Mother’s Day Foot Soaks

You can make some amazing heart-shaped foot soaks for Mother’s Day or anytime you’d like to give someone a little bit of pampering.

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I’m someone who believes kids of any age can make gifts for their parents. This quick craft will have little ones as young as three making Mother’s Day Foot Soaks for moms, grandmothers, and caregivers!

A question for the moms: do you celebrate this day differently from every other? Are you taking a bit of time away for yourself? Is it just another day of the week for you? I fall somewhere in between and the thing I look forward to the most is what card my husband finds.

My husband has quite the knack for finding hilarious, yet completely appropriate gifts for me. You’ve just gotta love creative marketplaces like Etsy!

For the non-moms: OH GOSH! Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Make this foot soak and wrangle in the kids (if you have ’em).

Mothers Day Soak and printable

This is a fun craft that is not messy, can be done in a short time, and would be a wonderful gift for moms, grandmothers, greats, and even teachers!

Mother’s Day Foot Soaks (Recipes)

I used my relaxation recipe because seriously, moms need as much stress-relief as we can get, but you can see my other foot soak recipes here.

Lavender Relaxing Blend Foot Soak Recipe

  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1/2 cup Epsom salt
  • 5 drops lavender oil
  • 1 tbsp lavender buds (optional)

Mix all ingredients together, letting the kids stir and breathe in the calming aroma. Maybe they’ll take a nap today? Then again, maybe your kids are like mine and are boycotting them…

Mother’s Day Foot Soak Printable

Click here or on the photo below to download the Mother’s Day Foot Soak Printable.

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All You Need is Love Foot Soak Printable

Click here or on the photo below to download the All You Need is Love Foot Soak Printable.

Fabulous Foot Soak 6

Foot Soak Hearts

You can always stick the foot soak into a recycled jar and gift it to mom, but take it one step further and make these mess-reducing heart pouches! You only need a couple of things you most likely have on hand to make these adorable heart-shaped Mother’s Day Foot Soaks.

  • coffee filters
  • watercolor paints / brushes (although fingers work well, too)
  • thread and needle (or sewing machine)

Paint the coffee filters and hang to dry (dry time varies, but ours only took about 30 minutes hanging outside). After mixing up the foot soak recipe, cut hearts from the coffee filters – you will need two hearts per foot soak.

Sew (by hand or machine) 3/4 of the hearts together, making an outline about 1/4 inch from the edges. Fill the hearts with some foot soak and then sew the opening shut.

Handmade Mothers Day Gifts from Kids 7

Stick the foot soak pouches in a box, cut out and print the premade downloadable tag (or have the kids make their own), and sit back and listen to the oohs and ahhs. Oh, and give the gal some time to really enjoy these.

If you’d be so kind to share this with well, everyone, go ahead and pin these Mother’s Day Foot Soaks to your favorite Mother’s Day Pinterest board. It would also work well on a crafts or handmade gifts board.

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  1. These are wonderful! I just love how they look – and such a wonderful gift idea too!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. The printable tags are adorable and what a simple idea. I love it! Do you think if I print this up and stick it on my children’s beds they will get the hint ;) As far as celebrating the day, last year I cooked a big meal for my mom and the hubs was gone all day and I fell exhausted in bed that night thinking that this same thing was not going to happen again this year. Nah-uh, maybe this year I can at least get a nap! P.S. We made the egg shaped bath fizzies (um maybe that is not the right word), anyway they were fun. Not pin-worthy, but my kids did think I was pretty cool!

  3. I am so wishing that you would make this for me because I’m in need of a great foot soak. Maybe I can get my oldest to make it. BTW I’m loving those printables. If only they would leave me alone. :)