13 Camping Story Stones That Will Impress All Campers

Camping story stones are a perfect addition to your summer camping gear. This is a great rock painting idea for beginners to make because we’re sharing two ways to make them! Let’s get started making the gift of storytelling.

Camping story stones for campfire games and rainy camping days

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Rock Painting Ideas: Camping Story Stones

Earlier today, I planned the year’s worth of camping excursions. I spent the day reserving campground sites, planning hikes and day trips, and really deciding how long I can really go without a shower.

After all that planning, I needed a break; I needed something relaxing.

So once my tasks for the day were accomplished, I got out my favorite paint pens and some black rocks to have a little Rock Painting 101 fun.

Note: if you don’t want to draw and paint your own story stones, scroll down – I’ve got you covered! It’s one of my daughter’s favorite ways to DIY story stones. 

Camping Stones for Kids

Kids are storytellers and story stones are a simple way to build on that skill. Because I had camping on the brain, I decided to make my daughter a set of camping story stones we can throw in the gear and have for any trip.

In my kit I included the following stones.

Toasting Marshmallows and Campfire Rock Painting

Can you guess my daughter’s favorite camping activity? During one camping trip, the kids were impatiently waiting on the grownups to build a fire, so we taught them how. At 6-years-old, my daughter knows how to build a proper fire.

Her driving focus in learning how to build a campfire was for toasting marshmallows.

camping story stones marshmallows on a stick and campfire

Campground Signpost and Canoe Rock Painting

We let our kids go a bit feral when camping (isn’t that what it’s for?), so by day 3, we want everyone to find the nearest body of water.

These signpost and canoe rock painting ideas for kids are sure to please the little ones because they know what’s at the end of that trail!

For a video of the canoe, keep scrolling – it’s short and teaches you how to blend paint pens using the wet-on-wet painting technique.

canoe rock painting lake sign painted rocks

Easy Forest Rock Painting, Mountain Range Rocks, and a Compass

We’re in Washington and the camping around here is ah-may-zing. From mountains and old-growth forests to glacier lakes and rainforests, we have no shortage of landscapes.

Our next trip is over to Mount Ranier, so I made these camping story stones to give her options. I suppose I should add a meadow and a glacier!

mountain rock painting forest painted rock how to paint rocks

Camping Styles: Tent Camping and RV / Caravan Camping

Tent camping is a childhood milestone. Whether you’re in the city or travel far distances to pitch, the tent painted rock is sure to bring smiles.

And Y’all – how cute is that caravan?! I want it – like for me. Everyone else can keep the tents and I’ll roll up in my lime green RV. :)

You could also include sleeping bags or hammocks.

caravan rock painting RV rock tent camping painted rocks

Bugs of Camping Story Stones

Inevitably, someone always gets stung or slimed on our trips. I’ve included this bee and snail, but other great bugs for camping rocks are mosquitos, butterflies, caterpillars, and beetles.

bee rock painting snail painted rock


Storytelling Staples: Moon and Stars Rock Painting and Sunshine Rock

We made these weather story stone rocks so for this set, I kept it simple with just a nighttime rock painting and a sunshine rock.

daytime rock painting moon and stars painted rock ideas for kids

Watch: How to Blend Paint Pens (Wet-on-Wet)

This quick tutorial will tell you how to blend paint pens using a wet-on-wet painting method. It’s a fast technique and really comes in handy.

In this short video, I’ll show you how to blend water.

Stone Painting Made Easy with Clipart Story Stones

Just like our Christmas Story Stones, kids of all ages can get in on pebble painting fun!

If you (or your little one) aren’t confident in your drawing skills, you can print off clipart, cut it out, and use ModPodge to attach it to rocks before sealing. For a full tutorial, just follow our Christmas story stones how-to.

As an Etsy seller, I like to share other artists’ work from there, and this camping clipart caught my eye. Psst: they’re only $1!

Over to You

How will you make your camping story stones? I think I might print off that clipart (yes, I bought it) and make the neighbor boys a set for their big 3-week camping trip this summer.

Please share this on Facebook in your favorite rock painting group. Your shares are how we grow and we’re sincerely grateful.

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  1. My daughter would love this activity. Just today she fell asleep in the car and I found about 10 rocks in the back seat. OMG, she is always collecting little trinkets. This would be a much better way to use and display her rock collection that to just have them stored in the backseat of the car! Thanks for the idea.