Party Cupcakes – Ideas for All Occasions

These ideas for party cupcakes will get your creative mind bursting with ideas. Scroll down to see everything from unicorns to Disney-inspired treats!

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Fun Party Cupcakes for Any Occasion

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I love sharing easy, creative cupcake decorating ideas. I think cupcakes are the perfect treat – small enough to eat an entire serving and big enough to satiate even the sweetest sweet tooth.

If you’re looking for specifics, check out these cupcake collections or scroll down to get the inspiration flowing:

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Easy Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

I know how hard it can be to balance work, family, and all of the other things on your plate. So I made the easiest small batch vanilla cupcake recipe that can be doubled or tripled to please everyone on your party invite list.

easy vanilla cupcake recipe image on white marble with text which readsEasy Vanilla Cupcakes You'll Actually Make

Unicorn Cupcakes

If you have a unicorn fan in your house, these unicorn cupcakes will BLOW.THEM.AWAY! They look so fancy but trust me when I say they are easy to make.

Click the picture below for the full recipe and even tips on making things easier on yourself.

close up of unicorn cupcakes on rainbow background

Pokemon Cupcakes

If your little ones are saying, “Gotta catch ’em all,” these Pokémon cupcakes featuring a Pokeball are just the thing. Learn how to make this easy cupcake decorating idea even easier by skimming through the tips section.

side view of a finished pokemon pokeball cupcake with pickachu on a plate

Grinch Cupcakes 

There is a surprise inside these Grinch cupcakes that will delight kids of all ages. Psst: it’s super tasty, too!

easy recipe for grinch movie cupcakes on a glass plate
Make these easy Grinch cupcakes for a Grinch movie night!

Snow White Cupcakes

Who’s the fairest of them all? You will be when the kids scream with delight seeing these Snow White cupcakes. All Disney princess fans will delight in these colorful (and so easy) princess cupcakes.

close up of three princess cupcakes on white and red background with text which reads Snow White Cupcakes

Moana Cupcakes

These easy-to-make Moana cupcakes feature the Heart of Tefiti and a fun Maui hook. This sweet treat is perfect for a Moana or Maui birthday party.

how to make moana party cupcakes on a grey wood background
Make these easy Moana cupcakes for a fun Moana party treat!

Adorable Rapunzel Cupcakes 

If you have a fan of Tangled, these Rapunzel cupcakes featuring her best friend, Pascal, are going to bring ALL the smiles. They’re pretty easy to make and the kids will love helping.

how to make pascal cupcakes for a tangled party

Olaf Cupcakes 

Fans of Disney’s FROZEN movie are going to squeal with delight at these Olaf cupcakes for a Frozen party. And be sure to enlist their help because the little Olaf characters are so much fun to make!

how to make frozen party cupcakes
Make these easy Olaf cupcakes, fun Frozen cupcakes for a Frozen party!

Chewbacca Cupcakes

If you or the children are humming the Imperial March all day or making “pew-pew” sounds with LEGO, these Chewbacca cupcakes are perfect for Star Wars fans.

how to make chewie cupcakes from star wars
Make these easy Chewbacca cupcakes for a Star Wars party!

Ursula Cupcakes 

If you like the darker side of Disney, these Ursula cupcakes are jaw-dropping. But sharing a little secret with you: they are NOT hard to make at all.

side view of ursula cupcakes with marshmallow fondant tentacles
Make these easy Ursula cupcakes for a Little Mermaid party or a Disney Villains party!

Inside Out Cupcakes

Friends, I could not have come up with an easier cupcake decorating idea than this. Give the kids edible markers, buy a few premade icing circles, and make a bath of these fun Inside Out cupcakes.

Easy Inside Out Cupcakes for Inside Out Movie Night

Gnome Cupcakes (Kid-Made and SO Much Fun)!

Friends, these gnome cupcakes are a creative activity you can eat. The kids will love sneaking mini-marshmallows while making the cute gnome beards.

how to make gnome cupcakes with an ice cream cone
Make these adorable gnome cupcakes, an easy cupcake decorating idea kids can do!

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