The Best Harry Potter Cake Ideas You Can Actually Make at Home!

Friends, the Internet is full of wow-worthy stuff, but I needed to find the best Harry Potter cake ideas I can actually pull off – you know, without a culinary arts degree. I went on the hunt and found some fun, some jaw-dropping, and doable cakes by home bakers.

collage of 6 homemade harry potter cakes that have harry face in fondant always butterscotch and even hagrid birthday cake
I looked far and wide for the best Harry Potter cake ideas home bakers could actually make.

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Harry Potter Party Cakes

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we are big fans of the iconic Harry Potter series and I’ve shared so, so many fun ideas for parties and get togethers – from Harry Potter craft ideas to sorting hat cupcakes, Hedwig and house color hot cocoa bombs to tasty snacks like butterbeer popcorn!

Psst: one of my most popular printables are these Harry Potter movie night popcorn box printables. They stylishly hold your stash popped corn, candy, or healthier options like veggie sticks!

But today, it’s alllll about the fabulous (and fresh ideas) of Harry Potter cakes. Whether you’re whipping up a Harry Potter birthday cake or you hold a once-a-quarter Harry Potter watch party, let’s get to the goodies.

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Tips for Making a Homemade Harry Potter Cake

I love to bake, so making a homemade cake isn’t too big of a deal for me. That said, whew – it can be a big thing when we try a cake design made by a professional or even just put off making a simple cake until the last minute. Here are a few tips for making any of these Harry Potter cakes.

  1. Prep what you can ahead of time. Cakes can be baked and frozen; fondant can be rolled and cut (non-bendable pieces), and frosting can be made ahead of time.
  2. The tools matter. Frosting tips are inexpensive if you don’t have any on hand and honestly, I use a lot of them interchangeably. A large round, medium round, and small round are critical. But those would all be awful to try and pipe the hair! I would use the same tip I use for grass (tip #233) instead of trying to make what I had on hand work.
  3. Store-bought is okay. Listen, if you want to spend your time decorating a cake instead of baking it, no one can blame you and no one will even notice. Buy the cake. Heck, buy toys and throw them on top (after a good cleaning) and after a bit of frosting, you’re done!

Harry Potter Cake Ideas

I needed to put together a Harry Potter movie night for a celebration and thought I would share some of the most inspiring Harry Potter cake ideas shared by fans.

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vertical collage image of home made harry potter cakes with text which reads harry potter cake ideas you can actually make at home

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