Hot Cocoa Bomb Recipes and Tips

These hot cocoa bomb recipes and tips will help you make the season’s hottest trend! Add a little festive sweet fun to the holidays this year with this Christmas and winter treat.

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The season’s hottest trend: DIY hot cocoa bombs!

Hot Cocoa Bombs – The hottest trend of the COLDEST season

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we were early to adopt the fun hot cocoa bomb trend. When I saw them in a specialty shop, I knew they were going to be a huge hit! So I took to the kitchen…

And failed! Whew, did I learn A LOT about making hot cocoa bombs?! In order for you to avoid making my mistakes, keep reading for both recipes and tips. I’ll cover: the supplies you’ll need, recipes for making fun flavor combos, and tips for making, gifting, and storage.

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Supplies for Making Hot Cocoa Bomb Recipes

Hot Chocolate Bomb Mold

The most important item you’ll need when making these fun cocoa bombs is the mold. I have used a couple and these two are my favorites. Both are easy to mold and de-mold, which is not the case with all of them out there, but the silicone is my favorite.

Be sure to check out this list for all of my favorite hot cocoa bomb making ingredients and supplies.

Let me just interject before you move on… Don’t limit yourself. If you keep scrolling, you can see some fun shapes. Really, just make sure you have a flexible silicone mold that isn’t *too* detailed, and I bet you can make a hot chocolate bomb with it the first time without fail.

How Many Hot Cocoa Bombs Does it make?

If you use the commercially available bags of candy melts, you can get 6 spheres (2.5 inches; the first mold). It might take you one or two times to get them right, so start by making one and checking the width of the layers before filling all of the molds.

Another thing I’d like to note: you will not get as many from the larger molds. The LEGO mold I used only gave me a few chocolate bombs, so buy a couple of packages for anything larger than about 2 inches.

Staple Ingredients

The following are used in pretty much all of my fun cocoa bomb recipes, but decorations can be left off easily. Psst: don’t leave them off, they are REALLY FUN to decorate.

  • White or Milk Chocolate Candy Melts (NOT chocolate chips)
  • Hot Cocoa Mix (homemade or prepackaged)
  • Mini or Regular-Sized Marshmallows
  • Colored Candy Melts (for drizzle or accents)
  • Sprinkles (they make everything better)


If you want to vary the cocoa bombs you make, the easiest way to do so is with flavorings. Peppermint is a popular one, but don’t limit yourself! A few to thing about are salted caramel, Mexican chocolate, peanut butter – the possibilities are endless!

Additions and Customizations

Sprinkles are your best friend when jazzing up your hot cocoa bombs, friends. I pick them up from Amazon, Etsy, and my local stores.

six image square collage of colorful hot cocoa bombs with text which reads ruffles and rain boots

How to Make Hot Cocoa Bombs at Home

There aren’t a lot of steps to make hot chocolate bombs. It can be boiled down to:

  1. MELT. Put the chocolate into the microwave and melt.
  2. MOLD. Pour 1 tablespoon of melted chocolate in each mold cavity. Each hot cocoa bomb will need two molds.
  3. COOL. Place the molds into the freezer to set them.
  4. FILL. Use any of these hot cocoa bomb recipes and fill up one of the halves.
  5. SEAL. A warm plate or small pan on the stove is all you need to create a clean, sturdy seal.
vertical collage image of festive hot cocoa bombs with the text hot cocoa bombs recipes and tips from ruffles and rain boots
Learn the Basic Steps and Tips to Make the BEST Hot Cocoa Bombs!

