How to Make Boy and Girl Christmas Gnomes

You can make boy and girl Christmas gnomes using a hot glue gun and some socks, fabric, and fur. Let me help inspire you with these fun gnome couple DIY projects.

Browse through each of the images and choose a favorite. Click through and read, print, or even watch the full length video tutorials I share for each. And because they use basic craft supplies, you might have everything you need on hand!

Horizontal image collage of four pairs of Christmas gnome couples with text which reads boy and girl gnome sets to DIY.
These Christmas gnome sets will have you crafting and laughing through the holiday season.

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DIY Christmas Gnome Couples and Pairs

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I am constantly thinking about gnomes – if you’re new here, I’ve been making gnomes for years and have been sharing free tutorials. This year, I’m putting together the boy and girl Christmas gnome pairs I’ve made so you can take these gnome patterns and make them yourself or use them as inspiration.

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collage of diy gnomes teaching how to make a gnome with or without legs and with or without sewing

In this round up, I’m sharing both gnome patterns to sew and those which can be assembled with hot glue. How easy have we made making gnomes for the holidays?! Pretty easy, indeed.

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Boy and Girl Christmas Gnomes Patterns

Below are some styles I think you can use to gather some inspiration. Remember, each project below has a full written tutorial and video tutorial on my YouTube channel and includes BOTH the tutorial for the male and female gnomes.

If you have any questions at all, please use the comments section or join me in the Facebook group here. We are a helpful bunch and can help you source supplies for the best price, give advice on common hang ups, and so much more.

One Special Material Before You Get Started

As someone well-known for teaching others to make gnomes, I’m often asked about my favorite supplies. Honestly, I love my detail tip glue gun (I have this one) and get asked about it with every tutorial I make. But that’s not the ‘special material’ I mean.

The faux fur I use (the gray stuff) is probably the most important material to decide upon when making gnomes. The little noses and hats direct the focal point RIGHT to that beard or those braids. The fur I use most often is this and I love this seller because you can buy it pre-cut or in small swatches.

You can also get fur on the bolt (recommended) at the craft store or in small packages, as shown on the right in the image below. I don’t recommend that fur because it often falls apart and is a lot less full than the others.

Horizontal collage of faux fur on table showing white gorilla fur, frosted gray Mongolian, and brown craft store fur.
There are so many types of fur you can choose from and quality matters.

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Four image collage of holiday gnome couples with text which reads boy and girl Christmas gnomes to make.
These beautiful gnome couples all have full written and video tutorials!

Christmas Sock Gnome Couple

You cannot get much easier than this adorable pair of boy and girl gnomes: socks, a Christmas ornament, and some fur are all you need to make these farmhouse Christmas gnomes.

Because this one uses socks, you can change up the style, colors, and even textures pretty easily. Grab your scissors and glue gun.

Vertical image of boy and girl gnomes with boots with text which reads make easy gnomes in boots with a sock.

Scandinavian Boy and Girl Gnomes for Christmas

This no-sew tutorial produces a pair of the cutest (and easiest) traditional holiday gnomes. The boy and girl Nordic gnomes are made using a popular fabric in stores at Christmastime, so keep your eyes peeled.

This no sew gnome pattern is a quick way to get a quality gnome without using socks.

Vertical image of traditional Scandinavian boy and girl Christmas gnomes on wood round in front of holiday background.
These pair of Scandinavian gnome cuties couldn’t be easier to make!

Cone Gnome Family: Boy and Girl Gnome Styles

If you are short on time, use this trick to make one, two , three or more boy and girl cone gnomes to create an entire family. I will show you how to make the beard, the braids, and the ponytails for both the boy and girl gnomes.

These stackable gnomes are an amazing gift which stores really easily!

Vertical image of a set of three Christmas gnomes in a family made with the cone gnome tutorial on lush table and Christmas tree background.
This entire set of boy and girl gnomes takes nearly no time at all and you don’t have to sew a thing!

