DIY Plaster Gnome Ornament for Christmas Trees or Packages

Using a pre-made gnome mold, you can make a plaster gnome ornament (or a set) quickly and easily. Whether painted or left white, you can make this Christmas craft to fit any decor.

I loved this easy craft so much that I ended up making quite a few of them and creating package tags, too. No one will know that you made these – they look so high end! Follow the full gnome ornament video tutorial or step by step written tutorial below.

Horizontal image of two gnome ornaments made with plaster wood and paint for placed on a large wood round.
These 3-dimensional gnome ornaments are high-end looking, quick and use a supply that makes them easy to make this holiday season.

Plaster Gnome Ornament Tutorial

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I have shared quite a few ways to make your own Christmas gnome ornaments (I will link a few below). This year, I wanted to challenge myself to recreate a set of high-end, 3-dimensional ornaments I saw once in Europe many years ago.

Because many of us aren’t sculptors (I am really, really not that talented), my plan was to hunt down and use a pre-made gnome mold. And guess what? After a few tries, I figured out what worked best and I couldn’t be happier with the result! If you’d like to make your own gnome ornaments, let’s get started.

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collage of diy gnomes teaching how to make a gnome with or without legs and with or without sewing

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No Time to Make These Right Now?

If you need to order the mold, be sure to save or share this free tutorial. Most people save it to a holiday pin board or share it to a crafting Facebook group.

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Close up of a gnome ornament made with plaster wood and ribbon hanging on a tree with text which reads easy diy gnome ornaments.
These cute Christmas gnomes are like a paint by number project – so easy.

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Tips for Making Plaster Christmas Ornaments

  • I used this silicone gnome mold and was very impressed with the quality. I sent another one back because they were wafer thin and just flimsy, but this one was solid and the details came out perfect.
  • The way in which you ‘mix up’ the plaster matters. I’ve been working with this stuff a while and will say that adding the powder to the water is the way to go. Place the water in the bowl and add the entire amount of plaster. Let it sit (no stirring) until most of the powder is absorbed and then fold the rest together slowly to avoid bubbles.
  • Do not un-mold the plaster gnomes until they have fully set. Because of the mold I used, these were dry in no time at all.
  • Please use a dust mask when working with plaster of Paris. You should have it on when you mix, un-mold, sand, and when you are cleaning up any excess powder.
  • Be sure to scrape off any extras pieces from the back of the gnome ornaments so they can be securely adhered to the wood.
Square image close up of two DIY gnome ornaments for Christmas tree and package tags on a wood round with pine cone and pine needles.

How Do I Make Plaster Gnome Ornaments?

I’m so glad you want to make these cute Christmas gnome ornaments. I had a lot of fun putting this set together and my daughter was even able to make and paint her own.

Below for the written and printed instructions. If you’re a visual learner, click here for the full, step by step DIY Plaster Gnome Ornaments video tutorial.

Yield: 2 Gnome Ornaments

DIY Plaster Gnome Ornaments

square image close up of two DIY gnome ornaments for Christmas tree and package tags gift ideas

You can use a simple mold and inexpensive craft supplies to create these high-end, 3D plaster gnome ornaments for a Christmas tree or package tags.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5



  • measuring cups (1/2 and 1/4 cups)
  • skewer
  • popsicle stick (or something flat)
  • paintbrush
  • foam brush
  • sand paper or sanding block


How to Make Plaster Gnomes

  1. Add 1 part water into a bowl and to it add 2 parts plaster of Paris. Let sit.
  2. Lay out the silicone gnome molds on a flat, protected surface.
  3. Fold the plaster in the water (do not stir) and spoon it into the molds. Use the skewer to ensure the plaster gets into all of the areas.
  4. Scrap the popsicle stick over the back to make sure the backs are flat and set aside to dry.
  5. Un-mold the gnomes and clean up, if necessary, any rough edges with sand paper or sanding block. gnome ornament tutorial step by step images of making plaster gnome ornament and package tag

How to Make the 3D Gnome Ornaments

  1. Paint the wood ovals white and once dry, decoupage the napkin onto the back of them with the ModPodge, foam brush. Once dry, cover the napkin with ModPodge to seal.
  2. Paint the plaster gnomes (I painted beards and braids white and used black mixed with red and green to get a vintage look). Cover the sides and front of gnomes with sealant and let dry.
  3. Glue the gnomes to the front of the wood oval, tie a ribbon bow, and string with twine for a hanger.


The silicone mold is one I will be making more crafts with because it was a quality set and worked brilliantly!

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Additional Ways to Use These Gnomes

I am a firm believer in making things once and finding a ton of ways to use and repurpose them. Here are a few ways I am thinking of using this plaster gnome mold:

  • make a gnome garland – Leave the keychain ring opening or glue a string to the back and you have a homemade garland.
  • make wreath picks – These gnomes would be so cute in a wreath or vase; just add a skewer to the back.
  • DIY earrings – I’m thinking a simple jump ring and a fish hook earring might just do it for those who like dangling earrings!
  • create fondant gnomes – You could use colored fondant or food coloring to ‘paint’ white fondant pressed into the mold… Oh, you could add a toothpick before drying and oh my goodness, standing gnomes for the top of a cake or cupcakes!

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Vertical stacked image of two DIY gnome ornaments on a large wood round and hanging on a Christmas tree with text which reads easy Christmas gnome ornaments ruffles and rain boots.

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