Tips to Make the BEST Hot Cocoa Bombs Every Time

  1. Use candy melts, not chocolate chips. You’ll have a smoother melt and a longer time to “work” the chocolate.
  2. Do not go light on the coating. Get a nice, even coat on the mold or your shell will crack. Be sure to get the chocolate up to the brim.
  3. Use a warm plate from the microwave to melt the rim of one side of the bombs when assembling. You won’t have to worry about any extra tools or inconsistencies – the plate does all the work for you!
  4. Use your fridge or freezer to both set the pieces AND the final hot cocoa bomb before serving or wrapping for gifts or storage.
  5. Use food-safe gloves to avoid fingerprints.
  6. If your molds are breaking, ask yourself these questions:
    1. Are you using chips? If so, don’t.
    2. Are you setting them in the freezer? If not, do.
    3. Are you getting a “good seal” when combining? See our tip on melting the edges evenly with a plate.
    4. Is your chocolate chunky? Temper the chocolate per the candy melt instructions, being careful not to over heat.

How to Store Cocoa Bombs and Shelf-Life

To store or gift these, place hot cocoa bombs in an air-tight container and store at room temperature. If you live in a warm environment, place in the cool (not the coldest) section in the refrigerator.

These things don’t last very long in our house so as to shelf-life, I’d have to say they would last as long as the shortest ingredient would. To be extra safe, I would say these would last a minimum of a couple of weeks stored in an air-tight container.

Don’t worry about the additions like marshmallows getting “crispy.” The moisture from the hot milk or water will rehydrate them nicely.

Hot Cocoa Bomb Flavors

Below, I’m going to share the most popular hot cocoa bombs based on flavor. These recipes are easy to make once you know the tricks and you’ll likely have everything you need on hand to jazz them up.

At the end of this helpful write up, I’m going to share some additional hot cocoa bomb flavors you can make. Some are conventional, some are amazingly unique.

Grinch Hot Cocoa Bombs

Okay, I’m starting wtih these Grinch cocoa bombs because they are my daughter’s absolute favorite. If you have little ones (or want to surprise the Grinch in your life with a sweet treat), make these.

grinch that stole christmas hot chocolate bombs you can make at home
Fun and festive Grinch hot cocoa bomb recipe.

Peppermint Hot Cocoa Bombs

Another of the most-loved cocoa bomb flavors is also my favorite of all of the recipes! These peppermint hot cocoa bombs have just enough zing to make them the perfect wintry treat.

peppermint hot chocolate bombs
Make these peppermint hot cocoa bombs for a taste-of-the-season treat.

Hot Cocoa Bomb Flavor Ideas

The three examples above give you a great idea on where to start with different shapes, decorations, and flavors. A few more ideas to get you creating are:

Pumpkin Spice Hot Cocoa Bombs – Flavor Fun

If you want to add a little flavoring, this easy recipe is the place to begin. Start your Fall celebrations a bit early (or use up some of that mix you bought earlier this year), and make these pumpkin spice hot cocoa bombs.

pumpkin spice hot chocolate bombs recipe
Pumpkin spice hot cocoa bombs are a perfect treat for a cool day.

Before I leave this section on flavors, let me drop this salted caramel hot cocoa bomb recipe here from Annie and Will at Venture 1105. This makes my mouth water!

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Cocoa Bombs

Listen, you’re probably an adult reading this, so… These dark chocolate hot cocoa bombs are decadent and PERFECT to make for that friend who has to roll with little voices screaming for mini marshmallows as the highlight of her cocoa-making.

photo collage of valentines hot cocoa bombs with raspberry and dark chocolate with text which reads make these 15-minute raspberry dark chocolate hot cocoa bombs
Adults will go wild for dark chocolate and raspberry hot chocolate bombs.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Bombs

What would a girl do without the zing of these Mexican hot cocoa bombs. To me, these are an unexpected, but most welcomed, adult-flavored treat for the season.

cinnamon and spice mexican hot chocolate bombs
Mexican Hot Chocolate Cocoa Bombs

Chocolate-Covered Cherry Hot Cocoa Bomb Recipe

Oooh, let’s all channel a 50’s diner and get in on the fun to be had with these chocolate covered cherry bombs. Needless to say, everyone loved this flavor!

hot cocoa bombs with cherries with text which reads chocolate covered cherry hot cocoa bombs
Chocolate Covered Cherry Hot cocoa Bombs

Strawberry Hot Cocoa Bombs

If you ask my daughter, these are her “favorite cocoa balls of all time ever!” Learn how to whip up a set of strawberry hot chocolate bombs in no time at all. Psst: they’re really, really pretty in person, too, so they make a great “pink hot cocoa bomb” for that one friend. ;)

strawberry cocoa bombs with strawberry flavoring
Oh, these strawberry hot cocoa bombs are GORGEOUS and do not disappoint!

