No Sew Felt Bag Tutorial


After our recent trip to the beach and the aquarium there, Elise is deep in mermaid and ocean mode. Today, she was ‘swimming’ on the living room floor next to her jellyfish, dolphin and octopus. She was, of course, a mermaid.So here I am with a very quick craft using leftovers from the rainbow mermaid […]

Birthday Tote Bag and Gift Ideas


This summer, I’ve really focused on sewing projects to gain confidence in the craft because I have so many ideas and almost zero knowledge of how to actually sew them. I know I could take a class, but I don’t want to stop crafting in order to take the class… You’re gonna need a spoonful of […]

Kid’s Headphone Sizer Hack


In discussing our upcoming trip, my husband and I thought we should bring Elise’s tablet along for the plane ride. We aren’t fans of plugging the kid in, but this is an entire day of traveling and we think she is going to need a focused distraction. This is doubly-true because we’ll be traveling without […]

Thank Goodness It’s Thursday No. 34


Hello, everyone! We’re back for another week of Thursday link party fun and we’re looking to you for your recipes, DIY projects, parenting advice and crafty creativity. I’ve been crafting up a storm, trying to get a myriad of projects finished before Elise and I head out on our big trip without Jeff. I’m grown up […]

Elegant Gifting Silky Scarf Tutorial


If you love fabric, you’ll know how much this rings true: I saw this pattern and immediately thought, “This would make a great scarf!” The most difficult part of this project was deciding what size to make it. There are so many choices — no really, there are! Just look at your own collection and see […]

Drawstring Bag Tutorial


We were literally heading out the door for our beach vacation and I decided that we needed a pouch to carry my daughter’s headphones. Talk about last-minute crafting! My very generous sister – who has fabulous taste, by the way – got me a Longchamp Paris Le Pliage tote for my birthday. In related news, I’m 35 […]

Thank Goodness It’s Thursday No. 33


Welcome to another week of TGIT! Let’s party!  Click on “Read More” to join the festivities and be inspired.  We’re back from our vacation and I’m so excited to see what you’ve come up with this week. I went a whole week without crafting… Well, that’s not entirely true. Elise and I did have to […]

SHINE Blog Hop Number 11


You might be wondering why the SHINE Blog Hop is popping up here at Ruffles and Rain Boots today… It’s because I get the chance to co-host! Jennifer has allowed me to join the fun and introduce you to this party. Click on “Read More” to link up, get recipes, and be inspired!  If you […]

Ladybug Craft


Having an outspoken 2.5 year old with an advanced vocabulary means that her opinions, likes and dislikes are expressed freely. The little one woke up one morning and said, “Mommy, we are going to make a ladybug craft today.”  With a few smiles and art supplies later, we had ourselves one heck of a cute […]