DIY Gnome Ornaments

For years, I’ve been been making DIY gnome ornaments and sharing them with free tutorials. Today, I’m rounding up my favorites that you can make without any special supplies.

Many of these ornaments have gone viral and have been shared all over the world. I would love to know your favorite and have you share them with me.

Horizontal image of six gnomes made with felt, fur, and recycled materials with text which reads diy gnome ornaments.
Make adorable gnomes for the holidays using these free ornament tutorials.

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Gnome Christmas Decor and Ornament Ideas

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I have been making DIY gnomes, Christmas gnomes, and gnomes for all holidays for years. And though I’m known for one of the most popular vanilla cupcake recipes on the Internet as well as gnomes, I’ve had readers ask: have you made any gnome ornaments?

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collage of diy gnomes teaching how to make a gnome with or without legs and with or without sewing

And I take a pause because I’ve made a few… Many… Well, a lot. I’ve made a metric TON of ornaments with gnome themes!

So I thought it was about time I created a place where you can browse all of my adorable gnome ornament ideas to inspire you. If you have any questions, please use the comments section or join us in the Facebook group here.

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Six image collage of Christmas gnomes with text which reads free gnome ornament tutorials.
Create any number of easy gnome ornaments using these fun and free tutorials.

Supplies to Make These Gnome Christmas Ornaments

Each of the free gnome tutorials are detailed below and use a few of the same supplies: felt, fleece, wood beads, and small decorations. I try to use fabrics and items that are recycled or inexpensive, so check your craft stash, house recyclables, and dollar stores.

Though I’m sharing the most popular designs, you can find all DIY gnome ornaments I’ve made here. Please let me know which one is your favorite by using the comments section!

If you want to use faux fur, I recommend Mongolian fur or one of the other tested furs on this list. Note hat a long pile of fur can make anything look nicer. Learn how to cut faux fur for a gnome beard here.

Gnome Ornament Made with Macrame Cord

This Internet-sensation macrame gnome ornament has exploded this year! It’s a popular design because it’s cute AND easy!

Split vertical image of close up Christmas craft with text which reads free pattern macrame gnome holiday ornament.
This gorgeous ornament is just a series of knots, ties, and a wooden bead.

Christmas Gnome Ornament (As Featured in Magazines)

The most popular Christmas gnome ornament is SO easy to make! and I can’t tell you how many times people have sent me their creations.

DIY Christmas Gnome Ornaments made with simple craft supplies hanging on Christmas tree.
The Internet’s most popular gnome ornament has been going strong for years!

Reindeer Gnome Ornament

Use a pre-made ornament or felt to create this adorable reindeer gnome ornament. It’s a great way to use up scraps of fur, fleece, and little decorations.

Stacked vertical image collage of red hat gnome with text which reads easy reindeer gnome ornament.
This easy ornament is perfect to use up fur scraps and small holiday greenery.

Dollar Tree Gnome Ornament Using a Sock!

You can use a fuzzy sock to create this quick and easy sock gnome ornament with items from the dollar store. This is a perfect cold-weather night or rainy day afternoon craft idea because it doesn’t take long to make.

Stacked vertical image of two gnomes with fuzzy hats with text which reads Dollar Tree gnome ornaments.
Create an entire series of these cute easy macrame gnome ornaments using a mop head, mittens, and socks.

Pinecone Gnome Ornaments

Add a string to these adorable pinecone gnomes and this quick ornament craft idea is done. These are popular because you can use the scented pinecones or regular ones in any size or shape.

Vertically oriented image showing three gnomes made from felt hats and pinecones with wood bead noses on holiday background.
Use the free hat template to create these adorable Christmas pinecone gnomes.

Make a Gnome Ornament Set from a Napkin

You can make an entire set of gnome ornaments from a napkin using these free tutorial. Sew or glue these and sell the gnome ornaments at a craft fair, give to friends or family, or even decorate your tree!

Christmas gnome ornament plush from a napkin hanging on a tree.
Use a beautifully printed napkin to create an entire set of gnome ornaments to hang on a tree, sell, or gift.

Pompom Gnome Ornament Craft

If you have a bit of yarn and some felt, whip up these Scandinavian-inspired pompom gnome ornaments. Use them on the tree or as package decorations (psst: they also sell well at craft fairs).

Photo collage of diy pom pom gnome Christmas ornaments with text which reads make these easy beginner pompom gnome ornaments.
A bit of yarn and some felt are all you need for these cute gnomes.

Mason Jar Lid Gnome Ornament

If you have some extras lying around or find a bag at a thrift store, make these gnome ornaments using a mason jar lid. They are a perfect way to use up scraps from your craft stash.

Mason jar gnome ornament hanging from a Christmas tree on a black background with the text which reads scandanavian tomte ornament.
Make a rustic gnome ornament with a few scraps.

Farmhouse Gnome Ornaments (As Featured in Magazines)

If you love the simple, rustic style, make these farmhouse gnome ornaments. They are quick to come together and you can use a fat quarter bundle for a coordinating look.

Vertical photo collage of Christmas gnome ornaments hanging on a tree with text which reads Farmhouse gnome Christmas ornaments made 3 ways make these ornaments.
This design is so easy to create an entire set of ornaments for a tree, packages, or even for sale.

Mini Gnome Ornaments Using Gloves

Use the fingers of inexpensive gloves to make these mini gnome ornaments. Create hats or use acorn tops – isn’t that too cute?!

Mini gnomes made for Christmas tree ornaments with text which reads tiny glove finger gnome ornaments.
Use glove fingers to make the original mini gnome ornaments!

More Gnome DIY Projects You Might Like

  • Plaster Gnome Ornaments – I recreated these based on some ornaments I saw in Europe at a hand made market (except I made them the easy way). :)
  • DIY Farmhouse Gnome – One of my most beloved gnomes, this little guy is so simple and adds a lot of farmhouse charm to any room.
  • Chef Gnome Tutorial – I just adore this gnome and how fun is he to have in the kitchen as a little whimsical reminder to have fun while cooking?!
  • Wood Block Gnomes – Featured by Better Homes & Gardens’ Holiday Crafts 2021 magazine, these guys are a popular choice.
Collage of 5 images of hanging gnomes with text which reads Gnome Ornament Tutorials ruffles and rain boots.
Even if you have never picked up a glue gun, you will be able to make these Christmas gnome ornaments!

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