Easter Laser Craft Ideas to Make and Sell

Browse these Easter laser craft ideas to make or to make and sell. I’ve been crafting up a storm with my newest CO2 laser, but all of these crafts can be made on a diode laser, too.

Included in this inspiration list are Easter crafts for kids, gift ideas, and decor. I will also share tutorials and laser SVG files for the projects I’ve made. Look through the images to inspire you to turn on the laser today.

Horizontal image of six laser products to sell for Easter including wood and acrylic games, napkin rings, wood and acrylic ornaments, cake toppers, and more with text which reads easter laser crafts.

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Laser Easter Products and Projects

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I’ve been whipping up a ton of laser crafts after getting my newest laser, the xTool P2 CO2 laser. It takes a bit of time to learn the nuance of each laser, especially working with the 10W M1 and the xTool S1 40W.

Today, I wanted to share my primary list of Easter laser products to make or to make and sell. I’ve put together projects for everyone with diode AND CO2 lasers, but they are all at a beginner level.

If you want to save this to make it find easily when you’re ready to dive in, share it to Facebook or save it to a laser crafts pin board. Either way will make it easy to find when you’re ready to start your Easter projects.

Vertical image of six projects created by laser for the Easter holiday including games, table decor, ornaments, egg filler, money holders, and text which reads Easter laser crafts.

As an Amazon Associate, I could earn from qualifying purchases. There could be affiliate links within this article.

Deciding Which Laser to Buy or to Start a Laser Side Hustle?

I own two types of lasers right now: CO2 and diode. Below are summaries of each and suggestions on materials. If you have questions, please ask! Not all lasers are right for those looking to start a business or side hustle. If that’s you, choose the P2 or the S1.

  • xTool P2 – A fully-enclosed CO2 laser, perfect for cutting acrylic and wood. This is an unrestricted laser when it comes to acrylic, wood, slate, etc.
  • xTool S1 – The option I have is a 40 watt diode laser which cuts some acrylic, wood and does amazing engravings. This laser has some acrylic restrictions (no clear, mirror, translucent; primarily opaque) but powers through wood.
  • xTool M1 ULTRA – The updated version of the M1 shows up to the party with a printer (can print on wood), a laser, a set of blades, foil, and embossing, as well as a pen tool. Great for crafters.
  • xTool M1 – A 10 watt diode laser with amazing engraving capabilities and a blade cutting machine. This is a great starter machine and is best for engraving vs cutting.

Easter Games, Sets, and Kits 

If you want to create experiences instead of just gifts, this section of Easter games, sets, and kits is for you. I tried my hand at a few of these had a lot of fun. I’ll put links for the projects I purchased.

Easter Tic Tac Toe Laser SVG Sets

Another file I picked up was a set of games. It had quite a few styles for the boards and the game pieces in this Easter Tic Tac Toe laser SVG bundle.

Vertical image of a wood and acrylic tic tac toe Easter game placed on a bed of grass with lamb's ear and wood egg accents.

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Easter DIY Laser Paint Kit

These are a wooden shape, usually with score lines making them SO FAST to print with the laser. You can create these with a diode laser or CO2 laser using basswood plywood or birch. On their own, they sell easily for a few dollars.

They are often paired with mini paint pots and small brushes, both of which you can get on Amazon in bulk. If you want to be a bit ‘extra,’ cut a craft box, add shredded paper Easter grass, and sell them for $25-30.

Embroidery Sets for Easter

Friends, I grabbed this Easter embroidery file for wood and had the most fun creating a little bunny. I had no idea this was a thing, let alone could entertain me!

And I learned something so valuable about creating these files on my own for next year. The enjoyment I got from making the file was nice, but that knowledge is priceless.

Vertical image of a wooden embroidered rabbit in pinks and green thread placed on two wood rounds on faux grass with greenery in front of a white background.

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Shelf Sitter Craft Kits (for Adults)

The idea is the same as above: create a shape with scored lines so the recipient can paint, decoupage, or whatever else they want to do. Make a stand and sell or ship them stacked.

If you have multiple pieces, you can add 3M 467 adhesive on the back. It will make for an easy assembly.

Basket Tags, Egg Holders, Egg Fillers 

Everyone LOVES these items because they make the day just a bit more festive for the little ones. And don’t think you have to personalize everything – bundle some of these up and they’ll move.

Easter Basket Tags

One of my favorite projects made with my xTool S1 (a diode) was these Easter basket tags. I used both wood and acrylic in my tutorial and even shared all four Easter tag SVG designs for free.

Vertical, four image collage of acrylic and wood name tags in bunny and egg shapes with text which reads adorable free Easter basket tag SVGs.

Play-Doh Holders

If you have little ones, design for children, or want to blow the minds of young children, search for a file and whip up a few of these. They’re so quick and easy to make and there are so many designs.