Elf Gnome Boy and Girl Gnome Pattern

Get the free elf shoe pattern and the Bubble Body gnome pattern and you can whip up this pair of boy and girl elf gnomes for the holidays. Position them holding gifts (or gift cards). Learn how to make this pair of gnomes with this DIY elf gnome video tutorial.

Aren’t these just too much fun? Elf gnomes. I cannot believe what I come up with some days!

Vertical image of boy and girl elf gnomes on riser in holiday setting with text which reads easy elf gnome pattern make this easy and fun no sew or sew gnome.
This set of boy and girl gnomes dressed like adorable elves is going to make for the sweetest holiday yet.

Tall, Sewn Nordic Gnomes Couple

One of the most elegant sets I’ve ever made, this Christmas gnome couple is a quick work up with a sewing machine. They stand 16 inches tall, so it’s a sizable gnome for mantles, fireplace steps, and bookcases.

If you want an heirloom-quality gnome couple, these are it. They are so statuesque and really catch the eye.

Gray and red boy and girl gnome Christmas gnomes with Mongolian fur beard and braids in front of a miniature pine tree in galvanized bucket.
This elegant set of Christmas gnomes are easy to stitch together.

Boy and Girl Gnome Stockings

For a quick project, I used a pre-made stocking, ribbon, fur, and a bead nose to make these boy and girl gnome stockings to adorn the mantle this year. This is honestly, the easiest pair of gnomes you can make and they look too cute.

Any size stockings will work for this project, so you can make the tiny stockings into ornaments or gift card holders. Keep your eye at out Target, the craft stores, and big box stores for fun, pre-made stockings.

A boy gnome with a beard and a girl gnome with ponytails DIY craft project stockings for Christmas on white wood background.
This boy and girl gnome set is such a quick craft for an afternoon.
Square image collage of four Christmas gnome couples with boy and girl styles in various reds, khakis, and grays.
You can make your own boy and girl gnomes – I promise, just look at these sets.

More Couple Gnome Ideas for Holiday Inspiration

Below are some popular Christmas gnome styles and I’ll write a couple of notes to say how they can be easily altered to make them a boy and girl gnome couple.

Reindeer Gnomes

Make braids from yarn or fur for one of these reindeer gnomes and you will have the cutest couple who would look great next to little sleigh picked up from the craft store. This is a no-sew or gnome sewing pattern. It comes with a detailed reindeer gnome video tutorial, too.

Vertical stacked image of two festive reindeer gnomes with red jingle bell bands with text which reads make a no sew reindeer gnome only at ruffles and rain boots.
Instead of one of the beards, braid some yarn for a boy and girl reindeer gnomes for Christmas.

Santa Gnome and Mrs. Claus Gnome

I meant to get to get Mrs. Claus published last year, but ran out of time before I had to start my marathon wrapping session. Make everything the same as this Santa hat gnome tutorial but use curly doll hair, yarn, or fur for the hair. Oh, and you could add glasses, too!

vertical image of a Christmas gnome with a red hat and white beard with text which reads Santa gnome no sew gnome DIY only at ruffles and rain boots
Make a Santa and Mrs. Claus gnome couple for sweet Christmas display.

Angel Gnome Couple

This beautiful, elegant angel gnome pattern can easily be adapted with braids or ponytails to make a girl gnome. A set of these would make an amazing memorial gift, wouldn’t it?

Vertical image of white angel gnome with fur wings holding a gold bell with holiday greenery in front of a Christmas tree.
This beautiful angel gnome is so elegant. How sweet would it be to add a red cardinal to the hands?

Gingerbread Gnomes – Make a Boy and a Girl for a Sweet Display

I only made the gingerbread boy gnome last year, but I’m going to have to whip up the girl this year. When I was writing up this article, I honestly started kicking myself for not making a pair for the hot cocoa station!

Adorable Christmas gnome pattern with arms and legs with text which reads Christmas gingerbread gnome no sew posable boots.
This sweet guy would look perfect next to a little girl, wouldn’t he?

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Vertical stacked image of three sets of boy and girl gnomes in a collage with a text block in black with white letters which reads boy and girl holiday gnome DIYs.
These adorable gnome couples are easy to make, even if you’re a beginner crafter!

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