Summer Book Stack Watermelon Themed DIY

This summer book stack idea features a watermelon theme and supplies from the Dollar Tree. Grab the free design to make this with a paint pen or a Cricut, Silhouette, or other cutting machine.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how a cute little watermelon slice charm can be made in just a couple of minutes using the same paint. It’s also too precious and really ups this summer farmhouse DIY.

Horizontal image of a small dollar tree book stack made with mini crate, paint, ribbon, and model magic watermelon slice in front of white wood background.
How cute is this colorful summer book stack with a watermelon theme?!

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Watermelon Book Stack Craft

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, a sunny day in Seattle is a time to get outside and soak up that vitamin D. We recently had a gorgeous day and after a bit of a hike, decided we needed some crafting on the back patio.

I’m making a set of book stacks to display on my larger tiered tray so I sketched out a fun little summer book stack with a watermelon theme.

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Vertical image of a small clay gnome next to a watermelon themed book stack for tiered tray in front of a white wood background.
This quick and colorful DIY is a fun one to do on the patio.

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More Themed Book Stacks For Inspiration

I mentioned above that I’ve been on a kick lately of creating quite a few themes for my tiered tray this year. Here are a few more you might find inspiration from. Just click on one and check it out.

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Tips for Making This Mini Dollar Tree Book Stack

  • Instead of using books for this craft, I used the miniature full-sided crates from the Dollar Tree. You can absolutely use thrift store hardcover books with canvas covers or paperback books and can paint both the spines and the pages.
  • Please sand the dollar store wood crates for the best results. The sides and edges can be rough, causing things to snag or even the acrylic paint to look chunky and bumpy.
  • The charm I made is using Crayola’s Model Magic® and let me tell you, I’m growing to love this stuff. It’s unlike polymer or air dry clay – it’s much lighter, which works well on small projects.
  • If you love farmhouse decor and the more rustic look, use the sandpaper after painting on the edges to roughen it a bit. You can also add a shade darker or lighter with a dry brush technique.
  • Impatient like me? Make the Model Magic® charm the day before. Use a heat gun on the paint to speed up drying and get the project done faster.
  • As I mention in the video tutorial, you can make this book stack two-sided. A lemon theme would be adorable!
Square image close up of a watermelon themed summer book stack for farmhouse decor and tiered trays in front of white wood wall.
Make this summer book stack using Dollar Tree wood crates, Model Magic, and a little paint.

How to Make This Farmhouse Book Stack for Summer

Below is the written and printable tutorial for this easy summer DIY book stack. Use the comments if you have any questions or watch the video tutorial for a summer farmhouse book stack idea on the YouTube channel.

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Yield: 1 Book Stack

Watermelon Book Stack for Summer

Square image close up of a watermelon themed summer book stack for farmhouse decor and tiered trays in front of white wood wall.

This adorable watermelon book stack made with Dollar Tree crates is too cute on a tiered tray or tucked into a summer display. Add a charm using Model Magic® for a touch more fun.

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $3


  • Dollar Tree Mini Crate
  • Acrylic Paint (pink, green, white, black)
  • Polymer Clay or Model Magic
  • Ribbon (I used three)
  • Free Summer SVG, PNG Design
  • Optional, HTV in Black


  • Sandpaper
  • Paintbrushes
  • Q-Tip
  • Tape
  • Wire (or string)
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Optional, Cricut, Weeding Tool, and Press


  1. Tape off the bottom (closest to the open side). Paint the top two raised areas (tiers) and top of the crate pink. Allow the paint to dry. Crafter painting the top rows and top bottom of the book stack pink.
  2. Remove the tape and paint the bottom dark green. Allow the paint to dry. Crafter painting the bottom of the book stack a dark green for the watermelon theme.
  3. Mix together white and green paint to cover the portion between the pink and dark green paint. If it's messy touch up using the pink and green paints and allow to dry. Crafter using a small paint brush to add the light green part of the watermelon design.
  4. Use a Q-tip to paint black seed shapes onto the top (pink area) of the crate. Allow to dry. Crafter using a Q-tip to paint the watermelon seeds.
  5. Beak off one double-quarter-sized portion of clay or Model Magic and form it into a triangle about 2 inches tall and ½-inch thick. Round the bottom edge to make it look like a watermelon slice. Bake the polymer clay or allow the Model Magic to dry before painting. Paint the dried Model Magic watermelon slice dark green on the rounded edge and pink in the remaining area. Allow to dry. Crafter painting the Model Magic watermelon slice pink with a small paint brush.
  6. Download the design and follow the prompts in your software to set up the cut, resizing the lettering to fit on the tiers of your crate. Select the text and click “Attach” in the lower right corner to keep the text in place throughout the cutting process. Mirror the image for heat transfer vinyl and weed once cut. Apply the heat transfer vinyl shiny-side-down to your standard grip cutting mat and load the mat into the cutting machine. Crafter showing how to weed heat transfer vinyl with the hello sweet summer free svg for the book stack.
  7. Wrap one ribbon of each color around the book stack, securing all three. Crafter lining up three different ribbons to add to the watermelon book stack.
  8. Tie a large bow (make it larger than the watermelon slice) and hot glue the bow where the ribbons join. Crafter showing to press the loop tie bow into the ribbon where the join is.
  9. Hot glue the watermelon slice on top of the bow and display. Crafter showing how to hot glue the clay watermelon slice charm to the center of the bow.


This looks just as cute without the watermelon slice charm, so if you don't have Model Magic® or clay, leave it off.

It would be fun to make this a two-sided project doing the watermelon on one side and lemon on the other. Use yellow paint and stick with black and green ribbons to coordinate.

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Stacked vertical collage of DIY summer farmhouse bookstack with text which watermelon book stack with cute charm.
This watermelon book stack will add a pop of color to your decor.

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