside bottom edge.Step 4 of bee gnome showing to start twine on the inside of the beehive to make sure the inside of the hat which is seen gets covered.
  5. To create the rounded top, ball up up foil and secure to the top of the k-cup with glue. Cover this in black fabric and finish covering with twine.Step 5 of mini bee gnome showing to add a small ball of aluminum foil to the top of the k-cup and cover with fabric before finishing the beehive.
  6. Cut black fabric or felt in an oval shape and affix to the front of the hive. Wrap twine around this oval in layers, building up the sides.Step 6 of mini bee gnome showing to add a felt oval for the opening and to create an entrance by stacking twice and gluing it in place around the outside of the oval.
  7. Cut a felt bee in half and affix to the oval beehive entrance.Step 7 of bee gnome showing to cut a mini felted bee in half and place on the beehive entrance.
  8. Glue on a scrap of faux fur in the center front of the covered paper roll for a beard. Split the fur to the fabric backing, add glue, and secure on the wood bead nose with the hole pointing up and outward.Step 8 of mini bee gnome showing to add gnome beard and nose to the fabric covered paper roll.
  9. Attach the hat by adding glue to the inside edge and positioning it over the paper roll, beard, and nose so that the top of the nose is covered.Step 9 of bee gnome showing to attach the beehive hat to the gnome body using hot glue.
  10. Glue in small rocks to the bottom of the gnome body.Step 10 of mini bee gnome showing to add rocks to the inside of the gnome body to add weight and stability.
  11. Add base piece (gnome feet) to the body with hot glue. Paint with black paint (if desired).Step 11 of bee gnome showing to affix the cut heart foot base.
  12. Hot glue two hearts together, attaching the edge of one to the top right of the other and lining up the bottom points.Step 12 of mini bee gnome showing how to stack one heart to the topside edge of another heart to create mini bee wings.
  13. Create the flying bee by wrapping wire around the pencil with a 2 inch section added to the spring. Tuck into the hat and glue a bee on the bouncing end.Step 13 of bee gnome showing to wrap wire around pencil to form a spring and tuck up into the beehive for a bouncing bumblebee.
  14. Optional: paint the wings white and add iridescent glitter onto them while still wet. Coat in ModPodge to seal.Step 14 of mini bee gnome showing to paint each wing with white acrylic paint, cover with glitter, and then ModPodge to seal.
  15. Glue on the wings and the mini bee gnome is done.Step 15 of bee gnome showing to attach bee wings to the back of the bumblebee mini gnome.


Craft stores often have pre-made wings in the doll-making section if you would like to avoid making your own.

Any base can be used for the gnome feet, including a wood disc, plaque, or even covered cardboard.

Secure the floral wire in well and you will have fun making the bee next to the hat bounce around.

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Vertical stacked image showing the front and back of a beehive gnome made with a beehive hat, white faux fur, wings, and a body from a paper roll with text which reads recycle craft miniature bee gnome.
The details on this little beehive gnome are going to wow everyone!

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