DIY Sugar Scrubs and Homemade Foot Scrubs You’ll WANT to Make

Here on Ruffles and Rain Boots, I love to make my own all-natural sugar scrubs and bath salts. On this page, I’m sharing the best body scrubs, sugar scrub cubes, bath soaks, and bath salts.

DIY Sugar Scrubs and Bath Salts Recipes

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collage of 4 sugar scrub recipes homemade including lemon scrub, coffee sugar scrub, a pumpkin scrub, and orange mint sugar scrub
Learn how to make the easiest DIY sugar scrubs for body, lips, and feet.

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Solid Sugar Scrub Recipes (Sugar Scrub Cubes)

If you’ve been on Ruffles and Rain Boots before, you know that this is my new favorite way to make sugar scrub recipes. Because they are solid, these body scrubs are easy to gift, package, and even use! And friends – they are ridiculously easy to make.

Mermaid Sugar Scrub Cube Recipe

If you want to pamper yourself or others and look like a rock star while doing it, make a batch of these easy mermaid sugar scrub cubes. They can be stored and gifted easily (and friends, they’re just really, really cool).

recipe for mermaid bath fizzies
These mermaid sugar scrub cubes are the easiest and most eye-catching layered body scrub cubes.

Unicorn Sugar Scrub Cube Recipe

If unicorns are more your thing, whip up a set of unicorn sugar scrub cubes. You can make them with any colors you want, add cosmetic glitter or leave them without – the sky is the limit!

easy recipe to make unicorn sugar scrub
I love how easy it was to make these unicorn sugar scrub cubes–they’re perfect for a unicorn party favor!

Rose Gold Sugar Scrub Cubes with Gold Accents 

Rose gold sugar scrub cubes are made “extra” with a little bit of gold. And everyone is here for it! These are gorgeous and, made with our rose gold bath bombs, are a perfect gift set.

how to make sugar scrub cubes with gold flecks on a white cupcake tray on a white table

Cucumber Melon Sugar Scrub Cube

Clean, airy scents are the star in this cucumber melon sugar scrub cube recipe. They can be the perfect thing to slough off summer feet and skin.

cucumber melon sugar scrub recipe on a white plate
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collage of 4 sugar scrubs for Christmas and the holiday season with text which reads holiday sugar scrub recipes
Make these fun Christmas sugar scrub recipes in minutes – they make great holiday gifts!

Solid Peppermint Body Scrub Recipe

This is gorgeous in person, friends! It’s a simple peppermint body scrub cubes recipe made WOW-worthy by turning the sugar scrub into a solid scrub.

close up of peppermint body scrub with candy canes on white plate and Christmas background

Gingerbread Men Sugar Scrub Cubes for Christmas

First, let’s just state the obvious: these solid gingerbread men sugar scrub is absolutely adorable. No matter the age of the recipient, this is one smile-inducing Christmas gift idea!

Gingerbread Sugar Scrub Cubes

Apple Pie Sugar Scrub Cubes

Fall is the perfect time to start pampering your skin and who could resist a fall-favorite? This apple pie sugar scrub recipe is made into a solid scrub and it is a decadent treat.

front view of apple pie sugar scrub on red table

Lemon Sugar Scrub Cubes

This lemon body scrub recipe is made into our solid cube form and is just downright amazing. This scent is an all-time fan favorite, so you can be sure it’s a winner. Make a divine lemon bath bomb recipe to go with it.

Lemon Sugar Scrub Recipe - Make sugar scrub cubes and shapes

Rose and Jasmine Sugar Scrub

Have you ever smelled this combination? Our rose and jasmine sugar scrub cubes are perfect for a light, flowery scent and a power-packed exfoliating experience.

This jasmine and rose sugar scrub recipe is made in solid form to reduce mess

Green Tea Sugar Scrubs

A green tea sugar scrub packs an antioxidant punch to benefit the skin. It’s easy to make and, because it’s made into a solid sugar scrub, gifting and using are so much easier! Psst: we made matching green tea bath bombs, too.

easy matcha green tea sugar scrub recipe in solid form

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How to Make Sugar Scrubs and Bath Salts

Traditional Loose Sugar Scrub Recipes

Loose sugar scrub recipes are some of the fastest body scrubs or foot scrubs to make. Like all of our other bath products, they are natural and can be scented however you’d like.

