TGIT Link Party No 52


One week, ya’ll. Christmas is coming whether we’re ready or not. I haven’t wrapped all my presents yet – I haven’t even finished making all my presents yet! Join us for this week’s Thank Goodness It’s Thursday party and take time to relax a little before you get back to all of your holiday hooplah.

Bath Bombs and Shower Fizzies Part 1

Lemon Vanilla Bath Bomb Recipe

Bath Bombs and Shower Fizzies: Part 1 Homemade bath products are amazing and make for well-received gifts. Over the past month, I spent a lot of time testing recipes and now have tons of bath bombs and shower fizzies packaged up and ready for gifting! Join me for a quick list of recipes that molded […]

Bath Teas and Bonus

Bath Tea Recipe and Gift Ideas | Ruffles and Rain Boots

Bath Teas and Bonus Recipe I will admit that before having children, I indulged in bimonthly manicures and once monthly pedicures. There would be spa days with (or without) girlfriends, and even solitary getaways. Without intention, that little bit of indulgence disappeared after I had my daughter. My nails are natural most of the time […]

Thank Goodness It’s Thursday No. 51


I’m sitting in a relaxing cabin just outside of Forks, WA (yes, that place from Twilight) and it is pouring down rain. Jeff and the little one are napping and I am snuggled up watching the rain come down and little creatures make their appearances now and again. We are all content in our little […]

Christmas Movie Printables

Holiday Printables

There are certain movies that MUST be seen during the holidays. I’m not going to give you a ‘list-icle” of the top 10 best Christmas movies because there are enough of those out there. No, I’m going to share a couple printables based on a couple of our favorite movies – that we can only […]

Infinity Scarf for Kids

Frozen Anna Scarf by Ruffles and Rain Boots

Infinity Scarf For Kids: Inspired by FROZEN’s Princess Anna My little one woke up at 4:32 this morning singing her very own musical mash-up of the entire FROZEN soundtrack. At 4:32 am, I’m not amazed that her little memory is growing or that her imagination is expanding. No, at 4:32 am I will bribe my […]

Thank Goodness Its Thursday No. 50


I want to share a bit of news: there’s a new baby in the world! Jordan (of Jordan’s Onion), just gave birth to her second little boy. He’s healthy and the whole family is overjoyed. Jordan’s older son is turning 4 today and guess what? It’s y little girl’s birthday, too! Our little one was born […]

Holiday Glitter Pillow

Joy Washable Glitter Pillow

Easy Holiday Decor: Glitter Pillow Do you get together with your girl friends and drink – I mean craft? If you’re looking for an alternative to a gingerbread house decorating party, consider this quick craft that will be ready to go by the time you call your cab.

Letter To Santa Printable

Letter to Santa Teaser

Letter To Santa Printable and Resource For North Pole Letters Happy Holidays! I am so excited because my little one is really getting into Christmas. I created two Letter To Santa printables and have included instructions on how to get return letters from Santa, have all of your holiday cards get a North Pole postmark, […]

Cloth Napkin Tutorial

DIY Dinner Napkin Tutorial

Cloth Napkin Tutorial I know we are celebrating Thanksgiving this week in the States, but it’s almost gifting season and I am bubbling over with so many ideas! One of the things I’ve always purchased but never made were cloth dinner napkins and table runners. Silly, right? Silly because they are easy to make if […]