DIY Harry Potter Wands You Will Love to Make!

Students of Hogwarts, it’s time to make your own Harry Potter wands. No matter which house you belong to this Harry Potter wands DIY has something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a party activity, a cute gift tag accessory, or a craft to do while you watch your favorite movie, you’ll love this wand making craft.

With a little hot glue and paint, you can transform a wooden chopstick into something magical with this easy activity that’s sure to be a big hit with kids of all ages.

DIY Harry Potter wands sitting on a white wood background
You can make your own collection of Harry Potter wands featuring different sizes, woods, textures, and jewels.

Harry Potter Wands

Attention prospective students… applications are now being accepted for magic school at the prestigious Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. While you wait on your acceptance letter, why not fill your time with a creative craft fit for a powerful wizard?

This magical Harry Potter craft has an easy tutorial and is designed for older kids. Because kids we will be working with hot glue, it’s important for adults should be near while working on their wands.

There are so many exciting craft ideas that it may be hard to choose just one, but we suggest you start with making your own customized wizard wand, then move to a Sorting Hat bookmark to use during your studies, then make a Harry Potter popcorn box to use while enjoying the popular movie series. Passing time has never been so much fun!

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photo of Harry Potter wands craft with text overlay which reads DIY harry potter wands for kids

Tips for your Harry Potter Wand DIY

  • Don’t be intimidated by the intricate look of these wands. With the wand tutorial’s step-by-step guide success is practically guaranteed!
  • Each of the Harry Potter wands is unique, just like in the books and movies.
  • Get creative. The beads, baubles, and extras don’t just have to adorn the handles and tips.
  • Experiment with paint colors to change the look of your Hogwarts student wands.
Harry Potter wands on a white wood background

How to Make Harry Potter Wands

While designing your perfect wizard wand is as easy as saying, “Riddikulus”, we’ve included not only a written tutorial but a YouTube video to help. You’ll find all of the details about these Harry Potter wands along with all of the Harry Potter craft ideas on our Harry Potter playlist on YouTube.

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Yield: 8 Harry Potter wands

Harry Potter Wands

harry potter wands on a white background

These Harry Potter wands are a perfect craft for Hogwarts students!

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5


  • Wooden chopsticks (we used 4 sets)
  • Craft paint- gold, brown, black, tan
  • Optional- pretty beads


  • Various paintbrushes, sponges, sponge brush,
  • Hot glue gun/sticks


  1. You can purchase larger wood like dowel rods, or rods from the unfinished wood section of your local craft store, for our purposes wooden chopsticks are a perfect size and they have that tapered shape like a wand. supplies to make harry potter wands on a white background
  2. Heat up your glue gun, while it is warming pull apart as many chopsticks as you need.
  3. Begin by adding glue to one of your chopsticks, I made each of ours a little different, adding glue as I twisted my chopstick, coating it thickly on some of the handles, adding a lot on the bottom of the “handle” portion to create a knob shape, dragging the nozzle to create dips, etc. This is the fun part, and its really hard to make a mistake as each is unique and a little bit of paint will cover the glue and just add to the aged effect. You will also need to hold onto your wand while the glue dries if you lay it down it will not only stick to the surface but will also flatten out the glue where it rests. It only takes about 2 minutes for it to harden enough to set it down. learn how to make wands for harry potter - several variations of harry potter wands on a white background
  4. Once your glue is completely cooled and hardened you can begin to layer on some paint to give your wand an aged effect. Create each one with some different looks to be original just like the wands in Ollivander's Wand Shop! I sponged on a base layer in browns, tan, or black. While the paint was still wet I used a small brush to be sure that paint made it into all the little detail areas and added another color or two, this layering ages your wand well. You can make your wand the same color from top to bottom or paint the handle portion a different color, for the teal handle I used a teal frosted glass paint- this wound up being one of my favorites!  Lay out each wand and allow it dry completely.
  5. If you want to add jewels to the tips or to the handle like I did you want to do it now in the final step, add a generous amount of hot glue, press your jewel in place and hold it until the glue to make harry potter wands photo collage


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Photo of Harry Potter wands on white wood background with text that reads Harry Potter wands tutorial at Ruffles and Rain Boots

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