Disney Princess Bath Bombs That Will WOW Them!

These Disney Princess bath bombs are a collection of our favorite scents, styles, and techniques for DIY bath bomb recipes to make at home. And the kids LOVE them!

photo collage of bath fizzies with text which reads Easy Disney Princess bath bombs to make at home

Disney Princess Bath Bombs

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I share a lot of bath bomb recipes because it’s fun and I get to choose the ingredients. Nearly all of my recipes will be gentle on the skin and will be loved by all ages.

Like someone you know, my daughter is very, very, very into all things Disney right now. Disney princesses sit alongside superheroes, dragons, and LEGOs. I love it!

Recently, we were making a batch of fun mermaid bath bombs and we brainstormed what each bath bomb would look like for each Disney Princess. She was so excited it was inevitable they’d end up among our other DIY bath bombs.

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photo collage of bath bombs made for each of the Disney Princesses

Tips for Making Bath Bombs at Home 

Within each recipe, I cover the basics and even share the tricks I use to ensure my bath bombs come out perfectly each time. However, if you’re new to making bath bombs at home, here are a few tips.

  • Get yourself a set of stainless steel molds (my favorites are here on this list). Even though they aren’t expensive, my first set has lasted 6 years and I still use them!
  • Use any scent you like – the sky is the limit. I like to try combinations, but my daughter’s favorite is still lavender because it helps to calm down kids before bed.
  • It’s fun to add a little toy, jewel, ring, or trinket to any bath bomb for kids. Tuck it right in the middle between the two halves and be sure to let them dry overnight.
  • Err on the side of less is more when it comes to moisture. Over-saturating the mix will cause the chemical reaction (the fizzing) to start.
  • All of my bath bomb recipes can be used as shower fizzies as they are written, so use a little of the mix for yourself. ;)
  • If you want to add a LOT of fizz to any bath bomb, pick up some SLSA. It boosts the foaming aspect but note – if there is sulfite-sensitive skin involved, SLSA can irritate it, so I exclude it from most of homemade bath bomb recipes. You can leave it off or use EasyFoam.

Princess Cinderella Bath Bombs 

When she was three, one of my little girl’s favorite books was the Little Golden Cinderella book. How could we not make Cinderella bath bombs?  They are simple and elegant, just like the beloved princess. And boy, do they sparkle!

photo collage of cinderella bath bombs with blue and white colors with text which reads princess bath bombs cinderella

Rapunzel Bath Bombs (Tangled)

If you have a Rapunzel fan (shown in the Disney movie Tangled), these Rapunzel bath bombs are for you. The colors – oh, the colors are amazing in person. The bath water turns purple amid the fizzing and little girls love it.

photo collage of purple bath bombs on white background with text which reads Disney princess bath bombs Rapunzel

Snow White Bath Bombs 

Another classic Disney princess is represented here on Ruffles and Rain Boots. My Snow White bath bombs are vibrant and really help to bring her to life with an adorable apple soap embed. Psst: if you have a Snow White fan, check out these No-Sew Snow White Minnie Mouse ears. Even if they’re not heading to Disney, they’ll probably wear them to Target like my daughter.

photo collage of the snow white bath bombs with text which reads snow white surprise bath bombs

Queen Elsa Bath Bombs (FROZEN) 

The ice queen is one of my favorites mostly because the soundtrack to Disney’s FROZEN is chill-inducing. Is it weird to say I actually tear up when I hear, “Let it Go?” These Queen Elsa bath bombs are a three-colored ombre in teal hues and sparkle like there’s no tomorrow.

photo collage with text which reads elsa bath bombs

Princess Anna Bath Bombs (FROZEN) 

The adorable, sweet sister to the ice queen is another favorite around here. For these Princess Anna bath bombs, I chose to represent her with the deepest hues I could find and they are stunning. The bath water turns a dark purple.

photo collage of princess anna bath bombs diy bath with text which reads princess anna bath bombs

Princess Moana Bath Bombs 

I’m going to share with you a little secret: this is my favorite Disney movie right now. It’s funny, the soundtrack is nothing short of perfect, and it features a strong lead (and a hilarious Maui). We chose to stick to muted tones for our Moana bath bombs. So very natural and the tropical smell will transport anyone to the islands.

surprise moana bath bombs gifts for disney kids photo collage with text which reads moana inspired bath bombs

Princess Belle Bath Bombs

My daughter’s favorite princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She loves the adventure Belle goes on and that she is always reading a book. I really like the strength and compassion the story brings to light. These Princess Belle bath bombs are simple and a perfect starter bath bomb design because I use a little cheat you can pick up at the craft store.

photo collage with text which reads princess belle bath bombs

Princess Ariel Bath Bombs 

What little girl doesn’t love Ariel? I mean, she’s a mermaid who gets to walk on land, talk to animals, and go on one heck of an adventure. These Ariel bath bombs are vibrant and steady, just like the little mermaid.

photo collage of mermaid imagery with text which reads the little mermaid Ariel bath bombs

Princess Merida Bath Bombs 

If you haven’t seen this, Disney’s Brave features another strong and independent lead. The feisty Merida bath bombs feature an orange and blue design and a divine scent! She’s adventurous, testing, and rarely asks for permission… just like many little Disney princess fans we know.

close up of orange and blue bath fizzies on white background with text which reads Disneys Brave Merida Bath Bombs

Princess Tiana Bath Bombs 

Oh, the music in Disney’s The Princess and the Frog is so catchy, you’ll be singing it years later. We have a great time acting out a few swamp scenes. For these Princess Tiana bath bombs, I chose a few shades of green and yellow in a pattern which reminds me of her flowing, sparkling dress.

close up images of green and yellow bath fizzies on white background with text Tiana inspired bath bombs for kids

Princess Jasmine Bath Bombs 

I have such love for Disney’s Aladdin story. For kids, the brave Aladdin, hilarious genie, and beautiful Jasmine make it a good movie. But watching it as an adult, I see so much more in this tale. These Princess Jasmine bath bombs feature the strong teal of her famous outfit. If you have a big Jasmine fan, hide a golden jewel or ring inside the bath bomb – they’ll love it!

photo collage of teal bath fizzies on white background with text which reads Aladdins Jasmine Inspired Bath bombs for kids

Princess Aurora Bath Bombs 

For the longest time, I couldn’t remember Sleeping Beauty’s name, so for most of my life I called her, “the pink princess.” These Princess Aurora bath bombs are various shades of pink with a little pink sparkle added for good measure.

photo collage of pink bath fizzies on white background with text which reads Aurora Inspired Bath bombs for kids

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photo collage of bath fizzies with text which reads Easy Disney Princess bath bombs to make at home