Learn How to Make a No-Sew Gnome

If you want to learn all of the ways to make a no-sew gnome you’ve come to the right place. Below, I am sharing the most popular ways to make easy gnomes without sewing a stitch!

Horizontal photo collage of six gnome patterns, gnome ornaments, and no sew gnomes for year round decor and holidays.
If you’ve ever wanted to make a gnome, this no-sew gnome resource set is perfect with gnome patterns, tips and tricks all for the taking!

How Do I Make a No-Sew Gnome?

This is one the most often asked questions I get, having come to be known as the gnome lady. If you’re new to Ruffles and Rain Boots, hi there. My name is Sarah and I love, love, love making all kinds of DIY gnomes – sock gnomes, gnomes made from cones, gnome patterns, gnome decor – well, you get it. I love to make them.

Some of my most popular gnome styles require no sewing at all. You can even use patterns designed specifically for hot glue like my no-sew tucked gnome pattern here. But before we get there…

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Photo collage of many styles of gnomes with big faux fur beards with text which reads no-sew gnomes tips and tricks.
Create a gorgeous no sew gnome using socks, cones, and more.

What are the different Ways to Make a Gnome Without Sewing?

You might have heard of sock gnomes already… This gnome style became very popular over the holiday season because it doesn’t require any sewing and a crafter can use socks for both the body AND the hat. Talk about easy, right?!

But there are quite a few more ways to make gnomes without sewing. I’ll go into each of the ways below and will share tutorials I have here on the ‘Boots. Just pick one and get started.

Sock Gnome Tutorials – Very easy no-Sew Gnomes

When most crafters think of no-sew gnome styles and patterns, the easy sock gnome comes to mind. These are so versatile because, as I said above, the mix-and-match opportunities are endless and anyone can create a beautiful gnome in just minutes.

I have created many different styles of sock gnomes and a few types are below. I’ve also included a handy one-click link for all of my sock gnome tutorials I have.

  • slouchy hat sock gnome – This popular style features a fabric gnome hat pattern that can be sized to any size sock gnome you make.
  • farmhouse gnome couple – Combine sock gnomes with boots for easy standing gnomes!
  • twisted hat sock gnomes – These gnomes are made with two different sock styles and are nothing short of amazing fun to make and display.
  • mini glove finger gnomes – I know this isn’t a traditional “sock gnome,” but the same technique was used to make these three different glove gnomes.
  • Easy Sock Gnome Tutorials – These are all the gnomes made with socks on Ruffles and Rain Boots. Psst: there are quite a few!
Vertical photo collage of sock gnomes and sock gnome ornaments with text which reads how to make sock gnomes tomte nisse gonk.
A sock gnome doesn’t have to be plain – check out these fun sock gnome tutorials.

No-Sew Cone Gnome Tutorials

You can use paper maché or Styrofoam cones for these no-sew gnomes. I prefer the paper maché cones because you can make a stacking set and because they are lighter and easier to pack away.

A few tutorials I have for you with these cone gnomes are:

  • Cone Gnome Family – These use two different sizes of paper maché cones but three would be fun, as well. In this tutorial, I even show you how to make the gnomes stackable for storage.
  • Mini Cone Gnomes – One of the best parts of these gnomes is that they are perfect for small areas and displays. These cuties are perfect for a tiered tray or a coffee bar.
  • Simple and Easy Gnomes with Cones – If you are just getting started, this style of cone gnome is a great introduction (includes paper maché and Styrofoam cones)
collage of no-sew gnomes made with Styrofoam cones with text which exclusive cone gnome patterns.
Learn how to make cone gnomes with just some fabric, fur, and a hot glue gun.

Sachet Gnomes – Pouch Body Gnomes

If you can cut a circle, you can make a fun sachet gnome filled with whatever you want to brighten your day or your delicates drawer. ;)

  • Mini Scandinavian Gnome – Years and years ago, this little gnome started it all for me. I used a scrap of fabric to make him (and then 1,402 of his closest friends).
  • Lavender Sachet Gnome – A friend of mine saw my mini gnomes and she and her daughter created this successful Etsy business with a little tweak.
Two mini gnomes with text which reads no sew sachet gnome patterns and tutorials.
Sachet gnomes are quick and easy to make and are perfect ornaments, package tags, or filler.

Styrofoam Cone Gnomes (body or hats)

If you want to make standing gnomes, Styrofoam cone gnomes are going to be the perfect place to start. You won’t need many supplies outside of your normal gnome-making craft supplies, so they are an easy addition to any collection.

A few DIY gnome tutorials I have with Styrofoam cones are:

  • Spring gnome with rain boots – Using premade rain boots, this cutie combines a Styrofoam body and amazing embellishments.
  • Cone Gnome with Booty – Okay, so you just have to see him. :) I combined a cone and a Styrofoam ball to shape this guy.
  • Simple and Easy Gnomes with Cones – From tiny gnomes to large, standing gnomes, this link will take you to all paper maché and Styrofoam cone gnomes on Ruffles and Rain Boots.

Wood Gnomes and Patterns

Who said fabric, cones, and socks could have all the fun? Below are no-sew wood gnome tutorials and patterns I’ve shared here on Ruffles and Rain Boots.

Six image collage of wood gnomes and ornaments with text which reads diy gnomes with wood free patterns.
If you love working with natural materials like wood, you can make a gnome with a hot glue gun.

No-Sew Gnome Patterns

I mentioned above that I created a no-sew pattern for gnomes that includes everything you will need to make a fun and easy gnome. All of these use the same no-sew pattern. It’s so versatile!

More Gnomes That Don’t Require a Sewing

If you’re all the way down here on this page, let me tell you… You might be just as obsessed with gnomes as I am. Repeat after me using your name, “I, Sarah, am obsessed with gnomes.” And it sure is nice to have you here. :)

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Photo collage of diy no-sew gnome patterns with text which reads tips tricks & patterns no-sew gnomes tomte nisse gonk.
There are so many ways to make a no-sew gnome and I love sharing them with you.