Reece’s Peanut Butter Hot Cocoa Bombs

Peanut butter and chocolate are one of the best combinations every dreamt up. Learn how one simple ingredient can make you the star wit this Reece’s hot cocoa bombs recipe.

reeces candies hot chocolate bombs for valentines with text which reads reece's hot cocoa bombs
Reece’s peanut butter hot cocoa bombs? Yes, please!

Unique and Creative Hot Coffee Bomb Flavors

If you want to spice things up a bit for the older crowd, here are few hot coffee bomb flavors you should try. I’ll put basic measurements for what goes inside – the outside is always the same and you can decide to use white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate for the shell.

  • spiked coffee bombs recipe – I’m working on some, ahem, ‘grown up coffee bombs’ right now for Christmas morning (trying to get the ganache right), so check back soon
  • peppermint mocha coffee bomb – use a chocolate shell, a serving size of a peppermint mocha mix, and crushed peppermint candies; use hot water
  • creamer of choice coffee bomb recipe – use a white chocolate shell, 1 tablespoon of your choice of coffee creamer, and a serving size of instant coffee; use hot water
  • creamer of choice mocha – use a dark chocolate shell, 1 tablespoon of your choice of coffee creamer, and a serving of instant coffee; use hot water
  • caramel cappuccino coffee bomb recipe – use a full serving of a pre-made cappuccino mix inside a white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate shell; use hot water

How to Mold Hot Cocoa Bombs

Below, I will share some of the amazing ways to liven up chocolate bombs using molds you can pick up on Amazon. The best part is that some of these are so, so easy to use and make you look like a rockstar!

Each type of mold will have its own nuances, but for the most part they are quite easy. A few tips to use detailed molds to make hot cocoa bombs:

  • use bold, thick shapes with imprint details
  • limit the use of colors (it isn’t difficult, just time-consuming to add the accents)
  • make sure the molds have a bit of give to them to make un-molding easier
  • be mindful of the thickness of the chocolate, as details will break off if too thin

Shaped bombs: Mickey or Minnie Mouse Hot Cocoa Bombs

Okay, so if you want to be a bit “extra” for the Disney fan in your life, these Mickey and Minnie hot cocoa bombs are going to WOW them. They take a little more time, but honestly, they’re worth it, especially for a Disney Christmas family movie night.

disney hot chocolate bomb recipe
Mickey and Minnie Mouse hot cocoa bombs will WOW them!

Gingerbread House Hot Chocolate Bombs (Fun Shapes)

No matter the flavors, you can whip up some fun and visually WOW-ing hot cocoa bombs. These gingerbread house hot chocolate bombs are jaw-dropping.

Hot Cocoa Bombs in the Shape of Gingerbread House with text which reads gingerbread house hot cocoa bombs
Learn how to make gingerbread house cocoa bombs!

Winnie the Pooh Hot Chocolate Bombs

If you are concerned with adding sprinkles for the tiny hot cocoa fans, use shapes and accents to bring out some amazing treats like Winnie the Pooh hot cocoa bombs. They look SO professional but can easily be done at home.

adventures of winnie the pooh hot cocoa bomb recipe with text which reads make these 15-minute winnie the pooh hot cocoa bombs
Winne the Pooh Hot Cocoa Bombs are

LEGO Hot Cocoa Bombs

In full fun-time fashion, I whipped up a set of LEGO shaped hot chocolate bombs and friends, they are nothing short of epic. The little ones can decorate them how they see fit, but be sure to check out the “surprise inside” of these!

hot chocolate bomb lego men with text which reads lego man hot cocoa bombs
LEGO hot chocolate bombs are a crowd-pleaser with the surprise inside!

