Inside Out Cupcakes – The Easiest Decorating EVER!

These Inside Out cupcakes are the perfect addition to any lazy mom’s guide to family movie night. They take less than 5-minutes and the kids will love them for an Inside Out family movie night.

Easy Inside Out Cupcakes for Inside Out Movie Night

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Inside Out Family Movie Night

Imagine if you will, a mother forgetting movie night.

Oh, the horror.

Now, I know that might not be a big deal (to anyone over the age of 6), but we make a ‘thing’ out of it.

We do a family movie night a couple times a month in our house. Because we’re the crafty types, we love making crafts, food, and activities to go along with the movies.

And I forgot about it. le gasp

To give you an idea, for our Moana movie night here is what we do ’round here at Ruffles and Rain Boots:

Moana Movie Night

Moana Family Movie Night Free Printable Popcorn Recipe Moana Milkshake

Supplies Needed for Easy Inside Out Cupcakes

“Supplies.” I laughed while I typed that, friends. This is honestly the easiest family movie night treat I’ve ever made.

And doesn’t it just happen that it’s the one they remember the most?! #ofcourseitis

That’s it.

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Watch This "Professional" Cupcake Decorating Video

Just so we're clear, I'm laughing so hard right now that my husband is seriously concerned for my mental health. This video is neither professional nor considered "cupcake decorating."

While I was making the video, I was snickering so badly I thought the camera would shake!

How to Make Inside Out Cupcakes

If you despise watching video tutorials, the instructions are below.

  1. Use the edible marker to add faces (happy, sad, angry, fearful, etc.) onto the icing decorations.
  2. Stick the icing decorations into the frosting on a cupcake.
  3. Eat 4 of them (they're miniature) Give them to the kids to enjoy during your Inside Out family movie night.

Inside Out Slime

If you're game, you can up this ridiculously easy slime activity for the kids, too. It's a really quick activity because, well, I needed something quick.

  1. Make this fluffy slime recipe.
  2. Expand some water beads.
  3. Watch the hilarity ensue as the kids finagle the water beads into the slime.

But hey, if you don't want to set up the slime, sit back, eat a cupcake (or 3), and watch your kids watching the movie. It's the best.

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