Learn How to Make 6 Adorable Kawaii Weather Story Stones

These Kawaii weather story stones are a perfect way to help young kids learn about weather. And it doesn’t take an artist to make these weather stones – we’ll show you how with pictures and video tutorials!

Adorable set of Kawaii weather story stones - look at those cute Kawaii faces

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Kawaii Weather Story Stones

The cute faces on these adorable Kawaii weather stones are so inviting – even the grumpy lightning stone is beyond cute! Because the faces are simple, kids will be able to make them without help.

And for my 6-year-old who currently EXCELS at demonstrating her independence, this is huge.

Plus it gives me a chance to drink my coffee while it’s hot (and paint my own rocks…)

We’re pretty big fans of rock painting here at Ruffles and Rain Boots because it’s a way to get the kids really involved in art, storytelling, and even demonstrations of kindness. If you’re new or need some ideas for painted rocks, check our simple rock painting ideas for kids.

Simple Supplies for Rock Painting Story Stones

One of the great things about rock painting is that you don’t need a lot of supplies. For our Kawaii weather story stones, we used:

  • unfinished rocks (we used Caribbean “pebbles” from The Home Depot), 2-3-inch rocks
  • our favorite paint pens (even little hands can use these)
  • a small paintbrush
  • a pencil for outlining a design
  • ModPodge and polyurethane to seal, a foam brush to apply

Instructions (Psst: There’s a Video Below)

I’m only going to include a single stone’s instructions here because I’ve made videos for each of the stones. Each video is below.

Outline your stone. One tip: make light pencil marks where using light paint colors (or just erase them slightly before painting). 

Learn how to paint rocks with this set of cute Kawaii weather story stones

Paint each stone, keeping sure to avoid adding too much paint. The idea of the paint pens is to cover, not drench. Most colors will only need one coat, with white being the exception.

Learn how to use Posca Paint pens

Add on the Kawaii face. If you make your snow stone’s snowman large enough, a happy, closed eye smiling face would be cute. Ours was too small for it to be noticeable.

A tip: if you want to blend paint pens, be sure to try the look using a dry paintbrush. For more on that, see our How to Blend Paint Pens tutorial.

Rock Painting 101 and simple rock painting ideas for kids

Cover each painted section of stone in a light coat of ModPodge. Be sure not to go over and over the design, otherwise, the colors will run. Once the ModPodge is dry, coat in polyurethane (or this outdoor ModPodge).

How to Paint Kawaii Weather Story Stones (Videos)

If you or the kids are visual learners, these videos will help to guide their creations. Kawaii faces are easy to make but are so expressive and I honestly believe that’s why kids love them so much.

Kawaii Wind Weather Story Stone

Kawaii Party Sunny Painted Rock

Snow / Snowing Painted Stone

Sunny Weather Story Stone

Rain / Raining Painted Pebble Story Stone

Lightning Story Stone to Teach Weather

Over to You

These Kawaii weather story stones really are such fun to make and play with. If you’re a rock painter and hider, consider hiding these all together in a set to make someone’s day.

We love the rock painting community and are very active on Facebook. Would you share this fun set of story stones on your Facebook page or in one of the groups? We sincerely appreciate your shares – they’re how we grow!

You can make these simple Kawaii weather story stones to add to a painted rock collection, help children tell stories, or hide for others to find. #kawaii #rockpainting #rockpainting101 #rockpaintingideas #paintedpebbles #paintedrocks #rufflesandrainboots #storystones

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  1. Absolutely perfect way to teach young kids about weather and have pinned to try with my own kids soon now. Thanks :)