Get These Two Reindeer Sleigh SVG Designs for Cricut and Silhouette

Of all the Christmas cut files for Cricut or Silhouette that I’ve made, this reindeer sleigh SVG is one of the funnest. With two different styles, it’s perfect for all sorts of holiday crafts!

reindeer name on sleigh Christmas cut files for Cricut or Silhousette on ornament
I love the reindeers–they’re such an iconic part of Christmas and this reindeer sleigh SVG set is perfect for celebrating the holidays in reindeer-style!

Free Reindeer Sleigh SVG for Christmas Crafting

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I love sharing free SVG files with you. I’ve shared a lot of free Christmas SVG files already (click here to get all of our Christmas SVG files and projects), but I wanted to do something special. 

As a thank you to all the Ruffles and Rain Boots newsletter subscribers, I am offering full-priced SVGs for free!  

And this one, well, it’s got a special place in my heart. I love each of the reindeer and can’t help but hum the song almost every day throughout the holiday season. So, of course this was a no-brainer to make–and a no-brainer to share!

If you’re ready to make a beautiful handmade Christmas ornament or other Christmas craft with this free reindeer sleigh SVG, well, let’s get started!

reindeer song sleigh free Christmas cut file on onesie

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Ways to Use This Free Reindeer SVG

  • I could not WAIT to get this on a large canvas sack for large Christmas gifts. I just thought it would go so well with our tree and just–everything. If you’re not sure what you need this beautiful Christmas cut file on, you can always browse my favorite Cricut, Silhouette Cameo, and cutting project accessories I use and love. You’ll definitely find something awesome.
  • If you do decide to put this on a large canvas sack or a wine bag or any kind of bag, you need to do a little test before you put the lettering on. Fill the bag and then place your lettering, that way you don’t put it on too low. Speaking from experience here.
  • After you have the free downloads, just open the SVG DXF EPS or PNG file type you’re going to use into Cameo Silhouette Studio or Cricut Design Space (depending on which of the cutting machines you have). Size the gnome to fit on the item you’re planning to put the design on, then follow the directions on your cutting machine.
  • If you’re using heat transfer vinyl (HTV), you absolutely have to keep a few things in mind. Do not forget to mirror your image. You’ll be so very sad if you don’t–I do this all the time and I have a whole pile of little useless cut outs. So sad. Then, you’re going to want to remember to put the shiny side down on the mat. Also crucial. I don’t know why, but it’s important and that’s how it works–shiny side down and mirror those images!
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large gift bag for Christmas with a holiday cut file for Cricut or Silhouette with text which reads free cut files for christmas svg eps png

How to Get These Free Cut Files for Christmas 

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reindeer song sleigh free Christmas cut file on onesie

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photo collage of rudolph song lyrics free holiday cut files with text which reads reindeer sleigh christmas cut files free for a limited time

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