Unicorn Hot Chocolate Bombs

If you want to add a little whimsy and magic to your cold-weather days, let the little ones help you make some Unicorn hot cocoa bombs. They are so much fun!

unicorn hot chocolate bombs made with white chocolate with text which reads unicorn hot cocoa bombs make this easy & fun 20-minute recipe!
Unicorn hot cocoa bombs add fun to a dreary winter day.

Easy Decorations: Mickey Mouse Hot Cocoa Bombs

If you’re unwilling to make mouse ears for your cocoa bombs, I get it. A lower-effort version (which I LOVE) is to use decorative sprinkles like we’ve used here in these Mickey Mouse hot cocoa bombs. The kids loved them.

easy christmas hot chocolate bombs with mickey sprinkles
A set of Christmas Mickey Mouse hot cocoa bombs make a great gift for a Disney fan!

Harry Potter Hot Cocoa Bombs

Listen, there is someone out there right now who is ecstatic to find these sprinkles… Just as I was. :) These Harry Potter cocoa bombs are subtly themed with a happy little Hedwig.

hot cocoa bombs for harry potter movie night with text which reads harry potter hot cocoa bombs make these in 15 minutes
Hedwig and Harry Potter Cocoa Bombs

Snowman Cocoa Spheres

If you can’t tell, I buy a ton of sprinkles… Is there a support group for that? A quick way to get the kids involved is to give them a pack of sprinkles and have them decorate alongside you when making these Snowman Hot Cocoa bombs.

hot chocolate bomb recipe with snowman sprinkles
Snowman hot cocoa bombs were some of the kids’ favorite to make.

Cotton Candy Hot Cocoa Bombs

What sweet-loving, cocoa-gulping individual wouldn’t be jumping for joy to get their hands on a cotton candy hot cocoa bomb? Now they can.

hot chocolate bombs with cotton candy and sprinkles with text which reads make these easy & fun cotton candy hot cocoa bombs
Cotton Candy Cocoa Bomb Recipe

Whoppers Hot Cocoa Bombs

If you love the malted candy, these Whoppers Hot Cocoa Bombs are the candy lover’s dream recipe. And yeah, they’re super easy.

malted milk ball flavored hot cocoa bombs recipe
Amazing Whoppers Candy Hot Cocoa Bombs

Birthday Cake Hot Cocoa Bombs

I have a winter baby, so these birthday cake hot chocolate bombs were a HUGE hit. They are perfect as a party favor, as well.

diy chocolate bombs for hot cocoa with cupcake flavoring with text which reads birthday cake hot cocoa bombs make this easy recipe
Birthday Hot Cocoa Bombs Recipe

Mother’s Day Hot Chocolate Bombs

If you are still dealing with the chill of winter not yet subsiding, May is perfect for these Mother’s Day hot cocoa bombs. They’re easy and elegant.

white chocolate hot cocoa bombs with sugar cookie marshmallows with text which reads make these easy & fast mother's day hot cocoa bombs
Elegant Mother’s Day Cocoa Bombs

Princess Anna Hot Cocoa Bombs – Frozen Hot Cocoa Bombs

Any FROZEN fan is going to love seeing these Princess Anna hot cocoa bombs in their mugs. And though they look fancy, they’re pretty down to earth (just like Anna).

frozen movie hot cocoa bombs princess anna with text which reads princess anna hot cocoa bombs make these easy treats
Princess Anna Hot Cocoa Bombs Recipe and How-To

Any Questions About Making Cocoa Bombs?

If you have any questions about making these ridiculously fun treats, just ask them below in the comments. I love making these and will help out where I can.

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