The Best Mermaid Party Ideas

Check out this fun (and easy) set of the best mermaid food ideas, mermaid party crafts, and even party favors. You can have a mermaid party planned and crafted in no time at all.

photo collage of under the sea party ideas
These are just the best mermaid party ideas for a splashy-good time.

Mermaid Party Ideas

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I’ve shared a ton of mermaid crafts, food, and even hand drawn designs for Cricut and Silhouette machines. My litlte girl LOVES the Disney classic movie, The Little Mermaid, but also just loves all general mermaid creativity.

I’ll divide up the categories so you can quickly find a few ideas. Scroll down to help plan your party.

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photo collage of party ideas for a mermaid theme

The Best Mermaid Cupcakes for a Delicious Mermaid Party

Wow-Worthy Mermaid Tail Cupcakes

The iconic shape is easy to make with the right mold. You can even whip up a batch of these mermaid tail cupcakes in advance!

closeup of cupcake with sprinkles with a mermaid tail on top with text which reads Mermaid Cupcakes
mermaid tail cupcakes

The Little Mermaid Cupcakes

Decorated in the colors of Disney’s classic, these Little Mermaid cupcakes are sure to make your little Ariel smile from ear to ear.

little mermaid cupcakes on a white background
The Little Mermaid inspired cupcakes

Dinglehopper Cupcakes

One of everyone’s favorite parts of the movie is now a fun mermaid party dessert! Make this (surprisingly easy) set of dinglehopper cupcakes and sit back to enjoy the smiles and squeals of delight!

vertical image of 2 Princess Ariel cupcakes on an ariel image background
dinglehopper cupcakes for a mermaid party

Ursula Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love a singing villain?! These Ursula cupcakes really highlight the Sea Witch’s dark side and they look amazing on a dessert table.

easy villain cupcake for a Descendants party with text which reads make these easy ursula cupcakes
easy Ursula cupcakes for The Little Mermaid party

Mermaid Party Snacks

Setting up a snack table at any party is one of my favorite things to do. A little creativity with the food can go a long way to making a party magical.

Mermaid Muddy Buddies

If the little ones loves a crunch, this Chex® mermaid Muddy Buddies® recipe is a HUGE hit. They’re whimsical and are easy to prepare in advance.

kid-made mermaid muddy buddies recipe with text which reads make these easy mermaid muddy buddies!
Chex® mermaid Muddy Buddies® are perfect for a party!

Mermaid Rice Krispies Treats™

Everyone’s favorite snack can get all dolled up for the party, too. Whip up a batch of these mermaid Rice Krispies Treats™ for a snack table or as individually-wrapped mermaid party favors.

mermaid party rice krispies treats with text which reads mermaid treats for a mermaid party!
These mermaid Rice Krispies Treats™ are wow-worthy!

Mermaid Popcorn

Oh, one of my favorite mermaid party foods is here! This mermaid popcorn recipe was made and eaten, made again and eaten again before the party!

mermaid popcorn a fun mermaid party food idea in a rectangle bowl on a white background with text which reads mermaid popcorn
This easy mermaid popcorn recipe is loved by everyone.

Seashell Rice Krispie Treats™

These seashell Rice Krispies Treats™ are done in about 20 minutes and feature the cutest little edible pearl.

overhead view of easy kid-made rice krispies treats sea shells for a mermaid party
Make these easy seashell Rice Krispies Treats™ for your mermaid party.

Mermaid Food Ideas

Mermaids need “real” food, too. Even picky eaters will like these mermaid food ideas.

Crab Sandwiches are Perfect for a Mermaid Party

Although cupcakes are nice, these adorable crab sandwiches are a bit more hearty and are 100% kid-approved.

easy mermaid party food of crab sandwiches
You can make these fun croissant crab sandwiches in just minutes.

Mermaid Toast

If you want a fun mermaid breakfast idea, this fun mermaid toast will WOW them. When I put it in front of my daughter, it was non-stop smiles.

This mermaid toast is perfect for any mermaid loving little one. It's easy to make and would be a great surprise for a mermaid birthday! #mermaids #mermaid #mermaidfood #mermaidparty #mermaidpartyideas #mermaidlover #mermaidideas #diymermaid #rufflesandrainboots
Easy and fun, this mermaid toast is a crowd-pleaser!

Mermaid Party Favors

If you love crafting for a party, whip up one or two of these mermaid party favors for everyone to take home. Some are done in just a couple of minutes!

Mermaid Lollipops

The right mold is the star of these DIY mermaid lollipops made with Jolly Ranchers® and good news: it’s available in so many styles!

Photo collage of mermaid tail lollipops with text which reads mermaid tail lollipop recipe perfect for a mermaid party
Make these easy Jolly Rancher® mermaid tail lollipops in just minutes.

Ariel Mermaid Bath Bombs

These Princess Ariel bath bombs are easy to make and safe for young skin. They make excellent party favors because who doesn’t love a fun bath?!

photo collage of red purple and teal bath bomsb with text which reads the little mermaid ariel bath bomb
Princess Ariel bath bombs in bright colors

Mermaid Inspired Bath Bombs

If you want to stick to a more generic mermaid theme, these DIY mermaid bath bombs are popular because they are SO easy.

mermaid party favor mermaid bath bomb in pastel colors safe for kids
mermaid bath bombs are a great mermaid party favor idea

Mermaid Party Craft Ideas

Here are some ideas for mermaid crafts for the kids to work on during the party or to create ahead of time.

Ariel Paper Roll Craft

If you have little ones, pre-cut the simple shapes and set up this fun Ariel paper roll craft with free printable for the party.

Pin Image Collage of Little Mermaid Paper Craft with Purple blocks that say Princess Ariel paper roll template.
Princess Ariel paper roll craft with free printable

Mermaid Slime

Who doesn’t love a good slime? Make things easy by creating a large batch of this easy mermaid glitter slime recipe and dividing it out in small, plastic containers for an easy mermaid party favor.

easy safe slime recipe for mermaid slime sensory play for young kids
easy mermaid glitter slime made with contact solution

Mermaid Birthday Girl Ideas

If you want to go a little bit extra for your birthday girl or boy, here are few fun ideas.

Mermaid Crown

Who wouldn’t love to wear this no sew, DIY mermaid crown during the party?! It’s ridiculously easy and the little one can even do it themselves.

photo collage of the Mermaid Crown for Costumes or Dressup with text which reads Mermaid Crown with Lace
mermaid crown with lace, beads, and seashells

Dream Big Little Mermaid

Make a shirt, tank top, or chair covering with this free dream big little mermaid SVG design. You can use your Cricut or Silhouette machines or, if you don’t have those, just printable vinyl and an iron!

Dream big little Mermaid free mermaid SVG file for cutting machines on kid shirt worn by a little girl with text which reads make this cute shirt in minutes! Free cut files! Mermaid cut files
free dream big, little mermaid SVG

Be a Mermaid in a Sea of Fish

Standing out is JUST the thing for a birthday and this “be a mermaid in a sea of fish” SVG makes it easy to craft something for the star.

Be a Mermaid in a Sea of Fish free mermaid cut file for cricut on tank top with text which says mermaid svg jpg dxf png make this cute shirt (and more!)
Be a mermaid in a sea of fish SVG on tank top.
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