DIY Wine Cork Flag – A Patriotic Craft

This patriotic wine cork flag craft is a fun way to decorate for Memorial Day, Independence Day or to hang all year round. Changing up the paint makes this perfect for a rustic farmhouse 4th of July or a bright red, white, and blue party decoration.

This tried-and-true craft can be made and displayed quite a few ways, so be sure to read the tips section before getting started. And use what you can find in your stash or at thrift stores – these supplies are always popular there.

Horizontal image of wine cork flag in muted red, natural, and blue painted corks in a frame on a white background.
Make this fun flag using corks and acrylic paint in any colors to fit your style.

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Farmhouse Cork Flag DIY

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I am packing up my craft room because we are moving from Washington state to Texas. As I was packing, I found all sorts of goodies including a HUGE bag of corks I’d purchased from Amazon.

This cork flag isn’t a new idea – I saw one in a shop in my hometown when I was knee-high to a grasshopper – but it sure is a lot of fun to make. And the best part of making your own is that you can swap up the ‘style’ of flag: rustic, Americana / aged, or fresh and bright red, white, and blues.

Supplies image showing an 8x10 frame, corks, paint, paper, and a paintbrush.
This flag craft is easy and only requires a few simple supplies.

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Vertical image of a US flag made with corks on white wood table with red, white, and blue berry sprigs.
This Americana style craft can be made in neutrals for a year-round farmhouse display, too.

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Tips For Making This American Flag Cork Craft

  • Using a foam brush is the best approach to this craft. It covers the surface of the corks nicely and also gets into the pores as well.
  • An option for the natural corks I chose is to use white paint on those corks, as well. The white stars can even be made to match the corks – this is your DIY project, so choose your favorite.
  • This doesn’t have to go in a frame. Turn this into a trivet or use a chip boar backing to avoid glass altogether.
  • If you have a frame on hand that doesn’t have glass, a chip board or a piece of poster board an be used in place.
  • Turn this into wall decor by adding a quick hanger on the back, secured with the same glue for stability and durability.
  • I use gorilla clue because it holds the corks together well, works on glass, and dries clear. Most adhesives will work, including hot glue (if you are not hanging this outside in high heat).
  • Looking back, I wish I would have matched the cork color or gone with an aged white wood for the frame. Because this is attached to the glass, it will be easy to swap out when I display it next time.

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Square image close up of a wine cork flag painted in red and blue acrylic paint with small stars on a white wood background with red, white, and blue berries.
This wine cork flag made to resemble the US flag is a fun Americana style craft.

How Do You Make a Wine Cork Flag?

This simple DIY cork flag is a fun way to be creative when it’s hot outside because nothing requires an oven and the corks dry quickly when set outside. And honestly, the paint portion can be done by nearly everyone in the house, so it could be turned into a family craft-ivity for the fourth of July.

Although it will be great year-round, it’s also a fun craft for Memorial Day or as a 4th of July decor piece you can prop on a mantle, hang on a door, or tuck into a bookcase display.

Yield: 1 US Cork Flag

Patriotic Wine Cork Craft

Square image close up of a wine cork flag painted in red and blue acrylic paint with small stars on a white wood background with red, white, and blue berries.

This wine cork flag is an easy and creative way to add Americana style to your decor. Use it for the 4th of July, Memorial or Veteran's Day, or to display all year round.

Active Time 45 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost 15


  • 8x10 photo frame
  • 40 wine corks
  • Khaki colored cardstock, trimmed to 8”x10”
  • Craft paint in Khaki, Navy, Red, and Parchment
  • Gorilla Glue


  • Foam paint brush
  • Small slanted paint brush


  1. Remove the back, glass and paper from the frame. Crafter removing the backing and glass from the frame to add paper to glue corks onto.
  2. Paint the front and sides of the frame with the Khaki paint, using the foam brush. Allow to dry. Crafter painting a frame beige with a foam brush on a newspaper print background.
  3. Set the frame face down, then add the card stock, glass (for extra support), and the back of the frame. Secure the back onto the frame using the prongs on the back of the frame.
  4. Using the foam brush, paint 8 of the wine corks English Navy, and 16 Flamenco Red. Crafter painting wine cork red with a foam brush and red acrylic paint.
  5. Once dry, use the small slanted brush to paint the stars on, using the Antique Parchment paint. Crafter using white acrylic paint to add a star to the blue corks.
  6. Apply a dab of glue to the back of each of the blue corks, and glue onto the Khaki sheet of card stock, starting in the top left corner. Glue 2 per brow, and make 4 rows. Crafter using Gorilla Glue to adhere corks to the frame for a US flag craft.
  7. Next, apply a dab of glue to the back of 3 red corks, and glue next to the first row of blue corks. Next, apply a dab of glue to 3 unpainted wine corks, and glue under the red corks, next to the second row of blue corks. Repeat the flag pattern with 5 red corks, 5 natural, etc. Crafter showing how to complete the US flag pattern for the wine cork flag diy.


Use different paints to change the look.

Make a neutral flag for year-round farmhouse decor using all-natural corks and small star brads.

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Stacked vertical image showing a cork DIY with text which reads patriotic cork flag a fun and easy DIY.
This cork flag is perfect for a patriotic holiday like Memorial Day or 4th of July, or displayed all year round.

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