Easter Tokens for Egg Fillers

I had no idea these existed until last year after a mom was RAVING about them. This year, I created a set for my daughter and prepped for the holiday early (which never happens). See the tutorial and get the free Easter tokens SVG for egg fillers.

Vertical image of wooden Easter egg tokens placed in plastic eggs in a pink frame with white paper shreds.

Food and Kitchen Laser Easter Craft Ideas

Food is quite the focus around here for Easter. If that’s you or your target market, here are a few ideas for some food and dining Easter projects.

Remember, mirror acrylic isn’t the best for these. Although it looks cool, it’s NOT food safe and should be kept away from mouths.

Easter Plate Words and Easter Plate Names

If you’re setting up a holiday table, use one or both sets of these Easter plate words and Easter plate names. The Easter plate words SVG bundle includes both religious and holiday related words for place settings.

Vertical image of Easter plate names in wood cut with the laser ready SVG bundle of religious and Easter holiday plate words cut files.

Cupcake and Cake Toppers

Cupcake and cake toppers are an easy make, there are so many files, and you can make them from wood, acrylic, or even a combination of the two. You can even add a laser safe vinyl on top to decorate them without painting.

I made these inside of the XCS 2.0 software which allows node management. Watch the laser cut cupcake toppers video tutorial and see how easy they are to make in about 10 minutes.

Vertical image of Easter cupcake toppers in laser safe plaid on yellow acrylic pressed into lemon cupcakes on a faux green grass background.

Laser Cut Easter Napkin Rings

I designed these in less than 10 minutes using the free XCS design software that powers my xTool lasers. You’ll need to create a circle, add a shape on top, and combine. That’s it!

Vertical image of a cloth napkin in a wood bunny napkin ring created on a laser from basswood plywood on a white plate with lamb's ear.

Drink Stirrers or Markers

I am not sure what I want to make for these yet now that I can cut all colors of acrylic, but check back. These are pretty easy to make, so a set of these Easter drink stir sticks will take about 10 minutes.

Vertical image of a set of acrylic Easter stir sticks for drinks made with the xTool P2 for the Easter holiday table scape.

Easter Stanley Toppers / Tumbler Toppers

Well of course I made one of these… Using soft colors, this took less than 2 minutes to make on the xTool P2. Note: if you have a diode laser, you’ll need to stick to darker, opaque colors to get the best cut edges OR order a pattern ply on dark acrylic from Smokey Hill Designs.

Vertical image of a bunny tumbler Stanley topper made from acrylic with the xTool P2 CO2 laser.

Personal Easter Laser Gifts

Something doesn’t have to be custom to be special. Generic, easy to cut projects are perfect to tuck into an Easter basket or a hostess gift.

Easter Earrings

There are so many designs, I’m not sure how we can not put together an entire collection of Easter earrings! I am thinking I can make a set of clear acrylic with a lace pattern and it would be perfect for Easter and the rest of the year.

Bible Tassels (Bookmarks)

A HUGE trend right now is to create gorgeous, layered ribbon and charm bible tassels. They can be any theme, any color, and can be personalized for just about anyone.

Easter Money Holder

I used this Easter bunny money holder SVG and in no time at all, I had a fun way to give cash. Combine wood and acrylic for a fun and easy look (be sure to use 3M adhesive backing on the acrylic to make assembly a breeze).

Vertical image of an Easter money holder gift idea made from basswood plywood and white acrylic using the xTool P2 laser.

Easter Decor to Make with a Laser

From wreath charms to shelf sitters, there are endless opportunities to offer for the holiday. You can focus on the religious aspect or a certain style (farmhouse, modern, etc.).

Garlands, Ornaments, and Tiered Tray Sets

Create endless designs or find easily on CreativeFabrica into garlands, tiered tray sets and ornaments. Did you know Easter trees are becoming popular? It’s a Christmas tree you decorate for Easter… Now you know.

To take it one step further, you can focus on tiered tray garlands and entire tiered tray sets for easy decor. Or, find a more specific audience like playful garlands for children’s rooms or doors.

Candy Banks

Like coin or piggy banks, candy banks will have a clear front. If you have a diode laser, opt for the “Clear Flex” from Smokey Hill Lasers. You will be able to cut through it with ANY laser (even the lower wattage ones) because it’s only 0.01 inches thick.

Vertical image of an Easter bunny candy bank coin bank filled with little acrylic hearts shown on faux grass with wooden eggs and lamb's ear.

Door Signs and Wreath Charms

Round door signs, shaped door sign s like this CUTE highland cow sign, and wreath charms can be such fun to create! The best part is that they can also be made with any laser. Tip: if you have a smaller bed size, create a puzzle piece backing (or buy one and just build on it).

Shelf Sitters and Crosses

A small piece can pack a big design punch! And you don’t have to worry about creating your own layered cross or intricate shelf sitter – just do a single search and you’re in business with both free and premium laser files.

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Vertical image of six projects created by laser for the Easter holiday including games, table decor, ornaments, and more and text which reads Easter laser ideas CO2 and diode.

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