DIY Devil Gnome for Halloween

This adorable DIY devil gnome comes together with a glue gun – no sewing required! Use this step by step Halloween gnome tutorial to create the cutest little decoration.

I have created a gnome tutorial video, as well, walking you through each step to craft this guy and provide tips to make him look high-end. Read below to get started on this fun craft idea for Halloween.

Horizontal image of a red devil gnome with a black gnome beard with tinsel placed in front of marble background with old books.
This adorable DIY devil gnome comes together in 15 minutes using a hot glue gun!

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Devil Gnome with Horns and Tail

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I’m gearing up for spooky season with a few creations. Most are being shared only on the YouTube channel (you can subscribe here), but this guy is too cute not to put here, as well.

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collage of diy gnomes teaching how to make a gnome with or without legs and with or without sewing

This little guy comes together SO quickly using just a hot glue gun but for my friends who love to sew: the gnome pattern has those instructions, as well! It’s the best of both words for this devilish little fella.

If you want to make this but need to gather supplies, save this to a DIY gnomes pin board or share it on Facebook. Either will make this fun Halloween gnome idea easy to find when you’re ready to begin.

Vertical image of a close up of a red devil gnome with black horns and beard in front of a marble background with books.
This devilishly handsome guy is made with a hot glue gun!

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Tips to Make This Fun Halloween Gnome Idea

  • The Stout Gnome Pattern can be created with hot glue, as shown in this tutorial, or made with a sewing machine. The pattern has instructions for both.
  • I used luxe fleece or minky fleece. If you want to use this, note that it can be quite messy when cutting. Use a lint roller (a lot).
  • The faux fur I used has a tinsel woven in. It’s an inexpensive fur and sheds a lot when cutting, so a few good shakes will help settle the gnome beard.
  • For the gnome nose, you can use a pompom, wood or plastic bead, a clay nose you form from polymer clay – the options are endless.
  • The tail is optional for this devil gnome pattern and it’s also optional to wire it. I thought a posable tail would be cute and fun (it is), but you can create a smaller one to lie on the table, as well.
Close up square image of a red devil gnome with black fur gnome beard and black horns in front of a marble background.
The tinsel filled faux fur beard gives this devil a little something extra.

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Supplies to Make This DIY Halloween Gnome Craft

Below are the supplies I used, however, I’d love to hear how you would make this cute devil. As always, remember to check your stash and remnants because you can always combine fabrics and even furs!

  • Body Material (I used the fleece linked below and it’s SO soft)
  • Faux Fur
  • Stiff Felt
  • Gnome Nose (I used a wooden bead but share options in the tips)
  • Poly Pellets (for weight)
  • Poly-Fil (for stuffing)
Horizontal image for a video thumbnail which reads easy, no sew devil gnome for Halloween.
Learn how to make a devil gnome using this video tutorial.

DIY Devil Gnome Tutorial

Below you will find the step by step process I used to create this cute easy DIY Halloween gnome. If you are a visual learner, watch the DIY Devil Gnome video tutorial (and be sure to subscribe).

For a printable version of this tutorial, scroll to the bottom of this page. Note: there are no images, so if you would like those, keep this page open while you craft.

First, use chalk to trace the horns onto the black stiff felt. Cut them out and clean off any chalk.

Crafter using chalk to outline the free horn pattern for the devil gnome.
Use chalk to create an outline of the horns and cut them from stiff felt.

Cut the body and hat from luxe fleece using the Stout gnome pattern pieces. Pin together per the pattern. Use hot glue to secure the body of gnome, gluing along the side and bottom edges. Set aside to dry.

Crafter using a detail tip hot glue gun to close up the Stout gnome body.
Use glue (or sew) the body closed per the pattern.

Open the body per the pattern, lining up the seam in the front middle and creating a diamond shape with the bottom. Create the box bottom by folding down the top and bottom diamond points in towards the middle and secure with hot glue. Let dry completely.

Crafter using hot glue to create a box bottom gnome body.
Create the box bottom by tucking in each corner.

Create a brim to the hat, if using, by securing the bottom 1/2 inch up the wrong side of the fabric with hot glue. Secure the lower sides and top center of the hat with hot glue, leaving the horn portions open.

Crafter using hot glue to create a gnome hat.
Glue the sides and top of the gnome hat together, leaving the top sides open for the horns.

Flip the hat right sides out and tuck in each horn. Secure with glue by folding over the hat edges slightly and gluing them to the felt in front and back for both horns.

Crafter using hot glue to secure devil horns into a gnome hat.
Tuck the horns into the gnome hat and secure with glue after tucking in the edges.

Flip the body right sides out and fill with at least 1.5 cups of poly pellets for weight. Add stuffing up to 1.5 inches from the top edge and secure with twine.

Crafter tying off the gnome body using twine.
Add weight, stuffing, and then tie off the body (or sew it closed).

Place the hat on the body and size for the faux fur gnome beard. I used the width of the gnome and a couple inches high (dropped V-shape). Cut the faux fur fabric backing with an X-Acto knife and glue to the body of the gnome.

Crafter using a hot glue gun to secure a faux fur gnome beard to a devil gnome body.
Use hot glue to attach the gnome beard well.

Split the fur to the fabric backing. Add hot glue and press on the nose. Glue the hat to the top of the nose (to hide the hole) and then secure the hat all the way around.

Crafter adding a wood bead for a gnome nose.
Use a wood bead, pompom, or clay nose for the devil.

Optional: Cut two small pieces for each horn and glue to the felt. Trim, if desired.

Crafter gluing fur to the devil horns on a gnome hat.
If desired, add small tufts of faux fur to the devil horns.

Optional: Cut 2 small triangles of stiff felt and glue a piece of wire in between. Cover the wire with the luxe fleece and secure into and to the body for a devil tail.

Crafter making a devil tail using fleece, felt and wire.
Create the optional devil tail in just a minute by wrapping wire in the same fabric.

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Split vertical image showing a cute DIY devil gnome in red with black fur beard for Halloween with horns and tail.
This adorable devil gnome is too much fun not to make!

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