Unicorn Rock Painting Ideas – The Best of the Internet

These unicorn rock painting ideas will have you making painted stones in magical styles. Get the tutorials and inspiration for your own unicorn rock!

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Unicorn Rock Painting Ideas: Tutorials 

Magical DIY Unicorn Rocks – Hello Wonderful – From one of my favorite sites on the Internet, these DIY unicorn rocks are just amazing. I love the texture (note: you wouldn’t want to hide these outside because of the embellishments).

Glitter Painted Unicorn Rocks – Ruffles and Rain Boots – Yes, our popular rock painting tutorial made this list (of course it did). I think it’s popular because it’s one of the easiest unicorn rock painting ideas out there.

Purple Painted Unicorn Rocks – I Love Painted Rocks – I’m impressed with the color shift paint she uses. I can’t wait to pick some up!

Unicorn Painted Rock – Rock Painting 101 – The creative minds behind the popular Rock Painting 101 site are my friends. I feel so honored to know them and their unicorn rock is just the cutest!

Painted Unicorn Rock Stones – The Inspiration Edit – Isn’t this unicorn rock painting idea just the sweetest? Love the stitching.

Magical Unicorn Painted Rock – I Love Painted Rocks – A tiny unicorn for a tiny rock. My daughter draws her unicorns like this.

Puffy Paint Unicorn Painted Rocks – I Love to Create – Whoa, the color here is smile-inducing. The bright, puffy paint combined with unicorns just makes my heart happy and one of the most colorful unicorn rock painting ideas I’ve seen.

Painted Rocks: Unicorn Rock Inspiration

There aren’t any tutorials for these amazing unicorn rocks, but some you can definitely figure out. I just love, love, love the creativity with these painted stones.

Purple Painted Unicorn Rock – @twobucksandadoerocks – The emo version of a unicorn rock painting. Love it – it’s so moody.

Hand Painted White Unicorn Stone – Ginger Rock Shop – Sometimes, simple unicorn rock painting ideas are best. This one is adorable.

Unicorn Painted Rock with Rainbow Mane – Just Natural Elements – If I could name this bit of unicorn rock inspiration, it would be, “Meet Tilde, the sophisticated unicorn.”

Whimsical Unicorn Rock – Robyn Paints Rocks – I love the way the hair is painted. Those dark accents will really make it stand out.

Pastel and Gold Rainbow Unicorn Rock – Frankies Rocks n Dots – This is one of my favorite unicorn rock painting ideas because, well… GOLD!

Doe Eyed Unicorn Painted Rock – @twobucksandadoerocks – The eyes! Aren’t they the cutest?

Floral Unicorn Horn Painted Rock – Hand Painted Andrea – This is a very original idea – the color selection makes me think about what I could do with the black and gold.

Over to You 

What is your favorite? Honestly, right now I want to make ALL of these amazing unicorn rock painting ideas.

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These amazing unicorn rock painting ideas will leave you inspired and creative. #unicorns #unicornparty #unicornrocks #rockpainting #rockpainting101 #rockpaintingideas #paintedstones #paintedpebbles #rockpaintingtips #rufflesandrainboots

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