DIY Teacup Gnome Thrift Store Craft

This 10 minute DIY teacup gnome is a perfect afternoon craft. Head to the thrift store and gather up a cup and saucer to get started.

In this easy tutorial, you’ll learn how to turn teacups into the cutest little gnomes. Add flowers or other decorations to make it your own.

Horizontal image of a purple bearded gnome with a teacup for a hat on a wood round with flowers and lamb's ear greenery against a white background.
This easy, 10 minute DIY teacup gnome is such a fun way to upcycle a thrift store staple.

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Teacup Gnome Craft Thrift Store Makeover

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I’m still unpacking from our move and I found this adorable, dainty, miniature teacup and saucer from a thrift store trip. This little pair was calling me to add some Spring color to my decor.

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collage of diy gnomes teaching how to make a gnome with or without legs and with or without sewing

In this easy and quick tutorial, you’ll use basic craft supplies to create this Spring gnome. It’s a fun craft for a rainy afternoon or if you just need a colorful pick-me-up.

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Vertical image a small gnome made from a spring floral teacup and saucer with a purple wool beard and a small wood nose placed on two wood rounds.

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Materials and Suggested Alternatives

I’m a big fan of using what you have on hand, even if you don’t have a well-stocked craft room. Below are the materials I used with a few ideas for other pieces to be subbed in.

Teacup and Saucer – Okay, so admittedly, there aren’t a lot of substitutions here but you could use a mini espresso cup and saucer.

Miniature Jar – In the video tutorial, I provide a few options like a Styrofoam® egg or cone from the dollar store. You could also use a few inches cut off a pool noodle or a learn how to make a sock gnome base.

Wool Roving – I used wool roving for the beard but faux fur works, too. If you have yarn, brush it out and it makes a great gnome beard. For more ideas, scan through this list in my “how to make a gnome beard” article.

Wood Round / Half Round – You can use anything for a gnome nose: wood ball, a bead, a pompom, pantyhose stuffed with Poly-Fil, an ornament, or even a button! Dig in the couch cushions for treasure. :)

Teacup Gnome DIY Video Tutorial

Each of the steps and instructions is listed below, but if you’re a visual learner, watch the DIY teacup gnome video tutorial. It’s less than 10 minutes, has a lot of funny commentary (if I do say so myself), and is fun to craft along with.

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Horizontal YouTube thumbnail of a purple bearded gnome with a teacup gnome hat and text which reads 10 minute mini teacup gnome spring DIY.

How to Make a Teacup Gnome Step by Step Instructions

Keep this page open and follow along with the steps. Use the comments section (or visit me here on Facebook) if you have any questions.

First, remove any thrift store price stickers and goo. Then wash and dry the teacup and saucer.

Next, create the base. I used a piece of cotton (a fat quarter from the craft store) to cover a small jar, tucking in the ends and pleating any material which could be seen.

Horizontal image of a crafter tucking cotton fabric into a jar to cover it to be used as a gnome body.

To create a stable place for the teacup to rest, I used a small foam ball and glued it to the top of the jar. This will allow me to tip back the teacup to show off the gnome’s face.

Horizontal image of a crafter gluing a foam ball to a fabric covered jar.

Pull off some wool roving, folding the top under to form a stable base to attach to the jar. I added a wisp of roving for a mustache, too. Glue the beard to the front of the jar. Next, glue on the nose after positioning the upside down teacup to get the proper placement.

Horizontal image of a crafter gluing on a gnome beard and gnome nose.

Finally, glue on the teacup upside down to the foam ball. Hold until secure and then place the gnome onto the saucer for display.

Horizontal image of a crafter using a hot glue gun to add glue to the foam ball to affix an upside down teacup.

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Vertical image a purple bearded gnome made from a spring floral teacup and saucer, wool roving, and a wood bead with text which reads Spring teacup gnome thrift store DIY.

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