Rock Painting Ideas for Preschoolers and Young Children

These rock painting ideas for preschoolers will inspire you to create tons of painted stones for gifts or hiding. Click through to see them all!

child on beach holding large rock with text which reads Rock Painting Ideas for Preschoolers

Rock Painting Ideas

We love sharing rock painting ideas here on Ruffles and Rain Boots. With young children of our own, we love coming up with kid-friendly rock painting ideas.

I ran into our daughter’s preschool teacher at the market the other day and she asked me for a few ideas she could paint for her classroom. Instead of emailing them to her, she suggested I write it up here for others. #smartlady

So here is our growing list of rock painting ideas for preschoolers.

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Adorable set of Kawaii weather story stones - look at those cute Kawaii faces

Rock Painting Ideas for Preschoolers – Story Stones

nativity story stones and stenciled gift bag

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Painted Stone Ideas for Kids by Learning Activity or Theme

  • Alphabet Rocks (animal or object on front, letter on back)
  • Shapes (easy shape identification rocks), Colors, or Numbers
  • Parts of the Body
  • Emotions (emojis are great for this or stick figures with simple faces)
  • Identifying Fruits and Vegetables (Healthy versus Non-Healthy Foods)
  • Sequencing (early math)
    • Wake up routine (wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, etc.)
    • How to build an ice cream cone, etc.

Simple Rock Painting idea for unicorn glitter rock for kids

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Rock Painting Ideas by Characters or Themes

  • Disney
  • Winnie the Pooh Rock Paintings
  • Pete the Cat Painted Stones
  • Dr. Seuss Rock Painting Ideas (Green Eggs and Ham is a favorite!)
  • Dinosaurs
  • Knights and Princess Rock Painting Ideas
  • Transportation (kids LOVE using them to tell stories – planes, trucks, trains, boats, etc.)

Independence Day Rock Ideas Minnie Mouse American Flag

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Rock Painting Ideas for Puzzles

Shape Puzzles

  • Christmas tree (a brown rock for a trunk, a lot of green stones for the tree, and a yellow star for the top)
  • Unicorn puzzle stones

Topic Puzzles

  • Match a fruit to the letter it starts with
  • Pair a baby animal with its older counterpart (chicken with hen, calf with cow, etc.)
  • Tic-Tac-Toe (include a drawstring bag)

Over to You

Do you have any to add to this list? I’d love to keep it growing! Please add any ideas in the comments below and I’ll update this list of rock painting ideas for preschoolers.

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child holding large rock on pebble beach with text which reads rock painting ideas for kids in preschool

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