Mermaid Foot and Body Sugar Scrub

I know, mermaid foot scrub seems a bit… ironic, yes? But this amazing mermaid body scrub can be used everywhere and glammed up for a little self-care. 

teal mermaid sugar scrub in a clear jar on a white background surrounded by teal and green sea glass pieces

Christmas Sugar Scrub

This is a very quick, very well-received Christmas body scrub recipe. It’s as simple as you can imagine (you can make it any color).

overhead photo of a white Christmas body scrub in a red bowl with candy canes

Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub

Listen, if we’re being honest, this is one of my all-time favorites. The pumpkin spice sugar scrub smells so good and soothes the sweet tooth without any of the calories!

Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub

Coffee Sugar Scrub – Easy and Invigorating

This coffee sugar scrub recipe is a snap to put together and is a treat for yourself or others. Pair it up with a free gift card sleeve (and a Starbucks card), and your gifting is done! This is one of our favorite of the sugar scrubs and bath salts here on Ruffles and Rain Boots.

DIY Coffee Sugar Scrub

Turmeric Sugar Scrub Recipe

Redness-reducing turmeric sugar scrub is easy and SO colorful without adding any extras. I love this easy scrub recipe.

turmeric sugar scrub for healthy skin in a white bowl on a floral background

Orange Mint Sugar Scrub

Refreshing and easy, you can whip up a batch of orange mint sugar scrub with pantry ingredients. Use this on your feet and body for a rejuvenating bit of exfoliation.

invigorating orange sugar scrub with mint on a white background

Bath Salts and Soaks  

Grinch Bath Salts

Oh yes! Yes, I did make Christmas Grinch bath salts to go along with my hilarious Grinch shower fizzies. These are easy and make a great gift idea for the gal who loves Grinchmas!

Grinch Bath Salts Recipe for a great winter soak gift idea

Christmas Bath Salts in a Snow Globe

Isn’t this just the cutest Christmas bath salt recipe in a snow globe? This is perfect in a gift basket with a sugar scrub and a bath bomb.

Make these adorable Christmas bath salts in a snow globe for a WOW-worthy Christmas gift idea!

Patriotic Superhero Bath Salts

Perfect for the patriotic superhero fan, these super hero bath salts make bath time just a bit more fun. Psst: pair them up with our fun super hero bath bombs.

superhero bath salts

Rainbow Bath Salts

It’s easy to learn how to color your own rainbow bath salts. And friends, these make a very impressive gift when packed into a glass jar.

rainbow bath salts - how to color salt

Soaks and Teas

Sometimes, a coordinating soak or bath tea can really “up” the spa-day factor. Here are a few of our favorite bath soak recipes and tub tea mixes. 

Rainbow Sprinkles Bath Soak

Happy birthday to me when I dump a bit of these rainbow sprinkles bath soak into my tub. This looks great tied with a colorful bow in a glass container. 

sprinkle foot soak in a blue bowl on a wooden background

Lavender Goat Milk Bath Tea

If your skin is in need of a little pampering, you can’t go wrong with this lavender goat milk bath tea. And it looks amazing, making it a great DIY spa gift idea.

DIY Bath Lavender and Goat Milk Bath Tea

DIY Bath Teas

One of the easiest, pampering, and mess-free gifts you can make yourself or others are these fun DIY bath tea recipes. They can be a million ways and the tea bag contains all the mess!

Supplies for Bath Tea Gift Ruffles and Rain Boots

Mother’s Day foot soaks and gift package

Friends, this is a fun craft and homemade bath product activity in one. Click through to see the absolute sweetness of these Mother’s Day foot soak recipes

bath foot soak sachet and gift box with printable tag for Mother's Day on wood background

Foot Soak Recipes (to go with sugar scrubs or bath salts)

Whether you’re pampering yourself or someone else, these quick DIY foot soak recipes are just the treat. Combine them with one of our sugar scrubs or bath salts and you’ll have a sweet set!

Get these 3 foot soak recipes for self-care or handmade holiday gifting. #DIYbeauty #DIYChristmas #handmadeholidays #essentialoils #footsoak #bathrecipe

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collage of 4 sugar scrubs in bright colors including mermaid, unicorn, lemon, and jasmine sugar scrub cubes with text no mess sugar scrub recipes
These DIY sugar scrub recipes are homemade, easy, and are done in just minutes.