Toilet Paper Christmas Gnome DIY

This toilet paper Christmas gnome tutorial is made of Dollar Tree staples and is done in minutes – about three of them. I had so much fun making this easy gnome craft for the holidays and couldn’t wait to share it with you.

You will need a TP roll, a Santa hat, a cotton mop from the Dollar Tree, and something for a gnome nose. Let’s turn a cheap roll of toilet paper into an an adorable Christmas gnome!

Horizontal up close image of a toilet paper roll gnome for Christmas made with dollar store supplies.
This easy Christmas gnome has a secret – what is under his hat?!

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Toilet Paper Gnome Cover – Easy and Quick Craft

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I’ve made a lot of DIY Christmas gnomes. I make and share gnome patterns, different styles of gnome hats, no-sew gnomes, holiday gnomes, standing gnomes, gnomes with arms and legs – honestly, I could go on and on.

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collage of diy gnomes teaching how to make a gnome with or without legs and with or without sewing

There are literally hundreds of gnome tutorials here and on my YouTube channel. But nothing could have prepared me for the question I’ve been asked SO many times: can you make a toilet paper gnome?

It’s been a good, long of being asked that questions so I decided to fit one in today. Using what I had on hand, this cute dollar store gnome made from toilet paper was created.

Vertical image of a gnome with a mop beard and Santa hat with large wood nose.
Dollar store finds will make this cute holiday gnome in just about 3 minutes.

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How to Make a Christmas Gnome Cover: Supplies

I am not joking when I say I chuckled through the design of this Christmas craft from the making of it through to the editing of the video. It’s a delightfully fun and easy holiday decor idea.

As I mentioned, I raided my own craft stash for these Dollar Tree staples. I’ll share some alternate supply ideas, as well.

  • a roll of toilet paper – I used a roll of Charmin but you can also use a box of tissues.
  • a Santa hat – I chose the fur trim to make it fancy (if you didn’t laugh, we can’t be friends). You can also use a dollar store fleece scarf.
  • one cotton mop head or their synthetic blend – Either one is fine.
  • something for a gnome nose – I used a 2-inch wooden drawer knob, but a ping pong ball, pom pom, or bead will work. You can even make a pom pom from DT yarn.
  • glue gun and glue sticks – A link to my preferred model is below.
  • scissors – These are truly optional, especially if you like tearing off tags.
White cotton mop for gnome beard, a Santa hat, and a toilet paper roll on white background with scissors and a glue gun.
Simple supplies from the dollar store make this an easy and adorable Christmas decor win.

How to Make This Toilet Paper Gnome Cover – Video

The entire Scandinavian Christmas gnome from a toilet paper roll video tutorial is only 4 minutes (with the introduction), so you can see this definitely qualifies as a quick craft. Watch it below or join the community and watch the toilet paper gnome tutorial on YouTube.

Instructions for How to Make a Paper Roll Gnome

Below are the written instructions with images to help guide you. Leave this page open and craft along.

If you prefer to print instructions and work from those, scroll down. Use the comments section if you have questions or leave me a comment on the video for this easy Christmas decoration.

How to Make the Gnome Beard

Step 1: Unwrap the cotton mop head and place the plastic join piece into the center of the toilet paper roll. It will fit into different circumferences of toilet paper rolls, so just shove it in here until the plastic sits flat.

Note: you can use faux fur if you have it on hand but assemble the beard by gluing it to the inside of the gnome hat after the nose is put on.

Crafter using a dollar store cotton mop to make a gnome beard for a Christmas gnome.
Friction-fit the gnome beard into the roll of toilet paper.

Step 2: Spread out the cotton mop around the toilet paper roll to form a gnome beard. You can opt for a full wrap around the roll, covering it entirely, or a partial wrap. Flip over the back of the mop to the front for a variegated height gnome beard.

Crafter moving the cotton mop gnome beard to cover the entire roll of toilet paper.
Choose to cover the entire roll of toilet paper with the gnome beard or put it in front.

How to Make the Gnome Hat and Nose

Step 3: Glue the gnome nose onto the underside of the Santa hat brim. I used a generous portion of hot glue to affix the 2-inch wood drawer knob.

Crafter attaching a gnome nose to the gnome hat brim.
Be sure to add a generous portion of glue and stay out of the trim.

Step 4: Slide the hat over the toilet paper roll with the mop head. Bend over the pompom tip to the side and display your gnome made from a roll of toilet paper. Don’t forget to chuckle.

Crafter putting on the gnome hat over a toilet paper roll and gnome mop beard.
Slip on the hat and display.

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Vertical split image of Christmas gnome with text which reads how to make a gnome with a toilet paper roll.
This easy Christmas gnome made from a roll of toilet paper is perfect for a bit of holiday decor.
Yield: One Christmas Gnome

Toilet Paper Christmas Gnome

Square close up image of a mop beard gnome with Santa hat and large wood nose on holiday background.

Use a roll of toilet paper and a couple of Dollar Tree finds to create an adorable Christmas gnome in just minutes. This easy gnome can go anywhere to add to your holiday decor and is easily disassembled for storage.

Active Time 4 minutes
Total Time 4 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $3


  • Santa Hat
  • Cotton Mop Head
  • Toilet Paper Roll (or Tissue Box)
  • Drawer Knob, Wood Ball, Ping Pong Ball


  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks


  1. Unwrap the cotton mop head and place the plastic join piece into the center of the toilet paper roll or into the tissue box opening.
  2. Spread out the mop around the TP roll to form a gnome beard.
  3. Glue a gnome nose onto the underside of the Santa hat brim.
  4. Slide on the hat, bend over the pompom tip to the side, and display your gnome made from a roll of toilet paper!


This is a ridiculously easy craft that can easily be stored for the holidays.

Because you do not glue anything, you can reuse the Santa hat and mop head for other crafts.

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