DIY No Sew Gnome Stockings

Using a pre-made stocking, you can make these adorable no-sew gnome stockings in less than an hour. I made both a boy and girls for our family but you can even add a dog or cat to the mix!

horizontal image of three no sew gnome stockings in red white and gray hanging on white shelf on white shiplap wall with holiday decorations styled for Christmas
These no sew gnome stockings are the perfect addition to your holiday decor.

No-Sew Gnome Stockings Tutorial

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I share a lot of gnome patterns, gnome crafts, and just general gnome stuff because I love the little cuties. While in Target the other day, I found these pre-made striped stockings and could not resist making a new set of gnome stockings.

You don’t need a lot of supplies at all and because there is no sewing required, you can do it all with some scissors and a hot glue gun. Let’s get started.

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collage of diy gnomes teaching how to make a gnome with or without legs and with or without sewing

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stacked image of three no sew gnome stockings hanging on white wall with Christmas background over a close up of boy gnome stocking with beard

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Tips to Making These Gnome Stockings

  • Find a pre-made stocking in your holiday colors or theme. As long as it’s less than 8 inches wide (most are), you can follow this tutorial exactly with the only change being the size of the hat.
  • Faux fur is easy to find during the holiday season at craft stores but it sells out quickly. I buy my fur on Amazon from this brand (love it)! ad
  • You can use any of the following for the nose and it will come out adorable: wood rounds, wooden beads, wood half rounds, pompoms, ping pong balls painted a skin tone, or nylons stuffed with Poly-Fill.
  • If you cannot find the faux leather ribbon for the aprons (I picked it up at Hobby Lobby), use fleece or another heftier fabric so that it always sits flat and you don’t have to iron it.
two gnome stockings on white table with white and natural wood bead garland in background S

How Do I Make Gnome Stockings?

I’m so glad you want to make these little cuties. Below is my written tutorial and the how to make gnome stockings video tutorial is here on the YouTube channel.

Yield: 3 Gnonme Stockings

No Sew Gnome Stockings

two gnome stockings on white table with white and natural wood bead garland in background S

Use this easy tutorial to make your own no sew gnome stockings for the holiday. Using pre-made stockings and a few basic craft supplies, you will have a gorgeous holiday gnome display in about an hour.

Active Time 55 minutes
Total Time 55 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • pre-made gnome stockings
  • craft felt (I used gray, 1 for each stocking)
  • faux fur (I used Mongolian in frosted gray)
  • wood rounds (one inch)
  • Poly-Fill
  • leather ribbon (I got mine from Hobby Lobby) or fabric if making a girl gnome stocking
  • embroidery thread or twine for girl gnome pony tails and apron


  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • scissors
  • Exacto knife or razor blade 
  • cutting mat


  1. Remove any pompoms or tassels and set aside for use later.
  2. Measure a piece of felt so that it fits the front of the stocking (not all the way around). Fold it over so it has the fold at the top and cut the following shape: a rounded hat with the first curve starting at the TOP of the stocking) all the way around until it has a protrusion for the pompom or tassel to hang off. Please note the detail in the full video tutorial.step 1 diy gnome stocking cut hat from felt
  3. If making a girl gnome, you will cut out a triangle on the BACK layer of the hat for the nose. Also, you will make an apron and straps (see video tutorial for method I used).
  4. If making a gnome, cut a piece of faux fur that is the width of your felt hat and comes to a point at your desired length. Glue it to the INSIDE of the hat when flipped up.step 2 of gnome stocking cut beard and glue to hat
  5. Affix a nose onto the fur by splitting the fur to its fabric backing. Add a generous portion of hot glue and press the wood round into it.step 3 glue the gnome nose to the fur being shown on a black background with glue gun and wood round
  6. If making a girl gnome, cut two strips for pony tails about an inch wide and your desired length. Glue the fabric backing together and add twine or thread to tie off the hair. Affix the gnome nose directly to the stocking and add the pony tails just over the nose, gluing the seam of the glued fabric backing to the stocking.step 3.5 for girl gnome to cut pony tails and glue nose and hair down over the apron in red on black background
  7. Fold the hat down and begin securing the pompom or tassel into the protrusion off the side.step 4 of gnome stockings showing to add the tassel to the hat before securing down the front of the hat
  8. Glue around the outside edge of the hat, stuffing Poly-Fill in as you secure a section. Be sure to glue the hat to the top of the fur and nose.step 5 of gnome stocking tutorial showing a glue gun securing the open portion of the stuffed gray felt hat
  9. Secure the entire hat piece to the front of the stocking and display!step 6 of stocking tutorial showing a glue gun attaching the gnome to the front of the pre-made stocking on black background


These gnome stockings are so easy to make. If you're making more than one, use the first hat base to cut the others (note on the girl to cut out the nose triangle from the back of the hat piece only).

The apron tutorial with the faux leather skirt and straps can be found in the full video tutorial.

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vertical image of gnome stockings made with Target Dollar Spot premade stockings felt and fur

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