Harry Potter Food and Crafts for Movie Nights or Parties

These Harry Potter food and crafts are perfect for a Harry Potter movie night or party! Let’s dive into the fun with food and activity ideas for any fan.

Collage Harry Potter Food Ideas and Craft Ideas for Party and Movie Night

Harry Potter Crafts and Activities

We’re a crafty bunch here at Ruffles and Rain Boots. From play dates to parties, these Harry Potter crafts are sure to please young and old fans.

Harry Potter Mason Jars

Okay, so I need to share my absolute favorite wizard craft with you first. These Harry Potter mason jars are so much for kids (of any age, ahem) to make!

painted Harry Potter mason jars on marble background which features Harry Potter Ron Weasley and Hedwig the owl

Harry Potter Story Stones

And my second favorite craft in this series of insanely fun book-lover’s giddy goodness are these Harry Potter story stones. The kids are going to have a wild time making them and there is NOTHING stopping you from making your own set. Everyone needs a paperweight.

Harry Potter stones stone or painted rocks on white marble background

Wizard wands for Harry Potter Fans

Whether it’s a Phoenix feather or a unicorn hair running through it, these Harry Potter wands are a fun DIY for everyone. They can be made with jewels, beads, charms – the sky is the limit!

diy harry potter wands for party

The Sorting Hat Bookmark

In the first Harry Potter book, is there anything better than the Sorting Hat? It cracked me up and became an instant favorite! I made this Sorting Hat Bookmark when we started reading the books with my daughter and we still use it!

Harry Potter Craft - Sorting Hat Bookmark

Harry Potter’s Golden Snitch Ornament

This Golden Snitch ornament is a fun and quick craft for anyone. The best part is that it is a ridiculously easy craft (we give you the wing template) and many can be made if you’re making a themed tree or banner!

Golden Snitch ornament on white background

Harry Potter Printable Popcorn Boxes

Family movie nights are a big deal around here and I try to make them special. These printable Harry Potter popcorn boxes make you into a rock star in just minutes.

Harry Potter Printable Popcorn Box from Ruffles and Rain Boots - Two Sizes

DIY Snitch Necklace – COMING SOON

If you’re one to keep your eye on the ball- um, golden snitch, you might want to make your own Snitch necklace. It’s a simple DIY and is perfect for a rainy afternoon.

Fun Golden Snitch Necklace from Polymer Clay on a black background
Make a fun golden snitch necklace, a polymer clay Harry Potter craft!

Harry Potter Bath Bombs 

Oh yes, yes. You can now WOW Harry Potter fans of all ages with a little tub fun and pampering.

Gryffindor Bath Bombs – COMING SOON

If the lion is your house, these Gryffindor bath bombs will put you in good company. Dumbledore, Harry, Ron, and Hermione were all strong Gryffindors.

griffindor bath bombs for diy gift idea on a white plate with a harry potter figurine

Hufflepuff Bath Bombs – COMING SOON

If I’m being honest, these are my favorite of the bunch. These Hufflepuff bath bombs are so mysterious.

hufflepuff bath bombs in a tiny toy bathtub on a black background

Ravenclaw Bath Bombs – COMING SOON

Look good and feeling smart? It’s a day for a Ravenclaw bath bomb, friends. And you’re in good company because one of my favorite Harry Potter characters, Luna Lovegood, graces the Ravenclaw common room.

recipe for ravenclaw bath bombs on a blue background

Slytherin Bath Bombs – COMING SSSSSSSOON :)

Does anyone else say, “Ssssssssslytherin” every time they say the word? Well, now you know a bit more about me than you might have wanted… But even better, you can now make your own Slytherin bath bombs.

amazing slytherin bath bombs harry potter gift idea in a tin on a brown background

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Harry Potter Food Ideas

Some special Harry Potter food ideas can transform movie night or a party into something magical. Here are a few of our favorite Harry Potter party foods.

Sorting Hat Cupcakes with a Surprise Inside! 

If you are planning a party, you need – yes, that’s the right word – to whip up a batch of these Sorting Hat cupcakes. People will be so excited to see what house to which they are sorted.

Learn to Make Hogwarts Sorting Hat Cupcakes from Harry Potter on a white wood background
Make these easy Sorting Hat cupcakes, the easiest Harry Potter cupcakes ever!

Harry Potter Popcorn – A Healthy(ish) Treat

You need something amazing to put into your printable Harry Potter boxes, so whip up a batch of this tasty Harry Potter popcorn recipe. It’s tasty and guess what? It’s NOT butterbeer!

Make this easy caramel popcorn with no corn syrup

Harry Potter Marshmallows

We had so much fun making these Harry Potter marshmallows for a quick movie night activity! The kids and the parents all got involved and the results were amazing (and delicious when served in hot cocoa). Psst: click through to see all the designs.

Harry Potter Marshmallows are a great Harry Potter Craft for Movie Night

Dragon egg Cake Balls – COMING SOON

Surprisingly easy to make, these fun dragon egg cake balls are for anyone who just wishes they could join Charlie Weasley in Romania…

Dragon Egg Cake Balls Recipe in a white bowl on a wood background with orange linen
Make these easy Harry Potter cake alternative dragon egg cake balls for a Harry Potter party!

Nimbus 2000 Broomsticks Snack

These Nimbus 2000 Broomsticks are ridiculously easy and the kids will love to play with their food. If you’re setting up a Harry Potter movie night, this is a must-have (mostly because they’re simple and loved by everyone).

Harry Potter Food - Chocolate Nimbus 2000 broomsticks. These are easy to make and such crowd-pleasers! #harrypotter #nimbus2000 #harrypotterparty #partyfood #harrypottermovienight #familymovienight #rufflesandrainboots

Planning a Harry potter Party? 

If you are planning a Harry Potter party, just know that I have you covered with inspiration in TONS of areas. Check these out…

Harry Potter Drinks 

Inspired by everyone’s favorite wizarding series, these Harry Potter drinks are jaw-dropping beverages for all ages.

photo collage of how to make harry potter drinks for a fantastic beasts party
Make these easy Harry Potter drinks for your Harry Potter party or Wizarding World party!

Harry Potter Cupcakes and Cakes

If you are like me and LOVE to bake, check out this confectionary collection of Harry Potter cakes and cupcakes.

photo collage of how to make a harry potter cupcake for a harry potter party
If you’ve ever wondered how to make a Harry Potter cake or Harry Potter cupcakes, then this is the place for you,

Harry Potter Food Ideas and Recipes

Real food? Yes. Really impressive? You bet. If you need a creative spark, just take a run through the brick wall into these Harry Potter food ideas.

photo collage of harry potter halloween party recipes
Make all of these easy Harry Potter recipes for a party or Halloween!

Harry Potter Snacks

No Potter party would be complete without tasty snacks! Check out this list of Harry Potter inspired snacks you can actually make without too much fuss.

photo collage of harry potter snacks for a wizarding world party

Harry Potter Gift Ideas

And I know, I know – you probably already have an idea of what you’re getting your HP fan but if you need a little inspiration… These Harry Potter gift ideas are magical.

photo collage of DIY harry potter gift ideas

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