These Harry Potter Mason Jars are a Fun Craft for Any Age

 These Harry Potter Mason Jars are the cutest and easiest craft for any age kiddo. Perfect for school supplies, and a very cute teacher appreciation gift, I’d say that this Harry Potter craft idea for back to school is a win.

Harry Potter mason jars painted mason jar craft for kids filled with school supplies on a white background
Learn how to make cute DIY painted Harry Potter mason jars back to school Harry Potter crafts idea for kids.

Harry Potter Mason Jars

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we have done more than our fair share of Harry Potter crafts. No really, there’s a quota, and I’m well over it. LOL!

In all seriousness, though, Harry Potter back to school ideas are big in our house right now. They just want Harry Potter (and Fantastic Beasts) everything that they can find, make or imagine. The wizarding world gene is strong in our family.


So, to feed those little crafty minds with some wizarding world crafts we could do, I came up with these fun Harry Potter mason jars. Simple and fun–they’re great for anyone to make from first-time pre-k kids all the way up to college students heading back to campus. Let’s get started.

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harry potter mason jar crafts idea for kids with text which reads fun harry potter craft let the kids make these mason jars for school supplies

Tips to Make These Harry Potter Crafts

  • Do not feel like you have to use mason jars. You can use old pickle jars, Ball jars, Kerr jars. Whatever. As long as it’s clear glass, it should work the same as a Mason jar.
  • Take your time, but don’t sweat it if it’s a little crooked. Each Harry Potter mason jar is going to be super unique and fun. Nothing says you have to be perfect at drawing on a round jar. Just sayin’.
  • Ooooh! I forgot to make a Hermione…oh, but you can. Absolutely. Just do the exact same steps as you do for Harry, only skip the glasses and make the hair curly, long and wild. See? Done.

Harry Potter jars painting craft for kids filled with school supplies on a white background

How Do I Make these Harry Potter Mason Jars?

I’m so glad you asked. Below is our written tutorial.

Yield: 3

Harry Potter Mason Jars

Harry Potter jars painting craft for kids filled with school supplies on a white background

These Harry Potter Mason Jars are the cutest and easiest craft for any age kiddo. Perfect for school supplies, and a very cute teacher appreciation gift, I'd say that this kids craft project for back to school is a win.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 15 minutes
Additional Time 10 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $3


  • 3 clean glass mason jars
  • 3 metal rings-optional
  • Black paint pen
  • Craft paint in the following colors:
  • Orange, brown, burgundy, yellow, flesh, gold
  • Clear sealing spray


  1. To begin cover two of the jars with a light coat of flesh colored craft paint, paint the third jar white and allow to dry. Add another coat or two until you are satisfied with the coverage and allow to dry thoroughly, overnight is best! how to make harry potter mason jar school supply organizers step one painting the jars
  2. Once your base is dry you can begin to add details, for Hedwig take the black paint pen and draw the curve of wings on each side, give his wings a random scattering of black marks. Outline his eyes and beak, set aside to dry while you work on the others. tutorial to make a harry potter hedwig school supply organization jar
  3. Outline the scarf lines and hair, draw on eyes and Harry’s glasses. Allow to dry well. tutorial for how to make harry potter school organizers with mason jars by painting the outlines on the jars
  4. Use a small paint brush or you can use fabric paint in the bottle with a small tip to fill in the lines of the scarves and hair with color- burgundy and yellow scarves for Gryffindor house colors, brown for HP’s hair and of course orange hair for Ron. how to make a harry potter jar for pencils to organize homework supplies
  5. Add a little lightning bolt birthmark on Harry’s forehead.
  6. If you had any color spill over your outlines you can go back over with your black paint pen and tidy them up.
  7. Once you jars are completely dry give them a coat or two of a spray sealer to help the paint stay in place a little better. make harry potter school supplies with mason jars and paint on a white background


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harry potter mason jar craft idea for school supplies with text which reads harry potter school supplies diy mason jars

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