Free Harry Potter Popcorn Box Printables – Two Sizes!

This adorable Harry Potter popcorn box set printable is chockful of Potter goodness. Our popcorn boxes come in two sizes and are easy to put together, making them an easy DIY Harry Potter craft idea.

Printable Harry Potter Popcorn Box from Ruffles and Rain Boots - Two Sizes

Harry Potter Movie Night

Oh yes – we love our family movie nights here on Ruffles and Rain Boots. And now that my daughter is older, we get to watch one of my favorite series of all time: Harry Potter!

I get a bit excited about sharing my favorite things with my daughter. And my husband – he hadn’t even seen them OR read the books. How does that happen?

You can see all of our Harry Potter food and crafts here but recently, I published the first share in our Potter movie night, healthy caramel corn. Can caramel popcorn really be healthy? Check it out and you’ll see the changes I made to remove some of the processed junk in most recipes.

Healthy Caramel Popcorn

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And now, let’s talk about this adorable Harry Potter popcorn box printable set!

Get these free printable Harry Potter popcorn boxes and take family movie night to the next level. #harrypotter #potterheads #wizardingworld #harrypottermovie #movienight #familymovienight #freeprintable #popcornbox #harrypotterparty #rufflesandrainboots

How to Assemble Your Harry Potter Popcorn Box

Step 1: Print out the template you need on white card stock. I have included both the miniature popcorn box and the large popcorn box in this set.

Step 2: Cut out along the gray lines. Fold along the red lines.

Step 3: Glue or tape where indicated and your Harry Potter popcorn box is ready!

Note: if you’re making dinner (or want 5-minutes to take a breath), give the kids the popcorn boxes in the flat form and ask them to decorate. It’s fun when they add googly eyes to the glasses or draw their own fantastic beasts on the white panels.

Get the Printable Harry Potter Popcorn Box! 

Click here to get the fun set of Harry Potter movie night popcorn boxes. I’d love to see them in action, so be sure to tag @rufflesandrain on Instagram or share on Facebook with a tag!

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Get a free printable Harry Potter popcorn box and take family movie night to the next level. #harrypotter #potterheads #wizardingworld #harrypottermovie #movienight #familymovienight #freeprintable #popcornbox #harrypotterparty #rufflesandrainboots

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  1. WOW! Thank you so much. This was legitimately FREE, with no need to sign up for anything! :) I saw the files for Baymax, Grinch, Halloween, Harry Potter, July 4, Moana & Tangled (Note to everyone…each file has BOTH the small & large popcorn holders)

    I clicked on some ads, as my thank you for your free resource ;) I know it barely does anything, but just wanted to say thanks! ;)