Patriotic Book Stack for the 4th of July

This patriotic book stack idea is the perfect dollar store craft! Show your Independence Day pride and add this homemade decor to your mantle or shelf.

I’ll show you a couple of different Dollar Tree supplies to make this different sizes to fit bookcases, tiered trays, or console displays. This is a fun 4th of July farmhouse decoration and you do NOT need a cutting machine (like a Cricut).

Horizontal image close up of a 4th of July book stack for farmhouse decor on a white background with farmhouse elements.
Make this patriotic book stack in under 30 minutes using dollar store finds.

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Farmhouse Patriotic Book Stack

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I lean towards easy decorating and re-decorating during the summer months. It’s beautiful here and I want to be outside by the pool, not shifting boxes of decorations around in my attic.

When I get the gusto to make something during this time, it needs to be quick and this summer craft definitely fits that description. Head to the Dollar Tree and gather up all of the supplies for this 4th of July book stack. For less than a package of fireworks, you can make this fun rustic DIY to use each year.

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Need to come back to this? Save this to a summer crafts pin board or share it on Facebook. This easy DIY will be ready and waiting for you to come back and begin.

Vertical close up image of a stars and stripes forever red, white, and blue patriotic book stack in front of a farmhouse basket and lamb's ear greenery.
This simple farmhouse book stack for the 4th of July is a quick craft to bring a pop of color in for the holiday.

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Year-Round Book Stack Ideas for Decor

Since these easy pieces became popular years ago, I’ve shared a ton of inspiration for you to create your own. If you’re at the store and have your paints out, you could make up a few of them for an afternoon crafting session and have them for the entire year.

Supplies image of items needed to make a patriotic book stack using Dollar Tree items.
Gather up supplies from the dollar store and your craft stash to get started.

Where to Display a Fourth of July Book Stack

  • The size and shape make it perfect to fit on a mantle, shelf, or coffee table. It looks great from both sides when it’s painted, so you don’t have to put it up against a wall.
  • If you’re entertaining for Independence Day, add this as as small decoration to a dessert table.
  • Entertaining outside? Pop this onto the self-serve table along with some mason jars filled with flatware and napkins. This is small enough to still have room for all the food and condiments.

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Square image showing the detail on the red, white, and blue book stack for July 4th decorations including red, blue and natural twine, paint, and stamps.
Use stamps, a cutting machine, or paint or write the wording in for this fun July 4th decor idea.

Supplies to Make a Book Stack

I used the items below to create this patriotic craft, but use what you have in your stash.

  • Three Hard Cover Books (dollar store or thrift store)
  • Natural Jute Twine
  • Twine or String in Red, White, and Blue
  • Craft Paint in White, Red, Blue, and Light Gray
  • Alphabet Stamps and Ink Pad (you can write them on)
  • Paintbrush and Scissors
Materials needed to create a stamped book stack with a 4th of July theme.
Create easy farmhouse decor for Independence Day using simple craft supplies.

How to Make a Dollar Tree 4th of July Stack of Books

If you have any questions, use the comments below or join me in the Facebook group here. It’s a great bunch of crafters who are kind and helpful (and we’d really love to see your creations)!

This book stack is a little larger than those made for a tiered tray set or display from a wood crate (those from the Dollar Tree). If you’d like to use those for this craft, sand them first and then paint, stamp, and decorate it the same way.

Below is the written tutorial for this “less than 30 minute craft.” For a printable version, scroll to the end of this tutorial.

First, remove the book covers and paint the books with a mixture of ivory and white paint. The paint should be rough so that the dark underneath shows through.

Horizontal image showing to paint the hard cover books white.
Make a rough mix (layering each color) to add an aged appearance to the books.

Next, add brush strokes of light gray paint to ‘age’ the books.

Crafter showing how to add dimension and age to a painted stack of books.
Make light brush strokes with very little paint to add the aged and worn in look.

Paint the edges of two of the books, selecting red for one and blue for another.

Horizontal image showing the painted edges of books.
Paint the edges of two of the books – one red, one white.

Once dry, stamp the books with your message for Independence Day. I chose “Stars and Stripes Forever” in a mix of upper and lowercase letters.

Crafter showing how to use stamps to create a craft for Independence Day.
Use a mix of upper and lowercase letters to create a saying for the book stack.

Finally, use the jute or string to wrap around the stack and create a bow. This is an easy and quick accent but use ribbon, fabric strips, or other items to match your decor.

Crafter showing how to use stamps to create a craft for Independence Day.
Use a mix of upper and lowercase letters to create a saying for the book stack.

More Patriotic Themed Crafts for the 4th of July

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Your shares are how this site grows and I am sincerely grateful. Please save this Independence Day book stack to a July 4th pin board or share it with a crafty group on Facebook. Thank you so much.

Stacked vertical image showing a stack of farmhouse books with stars and stripes forever stamped on them with text which reads patriotic book stack dollar tree diy.
Create this quick Independence Day book stack with dollar store finds.

4th of July Book Stack

Square image showing the detail on the red, white, and blue book stack for July 4th decorations including red, blue and natural twine, paint, and stamps.

Make this farmhouse inspired patriotic book stack using a few items from the dollar store, some paint, and twine. Create easy and elegant Independence Day decor with this easy July 4th craft idea.

Active Time 25 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $7


  • 3 Hardcover Books
  • Natural, Red, and Blue Jute Twine
  • Paint: White, Ivory, Light Grey, Red, and Blue
  • Stamps (optional)


  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Black Ink Pad, optional


  1. Remove book covers and paint with a mixture of ivory and white paint. Don't over-mix, as you want the coating of the paint to be rough so that the dark underneath shows through. Set aside. Use the gray paint and brush it around the sides and edges to show wear. Set aside to dry. Crafter showing to paint the books white and add gray to weather them.
  2. Paint the edges of the paper on the 1st book with red paint. Paint the 3rd book with blue paint on the paper edges. Let it dry. Paintbrush, paint, and books displayed on white wood background instructing crafter to paint the edges of the book pages.
  3. Use the alphabet stands and spell the message Stars & Stripes Forever. Put the books with their spines up and put each letter into the black ink and then stamp on the spine. Use a mixture of upper and lower case letters. Stamps and books shown with an ink pad as the next step in making a July 4th book stack.
  4. Stack the books and tie them with the natural, blue, and red twine. Wrap it about 10-12 times and then tie in a knot, leaving the tail longer. Make a bow by wrapping the twine around your hand 10-12 times and then trimming the end and putting it in the middle of the book stack. Knot the tails around the bow to hold in place. Final image of a completed patriotic book stack with the three color twine bow and scissors on a white wood background.


You can use a cutting machine or paint the wording by hand.

A great topper for this would be a small natural-colored star.

This DIY can be made into a tiered tray version using the full-sided wooden crates from the Dollar Tree.

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